Over 500 CBU Students Stranded After Being Left Out of Bursaries

More than 500 Copperbelt University students have been left stranded after management asked them to leave the institution since they are not on scholarship.

The students, who had been promised to be placed on scholarship after appealing their omission on the first list, have, however, vowed not to vacate the hostels.

The students have accused Director of Higher Education Loans Board Irene Chirwa of having betrayed them when she advised that they appeal their omission from the scholarship list.

“We had approached madam Irene Chirwa and she assured that we will be admitted to scholarships, but surprisingly we have been told to vacate the hostels. This is very unfair because all along, we had hopes of being given scholarships, so how do they admit someone with 6 points but from a well to do family while me who has eight points but vulnerable is left out? So what criteria do they use?” asked an angry student.


“If you look around here, most of us vulnerable students have travelled [long distances] because we were promised we would get scholarships so where do they expect us to go to? This is very unfair; we ask President Edgar Lungu to come to our aid.”


  1. Zax

    Really unfortunate & tough going,it’s a pity

  2. Chilankalipa

    That is Mr Luo and Mr Jona for you, merciless mercenaries of the Century. We pray for these murderers quick exist from their masquerade.

  3. frustum

    Lord Almighty come save ma dearly brothers and sisters ..who are suffering over nothing

  4. Kona

    Luo may the almighty God have mercy on you

  5. Saint

    All Youth Members From The Age Of 18 To 45 Will Never Vote For PF. Unless That Person Is Not Normal! Shame

  6. Saint

    we’re living as if we don’t have a leader zambia. i voted for pf in 2016 but 2021 never
    @Try UPND

    • ROKA

      your capitalist biased party will be the worst! Its aim is to get into government to protect their businesses.And the tactic they will use is the Mwanawasa tactic, arrest as many as possible in the name of fighting corruption, workers’ shall be suppressed.We need a complete new party not existing ones who think by causing chaos in the country will paveway for them to come to power!How can you support a party whose leader tell the people that he had go there to fight anyone who opposes him!This was on their preferred TV in Lundazi during one of his campaign meetings. Fortunately, the people rejected its candidate in Lundazi!I have never heard of this party’s development plans, apart from accusing others to be corrupt and yet they are the most corrupt people!!No wonder corrupt cannot be reduced!!

  7. Saint

    we’re living as if we don’t have a leader in zambia. i voted for pf in 2016 but 2021 never
    @Try UPND

  8. Jonny splash sakala

    Hakainde contolola…2021

  9. Chiyengo K Blair

    It’s an acceptable

  10. the eagle

    the ministry of higher education is a failure to the nation that is why student strikes are on and off puting a right person on a wrong position it is like puting a square peg on a round hole it wont fit

  11. The Former PF supporter

    Not that I’m a PF supporter, but since HH really wants to be a president dedicated to serving the people, now is the right time for him to offer financial aid to these young CBU students… I mean, he is rich after all, so he says.
    And as for PF, please do your Job, alah, useless.

  12. Herv Rena

    Well even if u vow not to vacate those hostels,police shall smoke u out with tear gas. Hav u forgotten?

  13. Corruption now will be worse

    Were you not warned that you will suffer more in 2014? You have forgotten ? Economic trends are predictable try to read economic text books to understand the subject . It is not just voting a party on tribal lines and expect that things will change just like that! You were promised more money in (your) pockets so why are you crying ? Use the more money you were promised and given to pay for you EDUCATION . If you come from a poor family so what? When you voted out MMD out how much was a loaf of bread? How much was mealie meal ? What was the Kwacha exchange rate for a dollar? When you walk gropping in the dark this is what happens ! The government has got no money to pay for you .’simple’They need to pay the big debts which they started obtaining when they came into power in 2011. So you can cry and cry but nothing shall happen, just start selling salaula or else you will suffer more.

  14. sakala

    please…….our president jxt help us we are crying…..jxt give us even loans

  15. Phiri

    Zambia obviously not sure of your Tommorow what type of leadership is this please do something about this

  16. Brain Teaser

    Vote For an economist and you will see a change. This is because he understands issues to do with economy. Remember, even scientists start with small things before they can manufacture something usable. E.g a cargo plane, ships etc. They start with toys take note. What am trying to put across here is that the the economists you are ignoring are the ones who can turn things around. So vote wisely and where there are playing loud music to attract you “NO”. You have to reason before you go and cast your vote. Remember One Zambia One Nation.

  17. HEROS


  18. Kugai

    It’s a shame.
    I can only imagine how much pain these fellas are going through.
    May the good Lord see you through.

  19. luke chansa

    sure honesty speaking we are all aware that bursaries are suppost to be given to vulnerable people. but y giving to the well to do families, in newspaper they said that they gave loans to those who 8points and above but I was surprised to see my neighbour given the 100% loan with 12 points, ukubosha sana, corruption will never end…… this is donuna colonialism

  20. Observation

    I Short the government has no money, instead it has diverted money to construction so that it can gain political mileage, they always want to implement projects to win the fool Zambians who are easily tossed left right and centre. Too much borrowing is as a also result of all these adjustments, Wait and see

  21. chilongozi peter

    May God see you through my brothers and sisters, am certain that our government will surely come to your Aid…

  22. Mumba

    Surely we are now going astray,,,,, what type of country are we going to have in the next two years ,,,,??? I feel pity,,,!!!!!

  23. Mumba

    Surely we are now going astray,,,,, what type of country are we going to have in the next two years,,,,?? Am feeling pity,,, Lets change for the better

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