Teacher who Insulted Lungu on Facebook Jailed 2 Years

A 27-year-old teacher of Luapula Province has been handed a two-year jail term by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court for defaming the President using his Facebook account.

Enockson Banda, who has since lost his job, last week pleaded guilty to writing defamatory words against President Edgar Lungu, on which he faced two counts, and another count of being in possession of pornographic material.

In his mitigation, the suspect, through his lawyer, pleaded for leniency and pledged to the court that he would become an ambassador against insults on the President and other people on social media.

Banda’s lawyer said the suspect was remorseful and posted the defamatory words because of frustration and economic hardships.

“He was a frustrated youth, more so that he graduated in 2015 but had not been employed while some of his colleagues who completed in 2017 had been employed,” the lawyer pleaded but noted that this did not justify his actions.


However, Lusaka magistrate Sylvia Munyinya sentenced him to two years with hard labour in the first and second counts to run concurrently and fined him K4,500 fine for possessing pornographic material or in default serve a four-month jail term.

In July last year, Banda was arrested and charged with defamation of the President and possession of obscene material tending to corrupt morals.

In counts one and two, it is alleged that between April 1 and June 30, 2018, Banda, with intent to bring the name of the President into ridicule, published defamatory statements against the Head of State.

In the third count, it is alleged that on the same dates, Banda had in his possession obscene materials tending to corrupt morals.

Facts were that Chanoda Ngwira, a concerned citizen, opened his Facebook account and came across the ZNBC Top Stories Online page where he saw two pictures of the President and one of them had its face covered with faecal matter.

Ngwira also saw more defamatory messages written by Banda directed at President Lungu.

He reported that matter to police where investigations led to Banda’s arrest and his phone was confiscated.

The Zambia Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA) examined Banda’s phone where several obscene materials tending to corrupt morals were found.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Too bad babe kafundisha.

  2. Laka boy

    Yacepa ma years at least 10 yrs

    • Mmmmm


    • Visto Manda

      I see no harm, I mean 😏 let him be jailed but we imperfect only him God our creator makes us perfect 👌. Icili pamunobe ecili napali iwe watch 👀 out judges one day it will be you. If he was a humble man he could have forgiven him Kings 👑 Malembe Malembe said ubukulu bwa Nsele ukukwela pamulu. Then why ❓

  3. Kang'ombe

    Has the minister faced any charge on porngraphic material?
    Is the law not fair now?

  4. Dr Fonicks

    This teacher deserves to be punished for insulting the highest office in the land. he also possessed obscene materials on his phone. my question is: what has happened to hon sichalwe’s pornographic issue? The biggest problem with the Zambian judiciary is that sometimes it is selective. had it been a member of the opposition, that person could be behind bars. please treat all court related issues with the aggressiveness it deserves. There shouldn’t be sacred cows. some of these issues can be undermining the credibility of our judiciary.

  5. Wise Leader


  6. mrChiko

    The economy is hard for all. Atleast we now all know that insulting won’t make it better but earn you a place behind bars

  7. Dizo

    Don’t insult the president if even u likevhim or not

  8. Chendabusiku

    Insulting is not the way to go. Let us learn to put points forward they may just save us from insulting. I wonder what happened to that man who insulted the president and his mother? People must take responsibility for their actions. If you can’t defend your action don’t do it. Let him appeal to ICC since some people are trying to lead by that example.

  9. Chilankalipa

    Going by the statistics of the so called defamation or insults? Which president in Zambia can win a competition of more insults than the others? And why? Numbers don’t lie. A wise man learns from other people’s mistakes, but a fool from his own.

  10. HOMMIE 24

    lungu is a joke of a presidet the worst in zambian history. he smiles while many are suffering. to me his nothing morethan a shitass

  11. dj cool

    leason taught

  12. PILATO

    How about Hon Sichalwa

  13. Brown Tembo

    It’s wrong to insult anyone in all walks of life…. And our colleague was at fault, but let’s not put a lot of condemnation on him.. we have to learn something out of it.

  14. Mpombo

    The years are not enough these Easterners are fools have they ever come across any Southerner who has insulted Hechi Hechi and to make matters worse the idiot had the audacity to possess obscene materials

    • Tandi

      U are a pure tribalist .. stop mentioning pipo . Please we need peace.. Zambia is not woned by any politicians.easterners or Southerners we are one pipo.. wat do you want to bring up sir behave

  15. Edgar chibuta

    Sad sad teacher.

  16. Bj

    That is what sin can do

  17. Joshua

    his a worst president, he deserve that.

    • amunamako mbirintengelenji

      When You Insult A Leader H H Or Ecl Or Order Person Then You Are Insulting Your Own Parent.Chanyoko Or Chawiso

  18. Tandi

    I see no harm of him found in possession of porn in his phone.. just charge him for the insults.. it’s his phone..

  19. Evans mukupa

    stupid boy, hw can u insult the President, think of ur age, is that ur age mate? pipo l think ure going to lean one or two things, foolish boy!

  20. Chooma LLoyd


  21. Enockson Banda

    bane bachinda manyamata ahh munyelo ubaba

  22. True Zambian

    Looking at the comments, how many pipo are suppose to be jailed? U who have said Easterners are fools, will meet in court just wait and see, u think God is happy with your evil words you evil animal… Careful,,,

  23. Razor

    So do you think that this teacher will now love ECL. In fact he will hate him even more as his jail term will also be blamed on him and now he will insult the president anonymously. The best thing would have been to educate him on why it is not good to insult people and give him a chance to repent.

  24. hk the prominent

    lesson tot nw pipo will know

  25. Kings

    One Zambia One Nation, Justice Should Prevail In This Land No Matter What, Wrong Doers Always Their Place Is Prison, But Bwana Ngwira You Have Killed The Guy To Tell You The Truth, Did You Seat Him Down And Correct Then He Refuses To Hear You Or You Just Went To The Police And Report? Guys Let Us Know How To Help Our Fellow Humans Where They Are Wrong If We Can That To Run To The Police As If We Have Seen Robberers. Don’t You See Or Hear How The Rich Defends One Another In Some Issues Like Such? Any Way The Law Has Done Its Part.

  26. ba swain

    he deserves it what do you expect when that asshole is msaking everything tough than its supposed to be…shit..

  27. GBM


  28. King

    No this man throught that they cannot do anything kaili t was happening pa fb look at him now suffering 4 something which is not…..

  29. Sergio steven

    The law should be fair

  30. Amon Ng'ombe


  31. golden mwamba

    pilato tototo ishhuko lya munobe tabendelamo stop insulting the president mukakakwa

  32. Osei

    The long arm of the law scampering

  33. Mamen

    I Think After His Sentence He Will Be Deployed As A Teacher Without Morals.It A Lesson To Us All Who A Quick To Speak And Write.

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