Kambwili Fired From NDC

Opposition National Democratic Congress has dismissed its consultant Chishimba Kambwili and told him to concentrate on his battles with the ruling Patriotic Front.

The NDC has made the decision following the former information minister’s racial remarks against an Indian working for a road construction firm, a scene that was recorded and circulated widely on social media.

Kambwili, the embattled Roan Member of Parliament, has been condemned for his remarks which the NDC, a party that identified him as its 2021 presidential candidate, has distanced itself from.

Speaking on a live programme on UNZA Radio this morning, NDC’s secretary general Mwenya Musenge said Kambwili’s conduct “is making the party look like a party of jokers, we are not racist, we are not xenophobic”.

He also said the party is surprised that Kambwili has not stepped down as Roan Member of Parliament even after being expelled from the PF, claiming this situation was affecting the NDC’s countrywide mobilization and recruitment of new members.

“I know he (Chishimba Kambwili) will go with a lot of followers but I don’t mind as long as the right thing is done. Even if it means Mwenya Musenge remaining with only the party certificate it is fine!” Musenge said.He said the NDC is bigger than any individual.

“We just feel that for the time being, let us run our own affairs as a party. He will be communicated to through a central committee meeting where we will be able to meet. And for those that feel ‘no but us, we want this to be this way, we want to work with Kambwili’, they are free to do that but not under the name of NDC. NDC has its own leadership and its own members. The NDC is bigger than individual, and we expect that all those who are members of the NDC will respect the decision that has been taken and of course, we shall see how we can go about it,” Musenge said.

“And I want to reemphasise that we do not hate our dear brother Kambwili but we feel we need to have a figurehead, we need to have a president whom we can call with confidence that this is our man. We don’t want a situation where today you are being told ‘no I am being courted by NDC but I have not made a decision whether to accept or not’. Not where I make a pronouncement that 2021, we are going to field Chishimba Kambwili as our presidential candidate and he is able to respond to say ‘ask Musenge, he is the one that has formed that party, I  don’t know about those things…’”

He further advised Kambwili to immediately stop issuing any statements on behalf of the NDC.

“So this decision has just been taken to try and see how we can rectify these things. Our relationship as brothers with Chishimba Kambwili still remains. We can share a light moment together…but as a party, as NDC, we have nothing and we will have…and we want to appeal to him also that he respects the decision of the party and that he cannot, from now onwards, issue statements on behalf of the NDC. That shall only be done by myself as secretary general of the party and the party spokesperson who is Mr [Misheck] Moyo and the vice-president…,” said Musenge.



  1. ALLAN


    • obsever

      Soon this man will start borrowing tissue paper from Mumbi Phiri.

  2. MJ

    Some guys can’t accept that especially from NDC what’s up

  3. mwenya m

    We are just blinbing you.

  4. lungu

    we paid musenge well add he has delivered good boy. well done.

  5. Truth man

    Rename it as a club for failed politicians!

  6. Herv Rena

    Thats good riddance Mwenya.Now this partyless guy should now form his own party or join HH.Let him show his muscle by ditching pf also which he claims he founded with Sata MHSRIP.Time for the court injuction is running out!

  7. MKJ

    CK is a pf member and he will never leave this party.

  8. Prophet Chigubu

    I see chishimba kambwili crawling back to the rulling party and apologizing to ALL MIGHTY EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU , please 🙏 your excellence i ask for your forgiveness for i did not know what I was doing

    • Madiba

      Please the only all might is God and God only,not motal man.

    • Madiba

      Please my brother only God is the ALL MIGHTY AND NOT A MARE MOTAL.


      God is only Almighty my bro… Stop worshiping idols….

    • Boss nimwebo

      To u address a human being as almighty? Ba prophet leave that title to Ba Jah alone

  9. sunford

    mwenye musenge is jst jelous of how famous ck has become he feels infirio rated , he is selfish

  10. John Chinena

    This might be the beginning of the end of Mbwili’s political career. Even UPND will not take in such a senseless chap. PF go ahead and chuck this man out of your party. Hope he will learn something from this action.

  11. nshilimubemba

    Kambwili is capable of forming his own party if he wants .
    What can Mwenya Musenge do better than Kambwili

    • zamzam


  12. One zed manex

    I have always been advising this comedian to mind his senseless talking,now his been chased from NDC,what a shame he is a risk even upnd can’t associate with a useless guy like him,he will destroy hh if they make a mistake to accept him.

  13. special b

    pamene apa ba young cobra na futi na futi tu ma mistakes…………. Kabwe man…..

  14. Madiba

    CK please stop recism, xenophobic and tribal segregation,its not long ago when you were apologizing for insulting Tongas, please term your tongue.

  15. Dickson f mtine

    CK go back and apologise to your first part.

    • zamzam

      iwee what embarancement has he brought,this should be a waker call to the ruling government to put in place policies which fevers the zambians and not foreigners.Pipo if you have been out there in

      asian countries or other parts of the world you can not find a foreigners doing jobs which there nations can do no way,and labour commissioner is a dull

      Apologies for what the man just did a right thing and musenge is a looser who can even commend a hand full of suppoters ,nowounder he lost in chimwemwe constituence but CK won in ROAN and campaigned for ECL vigorously the entire zambia

  16. mr right

    sometimes he speak sense sometimes awe mwandini but ny way i cnt blame u coz u jst like ny other human being who make mistakes

  17. Judge 2

    Is this man called mbwili a politician,comedian or a criminal?.When ever you re report in my court for identity coz we want peace in Zambia

  18. Skb

    It’s not surprising that KASHIMBA CHIMBWILI has been shown the door for embarrassing both NDC and MOTHER ZAMBIA.The guy is so egocentric he fails to realize that the world is becoming a GLOBAL VILLAGE. Many ZAMBIANS have traveled far and wide , doing “DONKEY JOBS”. We can’t run away from the fact that people from other nations will come and do some “lower jobs” something which of course must be controlled by our Immigration Department without getting involved in personal confrontations in public.DIPLOMACY is the key word here. Seeking “Political Attention” does backfire at times.Sorry sir, this is the mess you have created for yourself.Clean it up.

  19. Sim1

    Pwele akanwa kakwe kamu letelera ,ba kambwili kanshi na NDC teyenu.chimbwi musholala.

  20. zamzam

    iwee what embarancement has he brought,this should be a waker call to the ruling government to put in place policies which fevers the zambians and not foreigners.Pipo if you have been out there in asian countries or other parts of the world you can not find a foreigners doing jobs which there nations can do no way,and labour commissioner is a dull person who thinks using his legs instead,what sofiscated machines can these indias come and training our pipo,HAEVY DUTY,we have graduates from the might NORTEC to do those jobs others from NCC TRAINED

  21. Drugsquard

    CK should just tone down and make amends with PF. No one can tolerate him even HH is very hesitant to accept CK into his tribal studded party.

    This is now the down fall of CK. He has taken the judiciary grounds as his operation field.

  22. Majo

    At times we will keep on blaming each other, but we are failing to empower one another, that’s why most of the time we keep on blaming the foreigners of taking our jobs. we have resources here and abundant land but we are thinking of is an office.

  23. Morris c Mulenga

    People of Zambia don’t be so fast of charging kambwilli ok try to find out fast then you check then make a conclusion.

  24. Monty

    No matter what you say ck is doing a good job

  25. Khan

    Trouble again Kambwili azavuta

  26. The mockay

    All Holy father don’t wary God will give you direction.



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