Lusaka Hustle Back on Air

The controversial Lusaka Hustle Show is set to return to the airwaves today (Thursday) following the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA)’s lifting of its suspension from DSTv’s Zambezi Magic channel.

MultiChoice Zambia announced in a statement today that the IBA had viewed the content of upcoming episodes and cleared them for screening to the Zambian public.

“MultiChoice Zambia is thankful to the IBA Board for convening a multi-stakeholder forum to assess concerns about the Lusaka Hustle Show,” read a statement from MultiChoice.

“We are pleased to confirm the immediate lifting of the suspension and the Board’s confirmation that upcoming episodes contain no elements that violate any Zambia law. MultiChoice Zambia has engaged Zambezi Magic to resume scheduling of the dhow on Thursday, 21 February 2019.”

The Lusaka Hustle reality drew condemnation from some members of the public including, the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, that called for its ban for allegedly promoting homosexuality.

The show was banned over the character of Kuni, who is openly gay on the cast and was referred to as a woman by other actors on the show.

Kuni even proudly dons feminine attire without trouble.


  1. Gangsta grabs

    Are u telling me that this kuni guy can handle a dick up his ass on tv.He may be sister kuni,the remedy would be to fuck him with a wooden dick.

  2. zambian

    This Kuni is so useless we do not need people like this one anywhere near our kids he is worse than an animal.The anus is meant for poop coming out of the body, it is an outlet which is not meant to be an inlet. How dull can kankuni and his friends be to be fucked in the moon yellow, disgusting life form go to hell and get shafted by Satan himself.

  3. chris mwenya

    Kkkk…I was just passing. .

  4. Kkkkk pa zed nikupushinga ma files

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    • Sims

      I don’t want to see that uselessness guy stop expose him very foolish boi

  5. CHOMBA mwaume

    Atamukwai ifyabupuba fyacilamo mwalatudelela muletutambisha ifyabuupuba elyo twalikwata nabana cilya ati intambeko TV pa zmbz mgc ukusanga uyuwine fyooto alecita ifya bupuba fikanyeni

  6. samatra

    Nimu pf nga niba upnd kubekata we don’t know who is right, govarnment or people why iam saying this is that, they allow bad thing to be watched they distroying young people.

  7. lwipa mutale emmanuel

    Is this going to start showing in the same manner or the element of gaism has been banned? If it hasn’t, then Zambia should just be declared a satanic nation. Why do we want to bow even to things that are not right ba Government sure. So tell me because the religious minister was right in so reacting, what ammendments have the government done before allowing this foolishness to begin airing and what is the nation learning from the same program. Ine napapa mwebantu tuleya kwisa bushe? Ba minister twafweni.

  8. Chilankalipa

    I just wonder if the word professionalism means anything under this masquerade rule. How do you impose a ban on a program before carrying out independent investigations? This toothless Ignorant Brain Association is showing the same unprofessional approach in dealing with professional private TV Stations like Prime TV at the instigation of the most illiterate SG of the masquerade this country has ever seen. Bush’s bupuba bwa shank ubu?

  9. Chilankalipa

    Ignorant Brains Association (IBA). Bushe bupuba bwa shani ubu?


    yangu tata eeeeee ba kuni! i feel sorry for this generation

  11. Spoiler

    To all those viewers that don’t agree with the fiction soap, don’t watch it so you won’t be offended. I don’t agree with the story line as read on these comments and I don’t watch it. Get a life and grow up, please.

  12. Mutale

    Lesa somone.Balesambilisha ukutombana kumatako.

  13. Alevel

    Kind of startling to read comments in this section. Why is their the Parental Control function on DSTv? Thought it is meant for viewers to sift what they expose their family, Children and peers to. I guess if the Reality Show is a Pain in the Ass, it’s time to get the remote and do the needful…….Period!

  14. Zoe

    Can somrone highlight for me what let to the ban of the hustle program? Am behind but i feel program is not good for a christisn nation

  15. Central power

    The results of these foolishness is coming out through juveniles…. Like rape…..drug abuse…gang squad.. Excess beer intake.

  16. nineo

    But you all watch when its a foreign film? Yur children never get destroyed? Just thinking what to call such logic????

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