FAZ Fires Sven

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) will not renew the contract of Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroeck when it expires next month.

Vandenbroeck was hired on a nine-month contract with the mandate to qualify Zambia to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations which he failed to do.

FAZ has announced in a press statement that Green Eagles coach Aggrey Chiyangi and Mumamba Numba will act as assistants to the Belgian in his final 30 days on the job.



Press Statement

(For Immediate Release)

Football Association of Zambia

Football House



25th February, 2019


The Football Association of Zambia wishes to announce the appointment of Aggrey Chiyangi as the 1st Assistant Coach and Mr Numba Mumamba as second assistant coach to national team head coach Mr Sven Vandenbroek, who took over from Wedson Nyirenda in July 2018 with a specific assignment to qualify the Zambia national team to AFCON.

We further wish to advise that Mr Sven’s contract comes to an end in March 2019 and will NOT be renewed.

Mr Chintu Kampamba has been dropped from the national team technical bench.

The non-renewal of Mr Vandenbroek’s contract and the appointment of Mr Chiyangi and Mr Mumamba to the national team technical bench follows a meeting held by the FAZ executive committee this weekend.

As an Association we continue to pursue the enhancement of football development by recognizing and promoting young talent and building football administration across the country.

We continue with preparations towards the Under 23 2019 AFCON Qualifier that will set Zambia on the path for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Mr Vandenbroek’s last assignment as Zambia national team coach will be the AFCON 2019 Group K game, between Zambia and Namibia to be played on March 23, at which we expect nothing but a resounding win over Namibia.

For and on behalf of:


Adrian Kashala (ACP)



  1. patrick tembo

    Thanks our FAZ we wish yu the best.

    • FAZ can you look for a French coach. French coaches most of them understands African football better. Let us forget about 2019 afcon, start planning for 2021 afcon with a foreign coach and not locals won't take us anywhere. Mumamba failed as a player at National team what do you he will do stop Joking FAZ.

      Faz stop Joking those local coaches have nothing to offer to the national team.
      French coaches are the best for African football.
      In conclusion Kamanga Andrew please resign in peace failing can not be more than what we have seen. Where is Kalusha Bwalya to take over from you?

      • Yck

        The comparison of one’s playing days and football coaching days are totally wrong Kalusha was great footballer but he never worn afcon as a coach,Bright well Banda was never a footballer but he won us the east and central championship. Coaching is people management, jose Mourinio may not have been a great footballer but look at what he has achieved. The point is this : we should look at each other from a position of strength not weakness, this mentality of relying on foreigners must stop.why can’t our coaches attain the same qualifications as foreigners?
        Zambia we love good results without investment and patience many academies do we have many youth leagues do we have we have primary school and properly organized college football? many tournaments have we qualified and won? much do we pay our local coaches? we have a habit of paying players and coaches on time have we Invested in sports infrastructure in general?
        8.why can’t we give aggrey and numba a chance

        • Richard

          You are right Mr yck, we need to change our mind set and it’s high time we have to utilise our own people.

  2. game

    If we got asenwenger as Zambian coach would we qualify to the semi finals of the world cup

    • Yck

      Things are so bad now that we celebrate a draw with Lesotho minnows that in the past it was a matter of how many goals.
      This time FAZ Must not only return to the drawing board but throw away the culture of being satisfied with a litte

  3. Jimmy shaba

    Not fired but expiry of contract.

  4. Hotness

    Why not appointing chambeshi as the first national team coach?

    • Teach people

      You think as i am thinking

    • Chikuluntu

      Much as Chambeshi is a good couch, he doesnt have the tact to win a game when leading. Anatichosa mu under 20 World cup

  5. Hotness

    The man has what it takes to be a good coach.

  6. Teach people

    Yes dear

  7. lol

    we needed sven pipo

  8. Christopher CJ Mutambo

    It takes time for a new managers strategy plan to work effectively @ a company. ..same applies to Couch Sven Vandembroek.
    So I suggest FAZ should give Sven another contract……

  9. Uncle Sam

    Wrong decision. Give him time. The time was too short to judge him. Fthis is a wrong decision. FAZ should be realistic. Maybe you do not have the money to sustain my opinion he has the ability to take our game to a good level.

  10. simpamba

    Comment Faz give chance to Sven for the second time to terminate his contract.

  11. Zambia as my team

    Bring Chambeshi,,, problem is corruption,,, so those who have been given these positions have bribed already… Zambians….

  12. Mk drex

    This show failure to the Zambian football, the couch only teaches, but players must put more efforts towards their work, now on this issue, it is not the period that has expired, but the fact is that they don’t want him anymore because he did not manage to boost the team to the world cup,keep on changing like trousers,you will start regretting that you would have not fired Leonard who at least managed to get the African cup of nations

  13. yonyeka tako

    put football away & focus on blaming the government thats wat we are good at.

  14. Aaron Sinyangwe

    But we need to have a good selection guyz chacilamo Ba national team besu .sure naba real nakonde bateyapo bwino.we have good players like zesco lo. Silwimba,mutonga and others.

    • Nickdimms

      ZESCO, paid continental, awe kuwayawayafye.

    • Charles M

      Good decision not to extend Sven’s contract coz he failed to perform in current contract. We need a foreign head coach with recognizable pedigre to be with new assistants. Be prepared to spend a bit more to attract a good foreign coach.

  15. shanoh

    Great job faz for firing that white man who doesn’t know how to coach football bye bye

  16. Masheke

    Good riddance. Pliz faz be serious when getting the new coach. If you don’t know how to pliz humble yourselves and ask King Kalu to help out….. he is an expert in that aspect…

  17. Nickdimms

    Why act now and not when it was fresh?
    Maurinio lost his job upon losing to Liverpool. Leixester’s coach lost his job the other day after losing. As managers, you act when a breach is is committed not from no where at coach fired. You don’t learn anything at all when you watch European Football! You just watch it as catalyst for your beer! Awe mwandini!

  18. Don

    Wrong move FAZ both u and the coach are failures so why only the coach z to suffer be real and fail as a team.


    Kamanga naiwe wine bula amapuli yobe, ulonge uleya. Get the fuck outta here together with your bullshit coach

  20. Ced

    Wedson nyirenda was the best couch we have ever had from hervy renad…
    Mr nyirenda was not paid for 10 good months nd the game Zambia was playing was very good, in a tough draw of Nageria,Algeria,Cameroon , Zambia managed to come out second wth just two points behind top of the pile Nigeria .. bring that man back , nd kamanga must go 😐

  21. Kalulu

    The deed is done let’s move on.Bye mwaice Sven. Aurevior mwaice Sven bon vouyage see you in a million years.

  22. Dr Fonicks

    The sacking of sven was long overdue. what faz could have done is engage Beston Chambeshi as interim coach. we all saw how far the under 20 team went during the world cup in South Korea. The administration may partially be blamed. The Kamanga led group leaves much to be desired. It is rocked with resignations. Faz has failed to run the football affairs. Kalu, in my opinion is better than the incumbent. sometimes even players don’t perform well under certain coaches.

  23. Jimmy shaba

    The problem with local coaches is that of biasness when it comes to selection of players to The national team

  24. soccet fun

    Changing couches won’t be the solution for the team give him time to prove himself. If this system of changing couches continues Zambian football is going Noway believe tht ,

  25. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Well done ba faz, but he is not fired it is his contract which comes to an end next month.Faz should look for another coach from abroad these local one are just like 7n who always leave best players on bench every time

  26. bern kombe

    Appointing local coaches is a none starter if you have a dream of wining the Africa cup in 2021 employ someone with qualifications that of HERVE LENARD. (2012 AFCON winner)

  27. Waffj

    Football in Ball in Zambia is no more because we have poor administrative system in the country so far

  28. bowl

    FAZ they just want to be sharing the money nicely ….ata i wont be watching zambia play ….😠😠😠

  29. Jerry

    Appoint cris katongo,he will atleast apply the tactics of heavy renard.not these corrupt fools u have just appointed.

  30. Floyd zimba

    Ba faz just bring back great kalu in place,is a better leader than all of you ba faz, the problem is not the coach or players but the faz adminstration.BULSHIT Yes bulshit ifya bupuba.

  31. Elias

    The team that was selected by svan was ok except that he was failing to apply tactics in time in particular on substitutions how do u bring in players like patson daka and Cletus 7 minutes before full time

  32. Chester Kalunga

    We are not going anywhere. You people blamed kalusha and now you want him as what? Kalusha coached Zambia and was also Faz boss. Now you have him as what! Be serious. Just reorganize your football house. Look for a French coach or Spanish our under 20 team and under 14 usually go to Spain. So Spanish or French coach will do not locals.

  33. Kp

    Good FAZ? Sven was a useless coach thank you for firing him kamanga you are next to be fired. For the second time filled to qualify to African cup.

  34. Andrew

    Great Kalu will always be remembered.

  35. Jms

    Its shame if someone has none the advert and doesn’t apply why choosing him never do and iam ageing all Zambian coaches to have the confidence of doing any application were possible to prove you willingnessand confidence you have.

  36. Jms

    Its shame if someone has known the advert and doesn’t apply why choosing him never do and iam ageing all Zambian coaches to have the confidence of doing any application were possible to prove you willingnessand confidence you have.

  37. Charles M

    Good decision not to extend Sven’s contract coz he failed to perform in current contract. We need a foreign head coach with recognizable pedigre to be with new assistants. Be prepared to spend a bit more to attract a good foreign coach.

  38. Hunter Shilesa

    1. Wrong move. Sven is agood coach, just that material players not available. Faz did not give him a lot of friendlies to prepare team for any major game, the way it used to be a long time ago before kamanga 2. Second wrong move are the assitant coaches kamanga has chosen. they are so useless in all angles. 3. Faz needs to fire kamanga (who thinks by sitting next to el at the stadium, football will improve) for failing to take zambia to three consecutive afcons. The chap has no idea which direction to take zambian football. Actually football has performed badly under his presidency.



  40. Albertmwango

    New uprisings maybe this army man can change things at zed game

  41. Bernard

    The firing of 7banda rock was long over due,up next is failed president of year AK.

  42. F.m.x


  43. Hellington katongo

    Players who can change things on the pitch key players renford kalaba where kept on the bench this coach he can’t study successful plays before he enhance the he has failed completely

  44. mr possible

    ba faz …Charles musonda senior is the best guy to take up this job from Mr 7n … just look at de sons of him

  45. Sexist

    Those in high authorities they just money!!!!!

  46. Sexist

    Those in high authorities they just want money!!!!!

  47. Triple g

    Am fde up with football in Zambia, its just continuen drinking chibuku

  48. Triple g

    Am fde up with football in Zambia, let’s
    just continuen drinking chibuku

  49. Fact

    Believe me even you Kamanga when your mandate is done that’s it,you don’t know anything about football. We need a new administration at football house.

  50. Joseph Sinkala

    We have many Zambian coaches who can do that job,the likes of Chambeshi,George Chicken can do better than any expatriate coach.Please pay Zambian coaches as you have been paying expatriate coaches. No ill treatment as you did to Nyirenda. Coaching Zambian National Team, please leave it to Zambian nationals.

  51. Nunks

    Zambians u talk too much.change does not come in a day.firing of ven is unfair, what needs to change are the mindset of FAZ members,they are corrupt.Even selection of players rumor has it that much of influence comes from faz.Zambian coaches do not meet the standards, they have failed to excel in car league, what more at national level?

  52. Victor Nguni

    This is not s good move.. This man should have been given time. Besides he was even yet to adapt properly.. As for me I liked his playing football, his philosophy is good. Zambia was playing kwati ni Chelsea. One touch football which is good. I personaly am against this move by FAZ. After all there’s no playing times at national 🏞 level. Give him chance


    U are right Andrew great kalu will really remain remembered.Elo ise bonse ma easterner tifuna great kalu pau coach.SVEN AZILETELELA POSANKHA CHI NG’ONGA SND CHAMUPASA MINYAMA BAD KAILI BENA ZAMBIA SIBACHIFUNA NDIYE CHINABWEZA CHIPOLOPOLO PANSI.

  54. Mweni Kasumpa

    Preparation is very important if to have good players and results pliz ba FAZ plan and organize for high profile friendly games like that of Brazil, Japan, Jordan, Chile and many more. Never put blame on coach and Players no.

  55. Khan

    The problem is that Zambia is the most poorest country in the world we can’t hire a professional coach

  56. kelzee

    just appoint chambeshi as the head coach of zambia

  57. Zulu

    FAZ must look for a good qualified coach not these locals bcoz they’re biased when it comes to player’s selection

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