OPINION: Awe ba Kambwili, Tefyo!

Chishimba Kambwili, the Roan Member of Parliament and former information and broadcasting minister, who has challenged his expulsion from the ruling party never ceases to amaze many Zambians, including ourselves.

On Sunday, CK was captured on CCTV committing a serious security breach at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport where he had gone to receive his family. Despite advice of the security officers that he shouldn’t use the restricted area to receive the wife, CK ignored that and according to what we hear, he actually verbally abused the officers who were manning the area.

CK is already in trouble with the law over his recent hateful remarks against an Indian employee of a road construction firm, for which he has been arrested. Before that behaviour of his could be erased from the people’s minds, he was at it again at the Airport on Sunday, pushing his way around without regard for rules and regulations that govern such sensitive installations and threatened the standing of the whole facility.


What must not be forgotten is that every airport in the world operates on strict rules and regulations and every official, regardless of position held, requires prior clearance to go through restricted areas. But for Kambwili, he thinks such serious regulations can be broken at any time because he is ‘Imbwili’. When will he stop his thuggish behaviour?

What CK knows best is to bully anyone and everyone he encounters whenever his mind is fixed at something. That’s not the best behaviour for someone who calls themselves a leader. Now we understand why the Patriotic Front acted quickly at kicking him out of the party because he is a complete disgrace to leadership.

Anyone calling himself or herself a leader must lead by example. But is what Kambwili did anything one would want to follow? Who would want to be associated with thuggery? Who would follow a so called leader who can break the rules without any remorse and throw his weight around so that others can ‘lick his feet’?

Our advice to CK is that he must now learn to humble himself and beg for acceptance among Zambians that he told all manner of sarcasms the time he served as information and broadcasting minister. With the little power he held, CK felt himself on top of the world and almost underrated the power of a Head of State going by the number of stunts he pulled to prove his worth. So it is not actually shocking to see him abrogating airport rules because he has always been one who lacks humility and regard for other human beings. Now what sort of leader will he make if voted into office? Having someone like CK as president of this country would mean Zambians being subjected to all manner of ridicule and sarcasm from someone elected to serve their interests.

Awe ba CK, tefyo. Please come back to earth; this is not how life should be lived. Face reality and know that you are not above the law!



  1. need help

    please anyone with a full copperbelt university admission list?

    • Tefyo

      Let us not exaggerat things ck is not a problem as you are putting it the problem is you yourself who is trying to find faults in at all cost which is foolish of you

      • Patriot

        Very shallow minded. It’s idiots like you who have contributed to the stagnation of this country. Do you really think this fool kambwili is worth anything? I Makaka!!!

        • Mwikala totwe

          Even fools can make good friends to some people. The so called C. K. is just one of them.

  2. Truestory

    Uku ekushupa kwa bupuba, one day ba mudala aba balaso umyntu amafi yabo. Honestly kupena nangu butuntuulu? Chinshi Chile bomfya Kambwili? Twalikwata amashilu but they don’t behave like this man, mutwaleni Ku India Ku mental hospital. Kikikikikiki. Pantu alatampo kwendo lukuli uyu.

    • Jaba

      This abusive language you have used is just the same as for kambwili so you and kambwili are just the same.

    • Beston Goodsonk angwai

      cool down your heart zambia is seeing the go forward.

  3. Town Mouse

    Pansaka Tapabula Ciwelewele, Nomba Tufwile Twacenjela Naco, Pantu Mubuwelewele Mwine Emo Cilelumbukila, Filatoba Namayanda Yabantu Mubupuba Bwaciko, Kabili Nacikwato Bwamba, Mukamwine Nga Apwalala Calya, Nobufumu Filapyana Nga Bapwalala Abene Babufumu, Kabili Mutila Cipuba, Kanshi Cena Ninshi Cilemitonyatonya Pakuti Cingeshiba Amabunake Yenu. Be Carefull With Such Individuals, Its The Strategy He Is Using To Be Known Pa Zambia. Not Every Zambian Has Access To Social Media Which We Use To Circulate Imformation. Dramma In Zambian Politics.

  4. Kp

    Kambwili he can’t make it, to be a good leader, because of poor behaviour, believe me or not.

    • Mk

      Sata was vied almost if not worse the way u are talking about ck just wait and see friends

  5. Tukafilila munsenga

    I helped your party to win in 2016 but today naba iciwelewele. I was moving from point a to point b until your party won, but today naba icipuba. Natasha cilifye bwino.

  6. bwafya

    Bakambwili tefyo cifwile ukuba twapapata saana.zambia mutende weka weka .

  7. bwafya

    Bakambwili tefyo cifwile ukuba twapapata saana.zambia mutende weka weka . Twafweniko plz

  8. bwafya

    Bakambwili stop that plz

  9. Corruption now will be worse

    Yes he is a thug. What else can you call such a person. But in certain quarters of Zambia that is called leadership! Or heroism.

  10. Mathew perscural Christ Balance

    Only God knows…

  11. Hammer

    The man knows that he is in trouble and he wants to use the “foreigner has my job” ticket to attract followers who will fight for their king. But the reality is that he knows he is in trouble with ACC. Why can’t he recall his wife from UK so that he shows conviction that no foreigner should do a job in other prople’ s land. The man is full of hatred and we remember him labeling some Zambians of being so tribal that they can chose a stone over Jesus Christ . Why can’t he emulate Lucky Mulusa now or Given Lubinda when he got fired by Sata .
    This man behaved and is still behaving like if the devil dwels in him

  12. True Zambian

    Leave the man alone,,, when the blind man say I will stone you, means he or she is stepping on a stone… He knows what he is fighting for bane,,, u are calling him names,,, good,,, call him, but what is hidden shall be exposed… Muziba noziba some of you but u are pretending… Let him do what he can,,, ichikalipa chufwo umwine,,,Mr CK keep it up… A human being will not stop talking,, u do good, they talk, u do bad, they talk…

  13. mulase

    This is surely a good case for mental admission at Chainama.The problem with Ck is that he thinks he is doing this to fight Edgar Lungu.Little does he realise that he is in fact fighting the Zambian people.I was once a Provincial leader in his party but wen I noticed the way he used to make programmes nd at the last minute change,I then realised I was dealing with a suspected lunatic nd quickly left

  14. Stanley

    Ba Mulase I agree with you 100%

  15. Michy

    Imbwili no wino wino bamundala aba

  16. NDC for life

    Honorable CK you have my support as a Zambian please continue talking on behalf of very poor Zambian who are wallowing in abject of poverty on day in day out. It’s very difficult to find jobs if you are not connected to whoever is responsible to employ! We are surviving through the grace of God. Long live Dr CK you are my Hero of all time.

    • Charles

      You are a fool to the fullest chikala. Airport home you want to bully pipo. Tomba noko

  17. Tefyo

    Let us not exaggerat things ck is not a problem as you are putting it the problem is you yourself who is trying to find faults in at all cost which is foolish of you

    • Wise me

      Tefyo you are a rare human being or ni support nanga ni so!

  18. abilima

    True Zambian – You are a very dull human being. Do you understand the implications of breaching airport security?

  19. Tefyo

    Let us not exaggerat things ck is not a problem as you are putting it the problem is you yourself who is trying to find faults in at all cost which is foolish of you…….

  20. Kanfinsa

    Mwebantu nangu bukopo te ifyo mwandi. Bushes CK alipola amalwele yambwa

  21. Hang'omba Miyoba

    Am Tonga,but I call a spade a spade.Kambwili has always been on the wrong side of the law.And every idiot who went to show solidarity when he was summoned for questioning is not Zambian.A normal person cannot support such nonsense, unless you are insane and not fit to government Zambia at any point.I was surprised even to see the so called hh going to support such rubbish mwebantu,and he thinks he government Zambia! Foolish.

  22. the eagle

    to start with abusive language a politic spice issue both in ruling or opposition someone represting a big party even went as far as calling others to be people with little rat brains just open in the media he shud also be arrested like chishimba parts shud not acomodate emotional people,breaching security orders is also dangerous the officer also shud be punished for failling to stop an assailant it shows weakness to the whole world

  23. Observers

    Sometimes unorthodox means produce results. Conventional behaviour is not for everyone. At the end of the day each person must be left alone to account for his actions.

  24. mr i 100%

    Leave imbili alone. I love him 100% .because he is the voice for the voiceless

  25. KUPUSA

    lets close the chapter we fucked kambwili in prison has nice clean anus kakakakakaka


    i tried to fake fainting but the guys fucked me and i just obliged and danced as the penis was inserted in my munyelo

  27. Jason Stephenson

    “A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.“ – Thomas Carlyle

  28. Mpezeni

    Ck should be more patriotic than thurggery.Order at the airport is very important worse off from a parliamentarian like him.I wonder what our Parliament is made up of.Showing cow behaviour in public degrades the nation of Zambia.These degrees that we buy nowadays do not get to our grey matter.Now fake degrees are showing

  29. Baxter Mule

    What he (ck)meant is that jobs are for Zambians but Indians are getting our easier jobs a Zambian can do from what heard in that video ,so what is wrong with that? U just want to finish our party PF,u should ve left him alone for his foolish plz .

  30. Nakulu Chimbwi

    Ba Kambwili muletusebanya fee babemba please behave yourself nangu ni popularity mulelwisha nifi awe tefyo bululu.

    • George Kambole

      Temubemba He just speaks Bemba. There is no Kambwili name among the Bemba

  31. mulase

    Now that Chishimbas seat has been declared vacant by the speaker of National assembly,Wat next ba Ck?Dare not think of recontesting yo seat ba Ck coz u may be in prison on the day of filing in nomination papers.kkkk

  32. mulase

    I always laugh wen Ck says nd I quote..ati ine nalikosa kunse na mukati.end of quote…but wen he gets arrested, the.so called iron man faints kkkk

  33. mulase

    Don’t play around with Edgar my Friend..just ask Mmembe nd his minions.

  34. MAMPI

    jst passing

  35. Emmanuel kamfwa

    Go go ck

  36. Beauty

    CK has reaped what he sow. I think he’ll start forming his party now his seat is vacant.ife Bantu let us learn to call a dog by its name.do not defend something you know is wrong.these politicians will never realize thier mistakes.responsible adults will show thier child what’s wrong and rebuke them.hh says all who supports pf are fools and you agree with him instead of condemning him.panga for you say yes forgetting that you killyour fellow zambian.it is these same statement that brought war in luanda.bandalama bathaba iwe wafelapo.

  37. General O.t

    Lord help as

  38. Chendabusiku

    It is this buffonery bahaviour by the likes of Chishimba Kambwili that downgrades the status of our great nation. Unfortunately there are thousands of the like mind who must be dealt with through established norms and laws of our country. Anyone who becomes a fool tries to either form a party or simply clings or associates with one. the registrar of societies must put their house in order. Kambwili is more dangerous than Muliokela and must face the full might of the law.

  39. chakowla

    everything happens for a reason muntu alianse ali nayake season i believe everyone who’s against ck is a pf thug u r all carders zambia has lots it’s way democracy is not being demonstrated all 👀 eyes on u ba ecl…?

  40. Silly editorial

    Imwe na imwe ba journalist stop asking silly questions ati Now what sort of leader will he make if voted into office?
    He was already voted into office so we all know what kind of leader he would make

  41. 2 Missed Calls

    tunzanyu tatutii kaime pe kusikila mu 2021 bakambwili mbaasi kuli sambala.

  42. Jimmy shaba

    Zambian politics has become a circus of jokers

  43. Ghethol

    Leave our President Alone!!!

  44. Chendabusiku

    Pansaka yaba UL’s chipuba, this Bemba adage is a mouth ful with regard to Mr Kambwili’s childish behaviour. However, if you give a f…ol too much space the consequences are too gastric to contemplate. Chishimba has the potential to drag our nation into a banana republic route. If he behaves like a thug he must be put in his rightful place. Let him face the law period.

  45. Osnankonde

    This man has no morals if is doing this to the security pipo what of the pipo who works for him he a note person ad please gvmt stop giving bell to this man he note he has no future for this coutry i think Fat pipo have problems

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