Prime TV Licence Suspended: IBA Orders it to Retrain Journalists in Basic Journalism

THE Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has with immediate effect suspended the broadcasting licence for privately owned Prime Television for 30 days for “exhibiting unprofessional elements in its broadcasting”.

IBA board secretary Josephine Mapoma has announced the suspension of Prime TV’s licence for what she terms “broadcasting through unbalanced coverage, opinionated news, material likely to incite violence and use of derogatory language”.

According to Mapoma, Prime TV is expected to conduct in-house training on basic journalism ethics and news script writing during the suspension period.

IBA board chairperson Chanda Kasolo, who is also information permanent secretary, has said the decision to suspend Prime TV’s licence was arrived at after wide engagements with other stakeholders.

He said there was no political interference in the decision made as he could have resigned if that were the case and “not allow to be used by anyone”.

The IBA has also suspended Valley FM’s licence, revoked those of Ngoma and Kafue radio stations and issued 22 radio licences.


  1. Never

    Bwafya icalo ici.

    • John Peter Zenger

      But ma broadcasters they should have qualified journalism personnel. You just cant wake up and start a Radio, TV station or newspaper just because you can talk. You can put rubbish on air that alarms the nation and by the time people know the truth people have already died. Basic journalism qualifications among editorial management staff is a must. Techilandelande olo chilembelembe

      • Chilankalipa

        I have said it again and again and I will say it now that this generation is cursed. How can you stand aside and watch your freedom of expression being strangled? It may not pain some idiots who are supporting this rubbish of intimidating media houses because they were not there when the fight for plural politics was waged and UNIP lost, what the rats in the pot are doing is taking this country 30 years back and tukapoli without any knowledge whether it is time to fart or to diarrhea are busy praising the serial killers of Media freedom? You are a curse to this nation whoever you are that is supporting the primitivity of the rats in the pot. Stupid idiots

  2. Edward Tembo

    Even simuwe should be fired , a news analyses.

  3. pasmore

    We are not child’s,we know what ever is behind the curtain

    • mulo1

      Nothin bhind th keten iwe evry country folowz rules nd regulations don’t turn Zambia into a dump site ov fek jonalizm

  4. Sylvester Moomba

    When are you closing the public broadcasting office for daily biased coverage to the discomfort of all tax payers who are forced to pay TV levy just to watch clear monotonous products.

  5. BTK

    Why are you blocking people who gives us full information that we want,Is it not that you are forcing the majority to listen to the liars and thieves,anyway,one day freedom,but the fact is that there is no permanent situation on planet Earth.

  6. Nyengo

    Zambian peace walls built by our forefather is eaten up by private media and opposition leaders pushing 4 change. Prime tv a cancer 2 our democracy and use human rights and press freedom 2 champion hate speech and promote journalism of pleasin those with money using it. Private media a dangerous our peace and IBA Is right and sesheke is an example of what 2 come in 2021 and time 2 question them is now bcoz shuld b accountable 4 they action. I saw a students pictures of a student who dead due 2 teargas at UNZA during riot. Muvi tv did it and is prime tv has done it this bhav is all about a popularity and 2 make a name not bein fearful but lack honestness.

  7. csk

    we know mwila and lungu fear prime TV
    although u close prime TV we won’t start watching corruption Chanel ZNBC

    • edwin nawa

      Who cares whether you watch znbc or not.These media houses should follow the Law that guided by IBA.They should learn from the Post News.Please don’t allow these presenters to destroy your Business.

      • Jangle judge

        I sentence you for 50years in poverty, for being useless..you want all all to become liar’s like you. this is Christian nation, where truth exist

  8. Tuli Bantu

    ZNBC!!! Boyoooo

  9. Shimwana

    Seriously this is 2019 and we have people thinking like it was 1978.Old people have been a disaster for this nation.They have no shame and can can engage in shamefull conduct just for their pockets.This Mapoma woman taught me journalism at Unza in 1991,but look at the fool today,inspite of her advanced age she is totally shameless.This Kasolo must be older than 60 years,sad

    • Biloko

      Board is not only politicised but also tribalised no good can came out of it.Set up for purpose they are performing. Sata said give me chance to set a good foundation for the country this is what he meant his nephew Chanda and the many other chandas are indeed a good foundation to our own Zimbabwe, let’s enjoy the ride.

  10. mulase

    Nivozifunila ba Prime TV ivi.Most of their reporting was so negative in order to please one HH.A mere journalist can not be a Judge nd a Jury in favor of the opposition UPND at every political scene.Boma ni boma.Dare not bring in ZNBC in this case coz from way back ZNBC works with the Govt of the day whether it will be UPND in power they shall continue working with them.I shall however miss it’s propaganda news.

  11. Gregory

    Ba kasolo & mapoma,b4 you say unbalanced coverage,think of znbc’s coverage in terms of balancing of coverage. You can not force us to watch znbc,those days are gone. This is purely political.

  12. PILATO

    Please suspend ZNBC also

  13. Isaac

    PF guys you are digging your own grave deeper by creating more enemies who were supposed to vote for you. Zambians are tired with this kind of intimidations where everyone must be in a praising basket of your leadership.



    • Clever

      Mr pussy you very stupid, know what you are saying, znbc is just for government give prime TV license 30days is too much, government come and go iba

  15. M Kasonka

    I have observed prime TV for a long time its true they cover their news favouring a certain a party ,not a single news favouring the ruling party ,I stand to be corrected if Iam wrong

    • Clever

      My friend did you see zdnbs to trevising opposition only government, so my friend think before you talk

  16. mulase

    U ar right comrade Kasonka.Prime TV started well but changed nd started behaving like the defunct Post newspaper.How can we have a news wea everything is anti Govt.They go deep into rural areas nd film schools which have no desks nd put the blame on Govt.They think govt can be everywhere?The one month suspension is a very fair punishment for them nd u can c that it’s not politically motivated.


    Slowly turning to one party state. all in surpot will cry in 2021. what is democracy without oposition?= dictatorship


    I BLOCK ALL znbc chanels ON MY DSTV.i used to be pf during SATA. zambia is slowly turning into hell on earth,we need GOD

    • One k

      Ba truth .we don’t just support rubbish . you are not de only one who voted for pt. We will vote even in 2026.mphamvu kubantu.not ku munthu.zambia for all not for HH and tongas.

  19. me myself and i

    Dat iz good move ba IBA,,,,,,these guz are doing as if they are campaigning ….. i hav never seen a posive report where government is concern.
    They good at finding problem and fail to follow a relevant authority inoder to get the best solution.


    This is a useless decision ba Chimbwi …how can u silence the channel that bring deeper information…… and you must suspend also ZNBC known as corruption channel..

  21. Truestory

    In South Africa they are prosecuting a fake Pastor, while here in Zambia ZNBC is busy advertising these same foolish tuma prophets who are busy cheating people to stop taking ARVs. I was listening to Radio 4 one evening, and this prophet called Kasaka was busy cheating people and bringing his fellow fraudsters to give useless testimonies, at first I thought limbi ni drama kanshi it was a full sponsored program. On ZNBC, sure mwe Bantu. But today we are hearing of the closure of this TV station, anyway too bad. Nshalande ifingi, naleka.

  22. Political analyst

    But this is the waste ruling party I have seen ever.late president Michael chilufya sata uses the same Media but today YOU are saying is not working according. Guys we are still watching since 2016. Watching your steps. Mind you mwila walipona Ku constituency yobe busy making noise shame on you. No sense idea

  23. True Signs

    All those who are in support of the blockage of the channel, know not where there going, for in 2021 they cry and no not who said it,cause there blocking channels which tell the truth and whom will ask during that time, when error increases be careful don’t take all in POLITICS.

  24. Razor

    You will need the same channel when you are out of power.

  25. MBOLO

    good riddance

  26. Sarafina

    Ba Mapoma naimwe the way you have phrased it monga you are not a journalist sure!
    “broadcasting through unbalanced coverage, opinionated news, material likely to incite violence and use of derogatory language”.

  27. Mr. Bemba land is great

    I wish this TV station was banned forever bcz it also uses catholic priests for propapanda to bring disunity and end up with. Ruanda genocidem

  28. Oscar

    Prime TV can’t even complain over this suspension,there journalism is pathetic me I am either pf nor upnd but just using my common sense from the time I started following prime tv I was really shocked at their coverage,negative statements on gov’t worse is there news analysis its like it was a tool used to settle scores with who ever they don’t like unfortunately those people they talk about and call all sorts of names who are not there to defend themselves.Anyway prime tv its has been an embarrassment to say the list look at QTV who complains about it,no one but they give us proper news unbiased they don’t say things to injure other people,equally CBC TV and diamond TV very professional journalism from them but prime tv awe mwandi its really an embarrassment and it appears one may thing upnd and HH have paid them something because everything its HH is right gov’t is wrong,honestly people of Zambia is it true that the PF gov’t has not done anything good that prime tv can point at and talk about.its really shameful we hope they will emulate what QTV,CBC and Diamond TV are doing otherwise if they are left unchecked they can put this country in frames.

  29. walubita


  30. Winner

    The switching off was long over due, next time IBA move in quickly. We were subjected to a lot of negativity.

  31. Oscar

    Walubita my brother no one is happy that prime tv is suspended but if we are to develop our country we need to be since and objective in these issues,prime tv whatever argument that can be put across prime tv on this one they errored our hope and desire is to see them bad on air and be professional,we all want them but not in the manner they were doing things.


      oscar very true i used to wonder why such a measure was not undertaken way back. Prime media journalists are low and raw

    • But why

      You sound fair

  32. Herv Rena

    This tv statíon is not closed but suspended for only one month. I hope it will still come bac with a stronger voice for us the voiceless.

  33. Biloko

    Board is not only politicised but also tribalised no good can came out of it.Set up for purpose they are performing. Sata said give me chance to set a good foundation for the country this is what he meant his nephew Chanda and the many other chandas are indeed a good foundation to our own Zimbabwe, let’s enjoy the ride.

  34. jazzy

    i fucked all the stinking cunts at prime tv big nyinis monga pitlaterine atase




    all female journalists there dont wear pants stinking like decomposed cats

    • But why

      James Bond, the topic at hand has nothing to do with pants. What do you think? Tell us something more, maybe

  37. Flyzee

    why is this government doing this to our country.our media which satisfied us haz been clozed then who are we?

  38. But why

    James Bond, the topic at hand has nothing to do with pants. What do you think? Tell us something more, maybe

  39. Chendabusiku

    Loooking at the footage of the so called alleged Assassination of HH, it is very clear that the broadcasters connived with UPND to stage manage that scene. This desperation will not take HH anywhere. He will look back if cares and condemn himself for the damage he has caused to Zambia. Lungu has been steadfast in restraining himself against this malicious crusade against him. But again the consolation lies mainly on the electorate who are not that dull.

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