Cop Denies Causing ZAF Officer’s Death

Police acting woman chief inspector Veronica Shawa has told the Lusaka High Court that she had no hand in the death of Zambia Air Force Flight Sergeant Mark Choonngwa who died in police cells in March, 2017.

Shawa, who is one of the murder accused in the case, told the court during defence that Sgt Choongwa was, instead, beaten up by his fellow inmates, leading to his death in the cells.

She has told the court that her decision to detain the Sgt Choongwa led to his death.

In this case, it is alleged that  Shawa and three other police officers caused the death of Sgt Choongwa while in police custody in March, 2017.

During cross examination, Shawa told the court that her decision to detain Sgt Choongwa was a result of his refusal to obey lawful orders after the deceased allegedly assaulted a police officer, an offence for which he was charged.

She, however, denied causing his death, saying the officers tried their best to save Sgt Choongwa’s life by rushing him to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

She explained that she panicked when she was informed that a suspect was unwell and needed help because it was her duty to save life.

Shawa also refuted the evidence that the deceased was dragged and pushed into the cell where he landed on his head.

She said Sgt Choongwa, who was initially taken to Woodlands Police Station for hitting into another person’s vehicle in Lusaka’s Nyumba Yanga area, was left in the cell in good health as he could stand on his own.

Shawa said three weeks later, she was surprised to have been summoned at Lilayi senior officers’ mess where a tribunal was set and she was interrogated about the happenings on the day Choongwa lost his life.

She said she was later warned by a member of tribunal about possible arrests over the matter as it was “a very serious one”.

Defence continues.



  1. Truth man

    This case can be a good reference for officers undergoing police training at Lilayi police college. The law protects the lives of all citizens and therefore you cannot substitute an action of administration like an arrest of someone with human life .All actions taken by the police are subject to scrutiny ,therefore it goes without saying that the police should always be conscious about whether their actions are within the law or not. The ranks given to officers are an appointment to supervise correct action at all times , but it seems this is not the case nowadays .An acting chief inspector is a high rank in the police services all around the world but in Zambia the perfomance by officers holding these ranks shows a lot of shortcomings and the government needs to review police promotions in this country .

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Throw her in the cell with male inmates,ba pandule ndikiti until UTH


    Please why cant you blacks change the training curriculum for police?Its outdated you fools.

  4. Truestory

    Ba police caused the death of this man, they should be taken Ku kadya beans. Coz all they wanted was revenge just because he beat up there friend chakolwa munzao.

  5. JMK

    What happened here is very clear: She told the inmates in the cells,” Mupayeni uyu munthu. Amenya Boma!” She should be sent to jail.

  6. muntungwa

    She should be sentenced to life in jail

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