Heavy Rains Blow Off Roof from Maternity Wing at Solwezi Hospital

Heavy rains have blown off a roof from Solwezi Hospital’s Maternity wing.

Acting Provincial Health director Kennedy Gondwe said 28 mothers had been admitted to the maternity wing before the incident but was happy that no injuries were recorded.

Dr Gondwe later informed provincial permanent secretary Willies Manjimela that three of the four incubators at the health institution were damaged following the incident.

He said management had since moved all expectant mothers to a different ward as an immediate measure.

“The rains were too much but the unfortunate part is that we have had three of our four incubators damaged. We also had our oxygen concentrators damaged, but the good news is that we have not lost any lives,” said Dr Gondwe.

And Manjimela said preliminary assessments indicate that about K 1.2 million will be needed to rehabilitate the damaged structure and raise its standards.




  1. Royd silengo

    To bad to solwezi

  2. Simpito Mukandwa

    We thank God no injuries were recorded


    Thanks to the almighty God that our people are safe Our mother’s of the great Nation.Tp God be all the Glory.

  4. Umuntu mutwe

    That’s bcoz the government is against North western province

  5. Muyeta

    To bad thats sad development. But thank God that no one died during the senario. Twasanta being it need to be rehabilitat as soon as posible to reduce conjetion to othr wards thank boma yilanganepo.

  6. Chris Tomboh

    We thank God no life was lost..

  7. Jms

    Too bad but its true raise its standard

  8. Hakainde

    E. C. L has shifted rain patterns from southern Provence to north western it is too bad I will see him during national dialogue it will part of national reconciliation

  9. Q cent

    It’s only God who protects everyone

  10. Luck Muwaya m

    Too bad but Glory be to God protection

  11. cobra

    too bad but very little money is needed to rehabilitate the structure not k1.2 million.why like stealing government resources you zambian?

  12. Mupaz

    Edgar lungu is God ai

  13. Mr. Bemba land is great

    I we umuntu mutwe really you have no head you mean gvt does not like eastern luapula northern muchinga copperbelt central provinces where much damage to property has been inflicted ? I think you are as dull as a pregnant dog

  14. Jeoz

    Thank God no lives have been lost

  15. Maps'langa

    Glory be to God!!!!

  16. Umwaume

    Is it the rains that blew away the roof or it was the wind?

  17. kambalange

    God you are great natu baby twapusuka.I only hope the K1.2billion will not find cracks and voids in the pockets of fraudsters.

  18. tiger eye

    Imwe amalata 1.2million?

  19. Simfukwe

    Umwaime I think there is something in your question in that winds run at a very high speed may be at 200km per hour carrying with it rain water bcz of high speed of wind trees are pulled down roofs ripped off so in this case it is wind that blow off buildings not rain

  20. Man Jay

    Wen natural disaster strikes please let’s not blame the govt instead we should ask for assistance from our govt coz it’s not fair to say the govt z discriminating against North western province. Because there hv bin natural disasters in North, Luapula and eastern provinces at large

  21. Blaise Yande Sinkala

    Umuntu mutwe tepala awe

  22. Dr Fonicks

    That’s too bad. The good part is that no life was lost. The govt must treat this as an emergency. please, this is a healthy institution. I know Dr Chilufya and the DMMU will act swiftly so that our expectant ladies in solwezi are soon relocated back to their appropriate ward. but I think the funds suggested is somehow high. may be it includes the damaged equipment. this is a natural disaster which can’t be blamed on anyone.

  23. Abene aka nyoko pizo

    Too bad ba solwezi

  24. Charity

    Too bad

  25. Lombe kalando

    Umuntu mutwe ulimbwa iyafunika amolu.

  26. Ironman

    Thanks be to God that no life has been lost in the blowing off of the roof.however the question is how long has the roof lasted from the time it was built only nature will reveal neglect and shabby works by the government of the day.

  27. pentogo

    To bad thats sad development. But thank God that no one died during the senario. Twasanta being it need to be rehabilitat as soon as posible to reduce conjetion to othr wards thank boma yilanganepo.
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