Disregard for Expert Advice Led to Collapse of Kitwe’s Kapompi Bridge

The recently rehabilitated Kapompi Bridge commissioned by Kwacha Member of Parliament Joseph Malanji has collapsed again because of total disregard for professional advice from Road Development Agency (RDA) and Kitwe City Council engineers, it has been learnt.

Kapompi Bridge connects Nkana East and Chapata compound in Kitwe.

Following the collapse of the bridge, engineers from the Kitwe City Council and Road Development Agency advised that the facility would require the use of pillars and not concrete.

Looking at the impact and how much the damaged bridge had inconvenienced both communities, Malanji committed over K 300,000 to have the bridge repaired.

A named local contractor was then engaged to undertake the works that have now been reduced to nothing after the bridge collapsed again following heavy rains in Kitwe.

Kitwe District commissioner Binwell Mpundu, who is also District Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit chairman, with Kitwe mayor Christopher Kang’ombe and Councillors, visited the site to ascertain the extent of damage.

Mpundu said the collapse of the bridge called for more consultations with experts, considering that it was recently worked on.

He said efforts were being made to provide alternative routes, especially for school going children and workers.

“It’s a sad day for the people of this area that even after attempts to resuscitate the bridge, again we have a similar situation happening. This has given us a wakeup call on the need for us to work as a team. We should have consulted each other widely on the possibilities of having a sustainable bridge,” Mpundu stated.

Kang’ombe said professionals had advised that only an alternative route be considered to allow the construction of a new bridge.


  1. Kapoli

    For K300,000 it was a rubbish bridge with that money, I can make on strong one and remain with k290,000

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Does any PF MP have sense? Drunk chaps with hungover ideas

  3. S K

    When ever politics get into these development programs this is the result. The area member of parliament was using this as a political mileage and the result is very disastrous.

  4. Chilankalipa

    The same way his brain collapses in corruption, the bridge collapsed out of corruption.

  5. jk

    Comment that’s y pipo opt for foreign investors, rubbish wrk

  6. Kang'ombe

    Why not listening to the advice given by the experts? Being a Member of Parliament does not guarantee you to know everything. But gain respect, more over it’s not yours but people who voted for you.
    Sit down and pay attention to experts you will lose nothing

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