Health Minister Suspends Licentiate Exams

Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya has directed the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) to immediately suspend licentiate examinations recently introduced for medical doctors.

“The Policy…to introduce licentiate examinations for graduates from medical schools has been revisited and we have directed the Health Professions Council of Zambia to immediately suspend the licensure exams and immediately issue temporary licences of practice to the 200 doctors that have graduated so that recruitment of the 200 doctors commences immediately. So we are going to recruit in excess of 200 medical doctors,” Dr Chilufya said during a briefing today.

Meanwhile, Dr Chilufya has said the medical school at Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital will have in excess of 5,000 undergraduate and post graduate students “at any given time”.

However, the University in Lusaka will have a 3,000 capacity while additional capacity will come from provincial campuses that will offer medical programmes on behalf of Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital.

“We currently have 200 specialists, but in four years, we will have an additional 500 specialists through the programmes being offered by Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital,” he said.



  1. Hammer

    Dr Chitalu is a hard working man. HPCZ had become the supreme leader in everything concerning medicine from education to practice . HPCZ was in the process of regulating gyms and spas. What was the aim of subjecting Medical University graduants to a licentiate exam. If you are not sure of standards of education , create something like ECZ for primary and secondary schools and let all University graduants from all walks of life , medicine, law , engineering name it …sit for a similar exam and examined by one body may be called Higher Education Examination Council. I hope the next clean up Dr Chitalu will do is to reduce the annual practicing fees which have been multiplied by 10 times by HPCZ in 2018. The doctors are asked to pay 3000 to 15000 for a license.. Kolopa

  2. Kapondo

    This is a good move, please this should apply to all professionals in the health sector, it does not make sense, next is the annual fees which should be reduced there is no justification for such high fees

    • zamzam

      it is not good move DOCTORS should prove themselves after class rooms so that the can be access further for a practicing licence like the way it is done with lawyers

  3. Mr B

    Good move Doc.plz ensure that this applies to everyone since we are all categorized as health practitioners frm the school of health sciences

  4. Bernard Elphas Sakala

    The regulatory institution is critical in establishing an enabling environment for both business and practice. There is need to clean all the mess


    Thanks for the job well done but this should include all health professionals not only medical doctors, it won’t make any sense if it will only apply to the medical doctors without other health professionals.

  6. Oliver

    Personally I feel this is a brilliant move by the minister, in the sense that; approval by the ministry for a particular medical school to start training medical doctors means that the ministry trust the school to produce fully baked, quality and capable doctors. Now in the sense that another independent body (HPCZ) gives an exam to an already fully baked doctor it means that the named body (HPCZ) does not trust both the school that trained the doctor and in the long run the ministry which approved the school to start training doctors, which is demeaning to both the school and the ministry of health.

  7. angel

    Based on the latter move by the minister, I think it was improbable and time consuming for one to sit for an LEX exams when you are already a bonafide healthy practitioner. I would suggest that such kind of incentives should be linked to foreigners. Does this declaration by the minister encompass on all healthy programs?

  8. Chiseke

    This is not a good move, am a Medical student and I know how life can never be replaced. Our community really need competent graduates in all Medical programs and licentiate exams is was the way.

    • Joseph

      Sir, are u able to define de core competence of a clinician with one exam?

  9. Foreign Doctor

    A Great Job Done !!! Bravo Hon .Minister !!!

  10. Vido kopala

    I ain’t of the idea in the sense that when medical students protested against hpcz exams in 2018 the minister didn’t act nor consider it now that we have a shortage of doctors then he’s suddenly concerned .my million dollar question is why are medical doctors exceptional does it mean that thy didn’t do their evaluations well before implementing hpcz licentiate exams on who’s to write or not. .?coz doctors are the best pipo to prove themselves after all……? This must apply to all medical graduates if it’s to make sense otherwise it won’t be fair. may the minister tell the nation at large the criteria he’s used for his decision…..?

  11. Chrispine Lungu

    Bravo Had working Minister. Job well done. I would like you Dr to also Suspend the licentiate exams for Nurses by GNC .

  12. Lewis

    This is a move

  13. kasongo james

    weldone hard working minister include also other medical professionals

  14. Mtjay

    Great move, plize can u include GNC Licentiate Exams as well, u can’t prove ur competence by answering questions in hours, health profession is about hands on de work, give us those temporal license nd we will show u wat we are capable of nd not those exams, just making some of us sick.

  15. Njeleka

    Now that the minister has suspended the lex exams for medical student….what wil happen for these other program…will they write the same exams or what….l wnt to be clear on diz one please

  16. Samuel.K

    Imagine studying for seven years on the basis of both practical and thoery. You’ve been on the wards and you’ve done all the needful works, you’ve been introduced to the environment of your passions and interests. Then when you’re done with clear and sometimes excellent results from all your program course, then now handed over to the health professional council which actually accredited and gave a go ahead to a training institution to train you on the basis that they are able to have you fully baked for your professional.
    What sense is in getting you examined by the body that gave credibility to your training institution if they know it’s capable to produce a full package of a professional?
    I wish this could be analysed properly and applied to other health professions too.

  17. Brian sinkala

    The issue of abolishing the exams it is indeed a very good move u can’t be In class after that u are exposed to intern then u are full no ways we have good medical practitioners who were blocked because of this thing they call lex pipo are dying in hospitals there is shortage of staffing on hospitals and clinics it is indeed a good move hon minister wise man who think and advocate for other pipo we are all very happy our have gone because we don’t even have a proff of result slips now we’re do the money goes fair well HPCZ exam THANX

  18. student Dr

    plz u don’t knw wat it takes to survive in med sch. only those who have done medicine can relate . u ar submitted to seven yrs of sleepless nyts and high fees… then hpcz shud add an exam. ..plz

  19. Katongo elisha

    That is a wonderful step. What about General Nursing Council of Zambia (GMCZ)?. If other graduates are excempted to write licensure exam under HPCZ, who arefrom the same universities as nurse, why not nurses too excempted to write GNCZ licensure?. Just wondering!!!.

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