Ethiopian Airlines Flight to Nairobi Crashes

An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 passenger jet has crashed on a flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi.

The flight is believed to have had 149 passengers and eight crew members on board, the airline says.

A spokesman said the crash happened at 08.44 local time on Sunday, shortly after take-off from the Ethiopian capital.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tweeted his “deepest condolences to the families of those that have lost their loved ones”. – BBC


  1. Gangsta grabs

    Sadly Lungu’s plane doesnt crash.All the good people are either diying or in jail but the fucker still alive.

    • james ndeta

      How sad can you get, you might perish well before Lungu.

      • Chanda



      what a heartless , foolish & provocative response to a disaster by Gangsta grabs . Such remarks are very offensive even to non partisan citizens of this great country . Let your evil thoughts remain in heart , don’t share them on this platform .

    • Daniel Banda

      It seems this idiot Gangsta Grabs needs help. Can our ZICTA Bring this psychopath to earth or deal with the Zambian Report editors to book. Freedom of expression should not go this far.

    • KJC N

      What an idioitic sentiment. People are frantically trying to establish whether they have friends or family involved and you come out with this vitriolic poison? What is wrong with you?

    • Mr Bigtalent

      you are a shame to this world “gangstar grabe” how could you reach that extent of vomiting those evil words,,may The living God forgive you,,,so that you can start thinking like a normal human

    • mulo1

      Idiot u wer sapoz 2 b a sepernt nt humanbing,actually its u hu will crash not lungu

  2. Ba zed

    What has Lungu get to do with this, think before u write!pray their are all Alive( God be with them)

  3. Umuntu

    There been no report yet of deaths or survivors. So how did the Prime minister start passing those condelence messages

  4. Man Jay

    It is reported that all the passengers on board the Boeing 737 have died condolences to the grieving families

  5. Wise Leader

    this man called gansta grabs is making this page so irritating,evry time you’ld come to read the news you find his shity response.
    block him,othrwiz we’re quitting this site b’coz of a simple dog called gansta grabs.

    • hanene

      You have points to record but no difference with the author. Do not insult to register some difference.

  6. Mufunelooo

    Gangsta grabs ulupunu waumfwa …
    If you don’t have anything to comment kwikalafye …..,blally basket !!!

  7. Mustafa yerima Tahir

    My condolance to families of Ethiopian air crash on board to Nairobi,as Muslim persingers in the board may Allah grant them with firdaush paradise Ameen.

  8. Osei

    My condolences

  9. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad

  10. mulase

    This example of a human being calling him/herself gangstan grabs is an idiot.How can he say such a stupid thing knowing too well that if President Lungus plane crashes(God forbid) it will not only take the life of our dear President but several other people.

  11. mc

    too bad

  12. F simukonda

    If I may ask is there any Zambian on board? If so how do you relate to the head of state .know how to make a coment!!

  13. Jeoz

    Gangsta grabs God foregive you

  14. Black z Back

    Its been confirmed, that there are no survivors. My condolences to those who have lost there loved ones and countrymen and women.Peace

  15. Ba luanshya

    Nabafwa nangu shani?


    Some people are just too unfortunate.How can a normal Human being wish someone such evi More so, the HEAD OF not just State but your State.Awe baneni Let’s respect our leaders.Nangu walofililwa

  17. jk

    too bad


    Was saying” Nangu walifulilwa umuntu not to this extent.The Bible admonishes us to respect our leaders.Heb 13:7,17.The Bible clearly says that” they keep watch over you.” Now ba gang, indeed you are a gang, you want one who protects you to die! Where will you then be.No! If you have no constructive and encouraging this to push here, please keep quite my Brother.Like everyone has said but off course not insultive, IAM extremely saddened by your words my brother, change for the better: Check also Philippians 4:8-9, Mt 12:34-36.


    Some people are just too unfortunate.How can a normal Human being wish someone such evi More so, the HEAD OF not just State but your State.Awe baneni Let’s respect our leaders.Nangu walifulilwa

  20. Fisunge

    I think gang Star grabs Shud be eaten by the lion so that he feels more pain than those who crashed may the god of Mercy protect our president and grant gang Star with a painful death may. The souls of the departed rest in eternal peace but for Gangstar it’s back to the sender and may the devil miss the target on our Zambian Obama Edgar changes Obama lungu

  21. Andre phiri

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    Oh God !

  23. Edgar lungu

    mmmm kwashala ine naleka ukunina Nina indeke

  24. Osei

    Iyee shuwa umunthu wishing our president to die God forbide.condolences to the families of the deceased

  25. Stan

    People have suffered a great deal because of talking ill of there leaders, they may have flaws but its for you to curse them its always back to sender be careful I know you’re not a believer in God you can’t say such. God deliver you!

  26. Smbody

    Awe mayo!!

  27. Naryciouskaziya

    I think gunsta is mad what has lungu done to you, you are a disgrace to this country zambia

  28. Ba zed

    Gangsta granbs is a disgrace to his family & his entire generation.

  29. Mk

    Condolences to the bereaved, may the souls of the departed rest in peace. Ba gangsta graebs keep your toilet thinking to your self chikala cone.

  30. KJC N

    What an idioitic sentiment. People are frantically trying to establish whether they have friends or family involved and you come out with this vitriolic poison? What is wrong with you?

  31. yio

    Too bad

  32. ian

    Very bad

  33. Game Changer

    What a sudden death let’s now compare these things happening to what the bible says
    My dear brothers and sisters their lives are inscribed in God’s hand
    May their souls rest In Eternal Piece

  34. Analyticus

    Ba Lungu, has nothing to do with thé crash. Gangster grab, your’e laying à curse over your life. Leave our président alone.

  35. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    My condolences. Mr Gunstar please grow up. The whole nation is dissapointed with you including your parents, relatives ,neighbors and your friends. Please change.

  36. chezo

    gangster let your parents die first before lungu

  37. Anthony chitefu

    2 BAD

  38. why not

    Let us mind our comments. What reason do you think God gave us the mouth and the mind for

  39. One Cheng-lee


  40. mutule

    Wen is ntweno going to die?


    Very dreadful, my condolences we have missing lot of people 737 too bad what is happened God help us please!!!!!!

  42. enalo

    don’t think that you can’t be picket. foolishness of an austrich. head into crocodile’s mouth. pick it.

  43. Edison

    Ba Songer 149 +8 pelopor dubes 737 is the type off plane that crashed. My deepest sympathies to the bereaved families.

  44. Leaders Academy

    Too bad, MTSRIP.


    my condolences to the departed families RIP

  46. Nephat

    Too bad but ret in peace in Haven

  47. Jonathan

    My condolences to those that has lost their loved ones, and to mr gangsta I think u have lost your loved ones before, and you know how painful it is, so pliz don’t wish death ⚰ to your fellow human being.

    • eddy Thunahuka

      I have read all the comments. No one is supporting you.Please Gangster leave our President alone. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is our beloved Head of State. What ever you say against Mr Lungu the President it’s water under the Bridge.

  48. HH

    May God allow gangstar grab a painful death.

  49. Zambia news

    Gangsta is a wild animal which doesn’t think about people, but only food in the bush.

  50. Truestory

    Were is ba IBA, or ba ZICTA to look for this idiot Gangster, and ba Zambia Report I think you also entertain this nonsense to be posted on this platform. Am sure you can’t fail to find such a useless person like Gangster or just stop releasing such posts on you platform. I know you can do it.

  51. Christopher CJ Mutambo

    Dad development….

  52. Royd silengo

    My condolences to the family’s who lost they beloved ones

  53. Bertha Morris

    People are evil, how can you say evil things at an innocent man like lungu. You are crazy

  54. Nelson

    May there souls rest in peace


    Gangster should be locked up.He has made this platform horrible.Women are insulted on daily basis i wonder if he was born from a mother .Now he has insulted the president who is a parent and he has children and grand children.I hope the minister of gender has taken note of this,equally minister of religious affairs take note of this. If they have not i will personally make a call to them.ZICTA PLEASE expose this guy.zambia report you have the report from last week where women were insulted heavily. women organisation take charge.Gangster has failed to repent despite several warnings from the decent people on this platform.

  56. m.mwambilwa

    Tragic loss,may the souls of the dearly departed rest in God’s hands,they did know it was their time but death as we all know it ,it does not promise anyone to knock on our doors.

  57. HH

    panyo penu bafikala..!!!!! leave gangstar grab alone

  58. The Great Contriver

    Gangstar u ar a son of the devil and HH IS a demon

    • Ndaisosha

      Zambians, every news it’s not about political when are u going to double you’re thinking ,be thinkers and think 2IC finshi mupangapo nangu shikulu obe efyo achitapo, mulepulako amano noti ubwalwa no bubaata.

  59. Ambassador Mosmuk

    You will be the next.Accept Jesus Christ now & be born again coz Death doesnt knock,like what had happened to our Brothers & Sisters.MTSRIP

  60. Ironman

    Airline manufacturers should be working on the bullshit to avoid further unnecessary loss of lives such as good automated parachuting system.I for one don’t love human gabbege.

  61. Alfred sampa

    deaths comes every time no one knows the day it will come

  62. Dilon


  63. Dilon Muzungu


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