Zambezi Man Axed to Death

Unknown people have axed to death a 54-year-old man of Zambezi District in North Western Province.

Reasons for this action are yet to be known and police say a manhunt has been launched for the suspects.

The deceased, identified as David Njapau of Kambombi Village, was found lying in a pool of blood by some members of the public.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila disclosed that the deceased was murdered near Chifwamakondo primary school and the murder was reported to police by his nephew, Fredrick Mang’enda, of Airport Compound.

“The body was found with multiple wounds on the head and neck inflicted by unknown persons and an axe is believed to have been used. The suspected criminals are currently on the run,” stated Namachila who added that a docket had been opened although no arrests have been made as police are still looking for the suspects.



  1. Osei

    To much shedding blood now in Zambia it is worrien

  2. Gaza

    Dem caah rurn buh dem caah nuh hide,
    Badman dem!!

  3. Kapita kabambi

    Kabambi village not kambombi

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