5 Companies Barred from Public Procurement

The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) has with immediate effect suspended five companies from participating in public procurement for a year.

The five companies have been suspended for submitting forged documents in response to tenders.

ZPPA principal Public Relations Officer Joe Chipandwe named the five companies as Habitech Limited, Gifdon Entreprise, Lonch Properties and General Dealers Limited all of Lusaka.

The other two are Peace Cops Investment of Chingola and Try Tech Limited of Ndola.

Chipandwe said the suspension is pursuant to section 65 of the Public Procurement Act No. 12 0f 2008 and regulation 167 of the Public Procurement Regulations of 2011.


“This is the regulation which mandates the authority to suspend a supplier/s from participating in public procurement for providing false information in a bid or any other document submitted to a procuring entity in connection with a procurement process or contract,” Chipandwe said.


He stated that the Authority received reports from procuring entities regarding the suspicious documents submitted by the five companies in response to advertised tenders.

“Following the reports, the authority instituted investigations and held hearings where some directors of the mentioned companies confirmed having submitted forged documents and blamed agents that prepared and submitted bids on their behalf,” Chipandwe added.

Controlling officers, chief executive officers of Parastatal and Statutory bodies, town clerks as well as council secretaries and all procuring entities have been directed not to enter into any new agreements with the named companies.

“The Authority wishes to inform the public that the suspension does not in any way limit the mentioned companies from performing outstanding contracts that were entered into before the date of this suspension,” stated Chipandwe.





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