Nyimba Man to Hang for Murder

The Chipata High Court has handed a 49-year-old man of Nyimba a death sentence for murder.

Lusaka High Court judge Gertrude Chawatama, who was conducting mobile sessions in Chipata, jailed Gilbert Daka, who is also a village game scout of Malata village in senior chief Luembe’s area.

It was alleged that Daka murdered Arnold Nzimu of the same area on August 3, 2017.

Daka, according to court records, kicked Arnold in the abdomen when he was trying to stop a fight between the deceased and his in-laws.

Nzimu was taken to Nyimba hospital where he died.

Before his death, Nzimu is said to have complained that Daka had killed him and that his children would suffer because there would be no one to take care of them.

Two postmortems were done on the deceased’s body.

One was done before burial while the second was after burial by a pathologist who exhumed the body.

Judge Chawatama said the ingredients of murder were established before sentencing Daka to hang.

“Having convicted of you the offence of murder, I sentence you to death, that you should be hanged until pronounced dead. May the Lord have mercy on your soul,” she said.


  1. muntungwa

    Good! But do we really hang these demons??


    That is a very sad news. Capital punishment should be stopped.

  3. media

    it should be televise on tv1

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