Female Suspect Commits Suicide in Police Cells

A 33-year-old female suspect has committed suicide in police cells in Chingola District.

Police in Chingola on Friday arrested and detained Kalumbu Sakayaya for allegedly stealing a mattress, belonging to Moses Sinyali of Soweto area in Chingola.

But Sakayaya, a resident of Soweto township, committed suicide in police cells on Friday using a Chitenge material, Copperbelt Police commissioner Charity Katanga has stated.

“The incident happened on February 22, 2019 between 07:00 hrs and 13:05 hrs, in which the suspect was alone in police cells detained for the theft of a mattress, a property of Moses Sinyali, 33, of house no. 55, Butungwa Rd Soweto compound, Chingola,” Katanga stated.

“The body is in Nchanga North General Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem to determine the cause of death. Inquiry file was opened.”


  1. Osei

    Too bad poor girl

  2. BTK

    Why did the Police allowed the suspect to enter the cells wit chitenge-material?secondly,was she wearing a chitenge material only?.

  3. Elvis


  4. Kang'ombe

    Why living her alone in a cell

  5. Kang'ombe

    I mean leaving her alone and she was in possession of chitenge material

  6. GS

    Lol, whom did you want her to be with if on the material day she was the only female suspect?

  7. BBC

    Fyakuifwaila umwine

  8. unknown

    What if police on due killed her after sex. Sorry mama

  9. Sweet man

    Too Bad

  10. Feligo

    This story sticks. Something somewhere is not right. Two things, first; the story does not mention which police station cell she was detained in. However, if it is at Chingola central police, I bet there could have been one of more offenders locked up in that cell, especially that it was on a Friday. So the fact of her being alone on that Friday morning is questionable. Are police telling us the truth?
    Secondly; how could a person take their own life solely because they stole a single mattress? No matter how unstable that woman was, going that far as the last resort in that circumstance is also quite questionable?
    To add more questions to this jigsaw puzzle, one would ask, why was she allowed to go into the cell with a chitenge material?
    Also the timing when the incident is said to have taken place is not adding up. 07:00 – 13:00…questionable I would suggest. Becuase we are not told when she was arrested and what time she was locked up…but for the sake of augment, if she was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 21..then taking her own life would have been done in the night, not wait until morning. Is someone trying to miss lead us here…questionable I believe. But this story is not as clear cut as it is simply reported by police, they could be more to it.

  11. awe Sindine

    No it was not her fault.she was forcely to do the brow job (sex)
    something need to be done

  12. Silent Prayer

    This girl got fucked by the boyfriend owner of mattress who was broke at time of fuck.She decided to get the mattress as payment .The boyfriend decided to report the matter to police accusing the girl of stealing his mattress.Police locked up the girl as suspect.The girl was sad and decided to take her own life.So sad.

  13. Dodomwenze

    Aka pia kulilasa, any way too bad

  14. nineo

    @feligo and @Silent Prayer, please combine your comments and I believe the truth comes out. However, MHSRIP

  15. Chrispel LESA

    Too bad for the thief
    ,as if you are not a girl

  16. shanoh

    Too bad may your soul rest in internal peace

  17. shanoh

    Why committing suicide instead of resolving your problem may your soul rest in internal peace

  18. Katele chiliyo

    Zoona pa mattries uzipaye so sad but by de way rest in peace pela

  19. Osnankonde

    So bad in this story i think something z wrong and the truth is not told

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