ConCourt Dismisses Mutati Faction’s Petition for Recognition

Felix Mutati’s MMD faction has lost a petition in which they wanted the court to declare the latter as legitimate president of the party after the convention held in Kabwe in May, 2016.

Party national secretary Raphael Nakacinda petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking a declaration that the convention which saw the election of Mutati as MMD president was legal.

But the court has dismissed the application on grounds that the reliefs being sought before the Constitutional Court are the same before the High Court.

In his petition, Nakacinda who is also nominated Member of Parliament, told the Constitutional Court led by its president Hildah Chibomba that their petition a proper case for determination.

Nakacinda, through his lawyer Joseph Jalasi of Silwamba and Company, asked the court to dismiss the application by Nevers Mumba’s faction’s national secretary Winnie Zaloumis that his petition be thrown out because he had a proper case before the court.

“We were in the High Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal and we were told by the Supreme Court that we were in the wrong court and that we should commence our action before this court ( Constitutional Court) so we are here as directed by the court,” he submitted.

Nakacinda submitted that if the Constitutional Court agrees with Mumba’s group that the case should be dismissed because it was before the High Court, then he would have nowhere to take his grievances as the other courts indicated that the case was wrongly before them.


He added that the reliefs that he was seeking were sufficient for the Constitutional Court and should be heard.

But lawyer for Mumba’s group, Jeah Madaika, argued that the petition should be dismissed because the reliefs sought were the same as those petitioned in the High Court.


Madaika contended that Nakacinda could not argue to be seeking other reliefs because the gist of his petition bordered on the legality of the convention which was held in Kabwe from May 20-22, 2016, which matter is the before the High Court.


He added that Mutati’s petition contained a preview to notify the court and other parties of what was being sought.



    What are these fighting for. MMD died a long time ago. The people Zambia have moved on.

  2. Kings

    Ba Mumba Na C Mutati, Tell Us The Meaning Of What You Are Doing, M. M. D. Usee To Be A Party, But Today It Is Almost Rotten, But I Wonder What You Two Are Up To, Even Your Followers Dont Know Why You Are Acting Like Plastic Bags, Making Noise For No Reason, Sure Ba Ex Pastor.

  3. My husband

    Look at the lawyer’s jacket,, is it possible to win elections?

  4. Truestory

    Nakachinda mwaiche, yakosa apa twalachita shani nomba apa? Mmmm katwishi mudala but ine at least ndiko na parliament nomba imwe yalipwa na job. Nomba twala kwisa apa?

  5. Andrew

    Mwaiche Nakachinda apa Naikosa. I will just join mulyokela so he can lend me his position as a party president. nanga nalachita Shani ine? Hihihihi…… Kumulu kwalepa napanshi Napakosa. Now what’s next.

  6. Kapoma Kabaso

    Ah! Ba True story and ba Andrew awee, you are true Comedians my ribs are aching with laughter. Kikikiki!

  7. mulase

    MMD as a Political Party is finished but as a business entity it is still standing coz it has alot of assets.That’s y there guys ar fighting.

  8. mulase

    That’s y these guys ar fighting

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I vomited the mmd.Plz you are wasting your time your part is no more existing in my mind interest has gone

  10. Jms

    That man of God deserves that sit no matter what you do can’t you see that you are presenting same issues we know for sure that their is a wrong person among you two Mutati and you Nakachinda so if you want to progress leave what any thing which may bring you down

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