PF MPs Shoot Down Motion to Restore Students’ Meal Allowances

PF members of parliament this evening overwhelmingly voted against a private member’s motion in Parliament that sought to have meal allowances for students in public universities reinstated.

Kapiri Mposhi member of parliament Stanley Kakubo had earlier presented the private member’s motion, urging the house to consider the plight of the vulnerable students and rescind its decision to scrap meal allowances in public universities.

“All the things that are working, including meal allowances at UNZA and CBU, must be replicated to other universities by government finding other funds, not cutting and chopping meal allowances,” Kakubo said.

Opposition members of parliament welcomed the motion and extensively deliberated on it while ruling party members defended the decision of higher education minister Professor Nkandu Luo to scrap the meal allowances.

Acting higher education minister David Mabumba, who is also general education minister, told the House that the motion was “inappropriate” and intended to “incite the students”.

Mabumba said the motion was not in good faith because “the PF has been a friend of the student population”.

When the motion was put to a vote, 81 members of parliament voted against it while only 58 were in support.


  1. muntungwa

    Typical of the PF idiots.

  2. Bk

    Right Decision students do not Appreciate

  3. Victor

    All of this has been causes by foolish violence always caused by students from main campus. Now you will feel how it feels when you damage cars for individuals

  4. Mr Smith

    What is the point,when they delay meal allowances you block road and destroy the government property and even los of life.so I think it is good move for the government to stop giving them this meal allowances things to avoid los of life to student in this universities,is not good every time you hear riots in uza and cbu are only universities in Zambia.

  5. One zed manex

    When whites say a piece of bread is better than nothing,they knew what they talk about,no they will be no piece of bread for them,they will be nothing,bazambuwa bcoz of foolishness which they listened from ha ha so will he give them meal allowances,boma ni boma don’t play around with it like it’s an opposition party.

  6. Soma

    Now prostitution shall be extremely skyrocketing.

  7. Gorge Newton

    This is the highest order of irresponsibility by people who are given the mandate. The same minister she enjoyed the facility why scrap it noe

  8. bee esi

    Extremely bad. How do you expect the poor to achieve degrees then? What pains is that the Minister who is a mother and others supporting this had their University education paid for by the Govt then. Typical of removing the ladder which you had used to ascend to where you are.

  9. Wise Leader

    Greatest News To Start The Year With Mwe,
    Twalingana Mwebana Bafi Katundu Fya Kantuka

  10. Judge 2

    Am tired of cases of violence due to meals to stundent who some re on 100% bussary making us judicial&insurance company loses,Shame

  11. Herv Rena

    If students ar on bursaries it means their parents cant aford tuition,books and food.Now how do the students survive without food?Poor parents cant even aford to send them kandolo or tute from villages.This is PF madness!

  12. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    These MPs are very heartless beasts, idiots. But get huge sums of allowances for doing nothing n they don’t feel for the vulnerable students.

  13. pwetekani

    Some leaders in the current regime are very selfish. Iam not in support of the fracas that students from our two universities cause when meal allowances are delayed.There should be a better way of handling such matters because of its sensitivity.Are our leaders in government or opposition who once attended University during Kaunder days where the Angels who never caused riots and today you want to punish other people just like that.Don’t sell fish.Is this the kind of punishment you can give to your children when they error. Don’t forget that some of these selfish decisions you are making today because you are enjoying free things because you are walking in the corridors of power will one day affect you,your children and even your grand children when you are out of power and when you start counting coins.God is a God of fairness. He is watching the injustice and soon your time will be up.

  14. francis baddeen

    meal allowances should not be removed infact be increased and be paid on time.Most of you who are supporting this motion were at these universities and you had enjoyed meal allowances throughout your tertiary education. Why are you so EVIL????

  15. Big Moze

    I greatly feel sorry for such a move, but sometimes its ideal to take some measures to curb lawlessness. Some opposition political parties had taken advantage of this useless way of airing grievances, they incite our learned students to involve into lawlessness for their own selfish political milleage.I feel very sorry for the innocent students who would be affected by such a decision.My humble appeal to the govt is to reconsider this move. and find an amicable and better solution to help innocent students.

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