OPINION: The Beginning of the End!

So on Wednesday, the Opposition Alliance formed just a few months ago made an announcement of the decision to part ways with the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC), a political party headed by Andyford Banda.

Sean Tembo, the president of the Patriots for Economic Participation and alliance chairperson for Media and Finance, told journalists during a briefing the press in Lusaka that the decision to ‘remove’ PAC from the alliance followed a meeting held at Pamodzi Hotel where it was agreed that “there was an infection in the Alliance”.

In his words, Sean claims the alliance only needs credible opposition political parties and that standards regarding the level of credibility of each of the members cannot be compromised.

He said “as a way of guarding against opportunistic infections, the opposition alliance undergoes regular medical check-ups and it was during one of those routine check-ups that the alliance realised that one of its toes had developed an infection and the level of the infection was so advanced that all the efforts to try and save the toe were unsuccessful and the alliance decided to take the painful decision to amputate this toe for fear of the infection spreading to the entire foot and possibly the leg of the Alliance”, in plain reference to the PAC which apparently is being seen as the ‘infected toe’.

We really don’t know whether to laugh or cry on their behalf. Many of us knew from the very beginning that this so called alliance was not going to last. First of all, there has never been a successful political alliance in Zambia. Several of them have been formed before but always crumbled due to some selfish interests.

Secondly, the majority of the members of this so called alliance are complete jokers! We wonder what criteria was being used to invite some of these one-man parties to the alliance. And for this, we knew that the end of this grouping that is seemingly not headed anywhere began the very day it was formed. PAC actually made the decision to leave this alliance some time back but it was just ‘hanging in there’ and waiting for the right moment to jump. For those who may have forgotten, PAC was a strong contender in the 2016 general elections and even beat Edith Nawakwi at the presidential level. That is how serious it was! Anyway, we are not here to discuss the strengths or weaknesses of any party but to make it plainly clear that there will never ever be any opposition alliance which will work in Zambia.

It is clear to see that the formation of this alliance was just about numbers and not quality. If you look at some members, what political value would James Lukuku add to any formation?  What political value would Fresher Siwale add to this alliance? And to think that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, who is the leader of the largest opposition party, took time to sit and agree to having some of these characters in the alliance really beats us. What has gone wrong with him? Has he run out of political advisors and strategists?

For the opposition to be taken seriously by the voters, they must, first of all, show that seriousness themselves. Opposition is a critical part of the overall governance system in a democracy and members of the opposition, therefore, must conduct themselves in manner that will instill confidence in the Zambians that they are “a government in waiting”.


  1. Samsanda

    Ba Chris Phiri this is a good story but the Journalism is bad. You do not put your opinions publicly as a journalist. What you do is to lay information publicly and allow the public to make comments. Professionalism is a need.

    • Me

      I agree with you . It seems the guy has been bought .

    • Mucha

      The man has said it’s his opinion period. Don’t condemn him and don’t ague on partisan point of view. Ague as a welmeaning Zambian who has a solution to the problem period.

      • Mucha

        The man has said its his opinion period. Don’t condemn him and don’t ague on partisan point of view. Ague as a welmeaning Zambian who has a solution to the problem period.

    • Leon

      The party that really need an alliance is PF ,UPND multitudes of Zambians are giving u UPND a land slide victory

      • Prince Nyendwa


  2. Osei

    Looking at that picture you can see that ummm careful

  3. Lisa

    This is the team and church geared to liberate Zambia from perpertual poverty . PAC pull out is nothing but Wako ni Wako gene.

  4. Mucende unona

    Comment To all well meaning citizens there is no harm so far by plucking out Mr banda from the alliance. Don’t judge them bcoz u are not with them.

  5. HOMMIE 24

    james lukuku

  6. HOMMIE 24

    who knows james lukuku?

  7. Isaac

    This is a strong team. You must learn from Oasis forum which reduced Chiluba’s third term bid. Oasis forum was supported by the three mother bodies and it was weak, Sata was not going to be the president. Because they stood, the defeated the third term bid.

  8. Dennis Kaseba

    Truth be told, no political alliance has ever worked or succeeded in Zambia. And history keeps repeating itself, and most likely this will continue.

  9. moses mtambo

    i agree with you isaac

  10. Kings

    Chris Phiri Let Me Know Your Position, You Seem To Have Lost Direction In Your Reporting, Are You A Politician Or You Are A Journalist? The Alliance You Are Talking About Is Going To Work This Time Because It Is Strong, Thats Why You Have Seen That Visionless Andyford Banda Plucked Out Because He Was Going To Bring Total Confusion In The Alliance. How Do You Report Like One Who Is Not A Qualified Journalist? Bakugula Naiwe Kodi? HH Is Fit To Drive The Zambian Economy To Higher Levels But Because Of Hatred You Always Talk Rubbish Against Him. Learn Manners Chris.

  11. Imjustsaying

    Wanachita Chris! These upnd chats hates the truth! Read there Zambian Watchdog and the way they report and the same people even spreads the fake news from their Kama Watchdog.
    Chris your opinion is right on point, I’m not PF. I’m just saying…lol!

  12. Nunks

    Chris’s observation is timely. If u don’t want to develop BP during elections face the truth. There is no wind of change in Zambia except for southern & western.Iam Real Tonga & I av bn voting for obvious but this time around I will not waste my energy voting to fail,I will cast my vote to pass.we are irrelevant in our political arena,I miss mazoka

  13. Chief

    Good journalist why supporting kalusa. Kalusa is only supported by the so called dogs

  14. Chief

    Good journalist why supporting kalusa. Kalusa is only supported by the so called dogs. At watchdogs

  15. Truestory

    To my thinking, the only alliance that would have given someone chance to become President, was that one in 2011. Someone tryd to work with The King Cobra but failed, and the Cobra won. Nanomba chila bakalipa. So utu tuma alliance ndemona nomba twa fake, chimofye ati wali upa elo wakwata abanobe ba nkngulume abali 10, bushe ichupo chobe kuti chaikala?

  16. Truestory

    Kikikikikikikikiki, awe mwandi kuti walepuka mukuseka. Mwe bantu sure are these guys in the photo Presidential materials? Are these not tuma Dady Nasals Neka Party utu? Are these Political parties one can say Alliance with chakuti chakuti parte? Aba sure ni Prezedent aba? A HH mwakula, muko mvwako na nsoni, ninshi aka nsoni Kali putuka?



  17. Beauty

    You are right.this alliance will never get any where.if hh is thinking that these nasala neka parties can help him go to plot one iyo niboza.test yourselves pa ma byele

  18. Beauty

    If HH was not selfish he was going to be the president after the death of sata.he is hungry for power and has run out of ideas.by June this year the alliance will have collapsed.

  19. MM

    Its a pity that things are going that route.But Becareful HH is really Desperate hh wants to use the alliance as lader to fulfil his self ambition.

  20. Matt

    We know that HH is mostly hated by unreasonable, shortsighted people who cheer up for Lungu and when ba PF bakashula they cheer. Truth be told, yes the alliance might not work again but alliance or no alliance UPND and HH will hit the State house. Refute or don’t, accept or rubbish it you will see. PF will try to rig, steal, use violence and pa maka tactic but they will fail. Musogoleli azalira mwamene analilila RB. Chonde mundimve pa nkhani iyi.

  21. Kubeja

    An opinion masked with political undertones! What do you have to say about one man parties of the likes of Dan Pule,peter chanda, wright msoni, Cosmo mulongoti etal who have gone to bed with PF in an alliance. Any way this is your opinion and it remains as such.

  22. TJ

    Just arrived from a long vacation leave and I am surprised to learn that some parties have started “kulathula”as usual!

  23. TJ

    Just arrived from a long vacation leave and I am surprised to learn that some parties have started “kulathula”as usual!


    I have overwhelmed on the report and stories in the report


  25. Muzzle loader.

    Chris is very right in his opinion, alliances can’t work in Zambia because of so many briefcase parties like upnd which have never had a convention since it was created, most of these parties have leaders with selfish ambitions.

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