Amnesty International Condemns Suspension of Prime TV’s Licence

Amnesty International has said the Independent Broadcasting Authority’s decision to suspend privately owned Prime TV’s broadcast licence is a ploy to muzzle independent media.

The IBA yesterday announced the suspension of Prime TV’s licence for 30 days on allegations of “unprofessional broadcasting” that had the potential to cause violence and anger in the country, according to its secretary and director general Josephine Mapoma.

Mapoma said the decision was due to Prime TV’s failure to comply with conditions of its broadcasting licence, further directing that the television station’s journalist undergo an in-house training in basic journalism and script writing during the time of the suspension.

The IBA has also suspended the licence for Valley FM, revoked two licences and granted over 20 to different stations across the country.

Amnesty International Regional Director for Southern Africa Deprose Muchena, in response to the IBA’s suspension of Prime TV’s licence, stated that the decision was meant to undermine the right to freedom of expression and media freedom.

“It is clearly intended to send a chilling message that journalists need to self-censor or face dire consequences. This unlawful suspension must be immediately lifted to allow Prime TV to continue telling the Zambian story as it unfolds. Zambia can only benefit from the plurality of media voices,” stated Muchena in a statement issued by Amnesty International Southern Africa media manager Robert Shivambu.

The Independent Broadcasting Authority informed Prime TV of its suspension for 30 days earlier today, citing failure to comply with the conditions of its broadcasting license by the station.


  1. Peace

    I used to watch Prime Tv alot and ZNBC also. I don’t like media stations that are biased, just by watching a news clip, you can tell who they support.

    A journalist commenting on a story while reading it at the same time. They should be retrained.

    • Gregory

      Even znbc you can tell who they support just by watching the clip.

    • Hammer

      I take it that this amnesty representative is talking in her own capacity as an individual. Otherwise every sovereign country has to prevent itself going to destruction. Where was amnesty international when journalists in Rwanda were inflaming the populace . At times you find that these so called international NGOs thrive on war and confusion . A month will be quickly gone and broadcasting will resume . If all other professions have regulators and ethics what of journalists?

  2. Uc

    Why this dictatorship kind of ruling , is this democracy?

    • Chilankalipa

      The three known dogs will actually stand on the mole hill crying foul, the opposition is denting the image of the country what what. Is it the opposition that suspended the Prime and country wide preferred TV station’s licence? Ubupuba bwacilamo ba koswe mumpoto.

      • Chilankalipa

        These idiots must know that without Prime TV there is no news worth listening to, there is no news analysis to look forward to, there no oxygen to democracy. How can an illiterate complain about something he knows nothing and the stupid ones just lick his dirty jombo? I agree with Saviour Chishimba that we Zambians are stupid, how can we stand aside and watch the destruction of our valuable media houses in a raw?

      • Emmanuel

        So far prime tv is the best station we have in Zambia giving us first hand imformation.

  3. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Deprose muchena do you have senses or you just want to talk and be heard? Can you account the lives lost in. Ruanda bcz poor reporting poor people will be dying while you be outside. Zambia. Zambia must maintain peace through good journalism not to hear stories from hired journalists who are bent to benefit from genocide

    • Does your znbc report the truth or mere propaganda ?

      Does your znbc report the truth or mere propaganda ?

  4. bamumbwe

    That is the best for them, that is the pf state of government kanonga ebo, cindowele system of government, party is removed by people, government is replaced by people be careful 2021.

  5. Andrea

    No more zambia a christian dictatorship country

  6. Beston Goodson Kangwai

    prime tv is like bbc it go deep to reach hilded information to give to people so that kindy of working this gorvemant the don’t want .What they want not people know some of the information up lift that so.

    • mulase

      So Imwe monse mutuma tuma comments on this blog ndimwe malova ka?I expected u to be working this time as opposed to sending comments which u know very well have no significance to the growth of this economy.Nkasako nemunzanu ndine lazo nasebenza kudala usiku

  7. Bk

    This person called Muchena is Manson or Satanist

  8. Fines @five,five

    CH Josephine Mapoma cinyo cone idiot you keep supporting thebpf you UNIP failure you survived of pieces of bread from Lungu ,,You can’t stop democracy you fool Sesheke is at your door step 2021 you will be languishing at Soweto market IBA is not meant to punish medias we mbwa iwe kolwe ,,Prime tv is for the voice less and balance ,coverage What type of PF are you ,,Muleya bafikala

  9. juck chan

    All what we want is to hear prime tv working, if you whant us to file democracy for miss a lot without prime tv.

  10. NJAMBA

    We r so devastated over th action taken to close Prime TV. we find it hard as to y each tym things r reported frm th ground r threatened, to be more categorical N specifically, znbc news is BORING,, ts all about th ruling gvt, bane, twachula,twanaka, wen pipo r sayn th truth,some r getting hurt,its not worthy for Zambia2b called Christian nation,,,not at all,,,

  11. live by the gun die by the gun

    you force your self to power and mislead people. God is watching. Uwanano alailula

  12. Kubeja badala

    PS Kasolo publicly announced that ZNBC will also be regulated by the IBA, we are still waiting.

    • Barotse82

      Whennar sia prime TV ibuise lunnar lubuha ising znbc can’t nea kaufela utime kakuli I supporter of.

  13. Truestory

    Ama sponsors ba Prime bale voka, ala pali insele kwati ebene ba Prime, naleka mayo kuti watukwa. ZNBC ukutampa kwa news ni P………A………F mpaka nokupwa kwa iko.

  14. Truestory

    Kwati nda lyako kuli ba Pulaimu tata nchulilemo? Chila muntu ne membu shakwe nkese nka lwalilemo BP mu membu shaba Pulaimu or Prime, sorry. If the same journalists are offered jobs at ZNBC today, they will change their positions. Were is Mapiki, Paxina, and others today? Who are their Bose’s? Bena Bangwe? So why are we suffering and waisting your time defending people who can not defend you in future, journalists are also Politicians, believe me you. Were is Maluoenga? George Chelah? Including Dora Siketi, who are they today? Answer me. They do all those things to prove themselves to be strong and fearless Politicians, through these same tuma TV stations they start work from, wait and see if you won’t see the same guys reporting for ZNBC? Mark my words.

  15. Truestory

    Sorry I meant to say Malupenga.

  16. HOMMIE 24

    zambia report is even more biasd

  17. Truestory

    Ba Hommie 25? Mwabepa, mwa nama, lies. I’ve been following Zambia Report for some time now, and I can tell you their stories are always true. Unless other wise, but I can tell you that whatever I read on Zambia Report is always true and factual. Go back to Mwebantu ukwabo buffi. Leave Zambia report alone.


    The truth is prime tv is biased.With ZNBC there could be some biasness but one could understand because of government has to inform the country about what they are doing for the citizens.prime tv you will only hear somebody insulting the president.

  19. Fisunge

    Ba fine five,five stop insulting women like a fool which ever words you use on the woman be mindful that your mother,your aunties,and your grandmother’s has them OK try to respect women you came in this world through the woman ameno ukubola mukanwa Kobe every woman is like your mother regardless of your political affiliation you must be upnd because that’s prime TV is all about mulekwatako umuchinshi ubupuba tapali uko butwala why are you so hurt fyabawiso this is women’s week at least check your big mouth ububi kwati mwana wapachishala that’s y some tribes so hurt ninshi kanshi mwebantu mwikaleta inkondo

  20. Barotseland

    Just let the Prime TV go a heard than watching the so called ZNBC News.Zwaaaaaaaaaa

  21. the eagle

    this body is a failure to the nation and media fratenity because some stantion that they have given a lice
    nce have prooved to be troublesome it seems their system of scrutinising members old fashioned let the body retire and janalists will always remain the enemy of the true in the world

  22. MiltonMuienga sholeloko

    Imformed people are happy people ,awe mwandi pa Zed nomba ni sulako ulapepa mwana yama !

  23. evans Zuba

    I do not see the point of insulting one another if a person posts a comment and it’s in contradiction with your opinion or political affiliation it’s best to post your comments reasonably rather than insulting

  24. muyunda muyunda

    i personally see no need to close a TV station. Closing a TV station will not solve country’s problem in anyway. For instance, if there in a country there is too much corruption, will closing of the TV station solve the problem of corruption. If we remember so well, govt had closed movie TV, post newspaper. The closure of those institution did it solve our problems in the country ? absolutely NO, The private media stations check the govt. Where they see a problem they air out, Now why blocking the media to air out the mistake of govt. A public media station ZNBC cant air out the wrong of the govt because of A, B, C, D. For me, govt should actually strive to do good so that those wrongs are not aired. I somehow agree with amnesty international that the whole incense of suspending the license of prime tv is a ploy to media houses.

  25. Razor

    I don’t watch both.

  26. Boringo

    Iba muleya mulekula ka

  27. wish

    mmmm yalimba democracy

  28. Tunic

    😂😂this is the kind of dictatorship we learned in Civic Education

  29. Big System

    let change our system iba tuleya tulekula ka, tu lefwa ya information mu sosholiment, suleni pulaimu tv.

  30. Kenny

    tuleya tulekula just keep waiting itx just a beginning

  31. KAEMZ

    Whether closed or not, something is wrong with them prime whatever…. But I don’t see any reason why I should be like “iye dictatorship”
    Come on guys! grow up! Somebody is doing his or her job to close it down….. Do your job unless you don’t know what your job is….
    Benango maybe commenting on this ndiye nchito yanu
    Am not pf but sela tubombeko

  32. Sas4@ peace keeper.com

    May the good LORD help us. Zambia is a Christian Nation….serving the Nation, @ a company or a family there must be (a) fear of God, is the master or skeleton key to development and this will bring all political parts, media houses whole races together and dwell in peace… and God will command a BLESSING on that family of department or sectors Psalm 133:1-3. Moreover, blessed is a Nation whose LORD is God…don’t insult but call unto God in prayer and will answer and will show you things you have never known before as a Nation. Stay blessed Mother Zambia and enjoy the glorious day today and forever more,Amen!!!!!!!

    • Daniel Banda

      Amnesty needs to be sensitive to Hyman Rights of everyone. This organization knows too well that where any individual’s Rights end another person’s Rights begin. What evidence does the organization have to support Prime TV’s neutrality ? Some of us are hurt by biased reporting. Find out how many we are and ke a decision that promotes harmony.

  33. Kulupindo kuhite love

    If u no dat u a too blind to comment on issues on this platform, then I advise u to go for mental checking and eye scanning before u become mentally and physically impotent.

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