FIFA Hands Mwamelo Life Ban for Taking Bribes

World soccer governing body has banned former FAZ vice president Boniface Mwamelo for life for taking bribes.

According to a statement on the FIFA website Mwamelo has been banned by the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee for taking bribes in order to fix matches.

Mwamelo’s ban is the second high ban handed to a Zambian official after Kalusha Bwalya also served out a two year ban that was reduced on appeal.

“The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has found Mr Boniface Mwamelo, the former treasurer and vice-president of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), guilty of having accepted bribes in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics,” reads the statement posted on the FIFA website.

“The investigation into Mr Mwamelo was opened on 18 October 2017. In its decision, the adjudicatory chamber found that Mr Mwamelo had breached art. 11 (bribery) of the 2009 edition of the FIFA Code of Ethics and consequently banned him for life from all football-related activities (administrative, sports or any other) at both national and international level. Additionally, a fine in the amount of CHF 10,000 has been imposed on Mr Mwamelo.”

The statement adds: “The decision was notified to Mr Mwamelo today, the date on which the ban comes into force.”

Mwamelo served as Kalusha’s vice president from 2010 to 2016.



    Nice move to FAZ

  2. naxah

    Nice one ba faz


    Nice move to FIFA.MWAONA A MWAMELO MUNA POISONA MUZANU GREAT KALU.Remember Great KALU is a hero so Baja banafa ma players ku Gabon bamuukilani chibanda mpaka life barn ku football mwashula.Mukakondana na great K muzankhala bozibika mukazondana na great K muzazondana na all soja fans mu zambia.

  4. yonyeka tako

    10,000! u wil know the village now

  5. Dick

    Too bad Mr M.

  6. Jane Karima

    Can someone please bring this to the attention of Hon. Lusambo so that he can assist him with payment of the fine? There should be no segregation to extending nthandizo by our leaders. The man was “great” Kalu’s vice mwe. Is it just me extending my imagination wild?

  7. the eagle

    this signals to us what brings the down fall of football in our beloved country an under performance can buy his or her way to national team as long they are financialy powerful our beloved president always preaches about us having a heart for nation interest faz should be cleansed from this abominable infection sure some bad elements can still be hibernating in the football house

  8. Jonathan Ngoma

    thuts very good for people like you mr mwamelo thuts y in Zambia football is going down every year

  9. john

    CommentCorruption is acceptable to the corrupted.
    They say, “This is how the world works.”
    This is how their world works.
    If we allow this to continue, we also become corrupt.

  10. Mucheleka

    Sad for Zambia



  12. Corruption now will be worse

    You disliked and decampaigned Simataa just because you wanted those top positions to enhance your corruption manoeuvres.Now mwa zi nyela.Zambia shall always lag behind because of tribalism, corruption and hatred based on tribalism.

  13. Ellings Timothy Moyo, Vichali Vikwiza Vyawanangwa.

    As a matter of fact and exactly, it happens in that way. Osafyenga muzako. Our Merciful God has no grandchildren. All of us are his Children.

  14. Teezon DiNgo

    Shame on you man!

  15. sau

    This means our football is corrupt. I believe we have people in charge of ethnic at FAZ and CAF level, where are they? For these executives and committee not see or do nothing on the matter means failure to football. FIFA is in charge FAZ and CAF as we seem to have failed to football both Zambia and Africa.

  16. LJ sikalumbi

    Corruption is mala in se

  17. Luck Muwaya

    Tapuba pazed maikalanga

  18. Razor

    That whole committee was corrupt from top to bottom. First Kalu and now mwamelo. Next it will be Richard kazala.

  19. SMZ

    There are many more characters to be sorted out.

  20. lusaka boyz

    Vikawalala ivi nacikamwa monga chafa kudala

  21. Ark

    I have read the article on the tribes that is believed to have been taking place at football house.
    If FIFA has proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Mwamelo received bribes that may have resulted in Zambia losing either the Olympics, Africa or the World cups, then the judgment is one sided.
    The best judgement should be to nullify the wins by who ever won and organize the replays. I urge the World governing body to with immediate effect draw the fixture and let Zambia fail to qualify genuinely.
    If there is any technically involved, kindly educate me.

    With regards,


  22. Ng'ambi Aubrey

    It’s only when Kalu’s ban has been lifted that another one has been ban… whats happening kanshi… corruption is to much as if people here in Zambia are born with it.

  23. Ng'ambi Aubrey

    It’s only when Kalu’s ban has been lifted that another one has been banned … whats happening kanshi… corruption is to much as if people here in Zambia are born with it.

  24. Sergio Steven aguero

    Corruption pa Zambia taya kapwe

  25. Paul BWALYA Muyabi

    Mwalyonaula bola muZambia umulandu NA corruption, shame upon you Mr. FAZ vice president.

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