120 Cops Deployed for Nc’wala

The Zambia Police Service has deployed 120 police officers at Laweni in Mtenguleni to maintain law and order during the Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngonis this Saturday.

Eastern Province Police commissioner Luckson Sakala said 120 police officers will be on the ground until Sunday.

He further said several traffic police officers have already been deployed in Mtenguleni to ensure that all roads in the area are safeguarded.

Sakala has advised road users, especially motorists, to observe traffic rules and avoid drinking beer while driving.

Activities for the Nc’wala start this afternoon when Paramount Chief Mpezeni will move from Ephendukeni palace in Feni to Laweni in Mtenguleni, while the climax of the ceremony is Saturday.



  1. kabilo wa mfumu

    They will be arresting those men who expose their nakedness and those topless women. The Mpezeni has ordered.

  2. changala

    The chief must rescind his descision otherwise this will be the most boring ncwala ever. What is ncwala without breasts????

  3. Zalimba

    Never change the vintage ways of these people, it will be a fake ceremony’s

  4. shanoh

    Nice move by government keep it up

  5. One Cheng-lee

    I can’t wait to see the new dressing code for Ngoni ceremony

  6. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Mwaice Kaice ukese tulekulolela.

  7. Pontiano Kaiche

    There shall be no Ncwala without those necktie like breasts that i am coming to play with.
    See you on Saturday.

  8. Jay Ntombimbi

    There is no order whatsoever from Nkosi yama Nkosi about arresting anyone. Did it happen in your dream? I am a proud Ngoni woman,mwambo ni mwambo. Titaye lini seo👍👍💃💃💃

  9. Empire Yayo

    Tiyeni ku mutengula madoda na manina

  10. francis baddeen

    ii yeve Ncwala yacino caka sizakaendako, no swinging maziba?

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