Prime TV Appeals Licence Suspension

Prime Television director Gerald Shawa has appealed against the Independent Broadcasting Authority’s decision to suspend the private broadcaster’s license for 30 days.

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), in its letter dated February 4, 2019, suspended Prime TV’s broadcast licence pursuant to section 31 (1) of the IBA Amendment Act No. 26 of 2010.

Shawa, in his appeal letter addressed to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya, has stated that the suspension is not the only remedy available to address what the IBA  termed as unprofessional practice by Prime Television.

He further stated that there were immediate economic effects on the broadcast institution that would result fromthe IBA’s decision.

Shawa has since requested the Minister to review the IBA’s action and reduce it to a warning with specific guidelines as has been the practice with other institutions before.




  1. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    A lesson has been taught.

    • Hammer

      This is an admission of guilt . But you can’t decide your own punishment . You want a warning letter!!!!

    • Leon

      IBA is a rubber stamp this was done timely to cripple the opposition campaigns and also to blackout any news related to of violence in the roan campaigns

  2. Osei

    Abid by law

    • Judge not

      IBA board must be disciplined in that it has shown that ZNBC belongs to pf that’s why it does not entertain opposition campaigns particularly the Zambian People’s favourite party the Upnd

  3. Chagwa

    This is now a dictatorship.once you mess with the media you. Brainwash the people from the true reality and filter what benefits the party in power….wolf in sheep’s clothing mentality ,you shall meet your demise.

  4. mulase

    Ar u sure Mr shawa u didn’t know the consequences of fighting the Govt in power?Come on,don’t be over excited with the monies u get from the opposition.U will get bruised my friend.Waona lomba yakunyokola njala ka.Learn from how HH speaks against the Govt..very professional nd yet he is an opposition leader.Don’t be swayed by Kambwili.

    • Wakishale

      He was actually not messing with the government or party in power but with the law and broadcasting ethics that he ascended to when getting his boadcasting licence. Any reasonable regulator would have done what the IBA has done or probably worse. The idea of saying there are other offenders who have not been punished neither here or there beause we have thieves that have not been caught still roaming our streets while those that were caught are behind bars. Their time too will come. You broke the law therefore fairly face the law. Actually IBA has even been linient to just hand out a suspension, you deserve worse punishment. Good luck for your appeal

  5. Gillan kata

    Whoever plays with a sword,shall die with it.Pipo in power shud understand that no throne under the sun has no expirely date. You can’t stop the truth.

  6. slim k

    i dont knw were we ar going to as a democractic nation this should come to an end in this there is no check and balance in this country

  7. Kapakala Alkado Daniel

    The media should not use the name of press freedom to put this country into frames.Besides a media person should not be blinded by money from bitter opposition politicians whose sole aim is to get into plot one at all cost,whether in flames,blood or otherwise.


      nice move prime tv to appeal than this devil to take advantage. this guy is very powerful yesterday was in south-africa brainwash Dr mils greg and wrote sick stories about zambian economy and when you hear where the church mother bodie is the guy is also beside vomit liars.bola panshi badala

  8. Rodmus

    Zambia and the president

  9. HOMMIE 24

    dispite economic hardships we are being introduced to dictatorship. to be honest i dont know where this criminal is driving us

  10. Kenneth Chalikwepa

    I believe media houses has power to put our Country into fire. Media should not get things for granted Zambia is bigger than an individual. Fellow journalist let us know our job in right way.

  11. But why

    Cawona mzako capiita mawa cilipaliiwe. What happens to your friend may next time happen to you. Would you like to be treated like that just because you alleged to have done wrong? Look from both sides.

  12. Kidson

    No situation is permanent mind you ba Iba and your government one day time will catch up with who ever is behind this closure. The post newspaper is gone now it’s prime TV shame on you

  13. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Mr Shaw’s to me there is no sense to appeal to the minister of in formation and broadcasting. Dora. Siliya because you believe in the opposition why can’t you appeal to hakainde whom you save? He will simply give you the license back you want. I. B. A to give a warning there is no offender on earth who gives the judge a way to judge him your journalism is very provocative it was better your TV station is completely closed the nation will not lose snything

    • kalimushi

      Mr Bemba you are rotten in thinking,by saying closing prime tv Zambia will not lose anything. prime tv employed Pipo with family s as such it effects Zambia because those who suffer are Zambia.

  14. Winner

    Prime Tv has finally confirmed through their director that the y were wrong by advocating for a lesser punishment as mentioned in their appeal letter.

  15. Citizen

    Prime TV and its owner were daring the government and Law. Not Edgar Chagwa Lungu or Dora Siliya.

  16. Phiri

    And we say we live in a democratic country…

    • The Scientist

      I don’t know if democracy is about letting people be stupid anyhow. This notion of democracy is what people in leadership have carried with them. To me, there is no difference between the offenses of the government and eg prime TV. I think this nation has a very long way to go before it comes an understanding of democracy. We are still crawling on opinions of what democracy is. Letting people pay for the wrong they do in trying to achieve decency may not be a step forward, but at least it’s a craw forward.

  17. Masto ndembo

    The race is not for the swiftt

  18. Wina wanfwa.

    Sorry it has happened that way..

  19. mulakwe

    Ba prime kuzimvela maningi.don’t play with law .ni law ya nyoko olo kapena ya uso kuti uyichitile vingazi.Lamulo ni lamulo ambwana,upuwa yai.Ba kavala ka prime kanu mwayamba muli niyooo niyooo siyapa muli menso pyuuuu lelo.malonda nandale mulute lini pasogolo amambala mweo mwamvwa.business and politics,you will never make it in life believe me you.Prime TV management just concentrate in making money not politics , you will lose the little you have if you don’t know.Nasiliza Nikomo.

  20. mulakwe

    Ba prime kuzimvela maningi.don’t play with law .ni law ya nyoko olo kapena ya uso kuti uyichitile vingazi.Lamulo ni lamulo ambwana,upuwa yai.Ba kavala ka prime kanu mwayamba muli niyooo niyooo siyapa muli menso pyuuuu lelo.malonda nandale mulute lini pasogolo amambala mweo mwamvwa.business and politics,you will never make it in life believe me you.Prime TV management just concentrate in making money not politics , you will lose the little you have if you don’t know.Nasiliza zikomo

  21. Folish zambians

    zambia is the most usles country were its people argue when they even know that prime tvs suspension is wrong. poor pipo

    • Gmc

      Kkkkkk, you can’t even spell foolish correctly sure??? Any way shut up and let people with knowledge on this issue comment..

  22. Citizenary

    If you can’t beat the winning team die a winner when your time is near to live with Jesus Christ and his father pray and fast long live life

  23. Tata Tata

    Freedom has got limits. People easily believe what they see and hear especially from media houses. We only have one Zambia to cherish. What your report about your country matters today and tomorrow might be too late for you to correct the volatile. Rwanda started like this. Learn from it. The world does not want another such. How you report on what you report matters a lot my friends. You don’t use emotions when reporting about the country you are claiming to try and serve. Terrible prime!!!

  24. Umuntu

    We have to understand that democracy requires self discipline, free speech is not synonymous with anarchy. There is nothing dictatorial about punishing a wrong doer. We have laws and they must be obeyed without exception.

  25. Joshua

    its only, in zambia, where u can find this kind of news.

  26. punish them

    Ba shawa dont be misled by your sick minded companions like uyu Kachema, you will lose everything in the end if you dont know. We had THE POST where is it today? Though its hiden in the mast, it is not as powerful as it was before.

  27. Paul

    Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  28. FGM

    The Post Newspaper is no more, Muvi tv was closed during 2016 elections now an intimidation fever has been poured on Prime tv. But if every media house will go the ZNBC Zambians will never have the other side of the story. And Zambian media houses will be rendered useless like Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail.What a PF regacy in twenty first century!!

  29. one in a millions

    Awe mwachila epomwayambila tamunaka doing the wrong things.if those people remain unemployed are you going to help them shuwa heeh


    We should always know that even these social media comments the Lord God is recording. Let’s be truthful and sincere. It’s clear that those in support of the PrimeTV in this case wanted the injustice that was practiced by those criminals in sesheke to be expoesed. For those who are against wanted it to happen even to the worst without other Zambians getting even a scratch about it. Remember practicing injustice is clearly fighting God because it’s against his will.We saw this coming from the PF SG and we knew it would reach this far. Let all well meaning zambians stand up and pray for our nation to be delivered from this dangerous regime.

  31. Dc10

    I believe Ba Prime TV know th Rwanda issue vry well. Gvt previous and present hv bn vry careful on th conditions of issuance of broadcasting licenses. Sorry may be my brother ba Shawa did not read thru them. Don’t be cheated bwana Shawa you may end up losing all tht you hv invested in your TV station. Pls play by the rules. The same pipo who are urging you to go against IBA will not be there for you when your business will be closed. They will neither feed your family nor your workers.You will be fighting wth your workers alone fr their packages. Advertisers who hv paid you in advance will demand fr their refunds. The pipo giving you wrong advice will be no where to be seen. You lose nothing malume by the rules(IBA) of the game. Your panelists who believe are too clever will also no where near you not even these big institutions condemning IBA. They will all abandon you. You will be fighting it alone,paying lawyers plus plus.. Good luck malume a Shawa.

  32. Lolo

    People their watching , don’t forgotten chitotela punishes people Zambian people how much money you are stolen , whole a lot of children there suffering, chinibaba what gvt is doing

  33. Jms

    Gerald Shawa is the Best director in Zambia who is suffering for the rights of being a good director its the right who are persecuted but you who persecute must be careful because your hippocratic persecuting styles have been recorded above in hell well done to know that ignorance prevails in lawless people

  34. Jms

    Now Zambians should decide from all medias which one is a public media its shame a better man is regarded to be the worst but God knows who are his children who do right thing to others. To me ZNBC isn’t a public media for the fact that a Christian should decide what is and what isn’t what is right and not right you will be questioned that a hangry ,athirst, a poor man, a good journalist was denied his role, poor Zambians were denied to know the truth e.t.c

  35. Jms

    ZAMBIANS SEEN TO BE THE MOST COWARDLY NATION IN AFRICAN HISTORY mostly its the CABINET which weakens the nation by bringing ideas which lets just a quarter of the nation to BENEFIT leaving the majority three quarters suffering shame, people see but not seeing clearly, people hear but not hearing properly people are being educated to do good but Instead do bad thing people go to church in order to forgive each other but instead harming and killing each other what then remember prophet Nathan appeared to David and all know what occurred A soldier’s aim is to protect the country now from whom? A soldier is a man who should have the possibility to know what the citizens should love and like its shame even soldiers don’t seem to realize to know how to serve the people its unfortunately


    The director of prime tv just admitted that they re wrong,i believe this is not a witch hunt!!!

  37. Fisunge

    Well fine before you start anything the registration party will tell you the DOS and the donts if you don’t follow the law the law will follow you so the closure of prime TV should not worry pipo unless whatever they use to report used to give food and jobs , didn’t you hear what ba SATA said?he said Pamaka more money in your pockets.so if you’re lazy don’t think the TV station like prime can put food on your table wether you listen to znbc or prime you wont get what you want if you’re lazy my friend if hh is as stinge as he is he has never even donated a cow to the sick or the orphanage who is he going to be feeding atase ifyakulandalanda ngoli chipuba ninshi ulichipuba whether hh or lunguu fyakwishiba abene ba prime TV ifyo balufyenye

  38. 4much

    prime tv should never be open at!
    news yabo is not reported good.
    we know you are agianst the PF But still you can be reporting everything you see pa road.

  39. TAko YANGA

    Iwe JUDGE NOT, u said ZNBC belongs to PF when? B4 PF not in power it was belong to which part? Matuvi mukamwa uthunye b4 kukamba alaaaaaa!!………continue yourself

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