Kambwili Abandons Roan Challenge in ConCourt…Opens Fresh Matter at High Court

FORMER Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has abandoned his action in the Constitutional Court in which he was challenging the declaration of his seat vacant by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini.

However, Kambwili has filed a fresh motion in the Lusaka High Court seeking leave to apply for judicial review over Matibini’s decision.

Kambwili has filed a motion to discontinue the matter in the Constitutional Court but wants the High Court to grant him leave to apply for judicial review that will stay the declaration pending the determination of the matter.

The former Roan lawmaker Kambwili has sued the Attorney General and Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and wants the court to declare that Matibini’s decision did not conform with the provision of Article 72 .

He wants the court to quash  the decision by Dr Matibini to declare his parliamentary seat vacant and also to annul the decision of ECZ  appointing April 11, 2019  as the date for a by election in Roan parliamentary constituency.


Kambwili wants the court to further prohibit ECZ accepting the nomination papers from the aspiring candidates.


The Roan seat was declared vacant on February 27 after a ruling on a point of order raised by Malambo lawmaker Makebi Zulu who wondered whether Kambwili was in order to hold on to the seat on the PF ticket whilst also publicly confessing that he was the leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has declared April 11 as the date for the by-election for the Roan seat.


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    Just passing by


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  4. John jere

    Kuwayawayafye ba kambwili

  5. Some stories

    Some stories

  6. saul

    kuuwauwa a Kambwili monga imbwa yaciwewe

    • atase

      Kauze atatebako okubala kuti munacita ngati imbwa yaciwewe

      • cb

        Iwe ci saul amaibako bokubala bamacita ngati imbwa yaciwewe pobakwela

  7. Blessings Kapelembe

    It is well

  8. Kambwili

    Rubbish And Noise

  9. Ksaaac K

    Zambia now is a loughable Nation where one breaks the law and reads in part joins another part to support the wishes of his boss than doing what is justice for the better Zambians. lf Cathrine Namugala was the one people could have said a lot but PF Matibini is a down fall to all Zambians who fails to do what is right

  10. Winner

    Someone is just buying time.

  11. Man Jay

    Ba CK please move on big man kale mwawina y wasting time by going to the courts it’s bin decided already

  12. Mu

    How as he on the same area he has Chosen his son as a sole Candidate why going to Court Cheap Politics please show as maturity on ldealogy on Zambia to go Forward let we forge ahead please let him focus on the new post as President of NDC president for 2021

  13. Kambwili

    No bane, ine ninchepa teti nchimfye pf, nakwatafye pakanwa chapwa.mulenjelelako nga nabosa. Mfwayafye comedy ine not ukulwisha ba Lungu ba mbuya wandi. Tuseka ichimbuya. Ngawankonkelela lobe, makamaka ichilema, ala temuya obe Lungu! iii! Nakukanina.

  14. One k

    CK has gone mad because of his foolish supporters.they just follow what he says and they can’t advise him.muzadya matuvi.let him stand ku roan.

    • k one

      One k your mother and your father were the first people to be mad because of your foolish statement,uzadya magazi yakupilyodi

  15. Albright

    Do not start a fight if you can not finish it.

  16. Albright

    Finish the fight you started ba Mbwili.

  17. PAUL

    Manzi yakataika siyamadobeka ba boss kambwili….bear that in mind!!!!.

  18. Dr Fonicks

    my advice to my brother CK is just to forget about the court issues because the law simply states that if someone cross paths by joining and accept a position in another party, then that person can either be suspended or expelled from the party he or she left. There is no law that allows someone to have allegiance to two political entities. in my view Mr Kambwili must not waste his time and resources. he is a learned man who shouldn’t be reminded of this. he should have first thought of his actions and I think he knew it coming. so my brother CK reserve those resources because the D-Day is approaching in 2021 where monies will be needed. CK just stop.

  19. Pinto

    The late minister southern province said, ”its politics of the belly ”…….still loading

  20. Cool man

    ba ck nipenikofye money i need money dont waste it kuma courts

  21. Nyengo

    Kiki…ba kambwili ending wil b vry bad. Courts are good 4 defence when u hav facts but if u abuse it and told settle legal cost of accused this makes pipo in politics go bankrupt. He has gone 2 high court 2 buy time bcoz time takes 2 concluded case same president lungu judges they accuse of bin favouring ruling party and if court rule against he who appear 2 constitution. Ecz wil tell the nation whether by-election wil go ahead or not after getin a legal opinion. I lik 1 thing law is very balance 4 complaint and accused person,we wait whch direction and ROAN Are bin held hostaged by they mp and remain 4 money continue fight losin battle 2 keep himself in a limalight. Pf pick DC and who vote 4 his and he is it royal family and is up2 pipo roan 2 decide. Roan pipo vote 4 developmt and settled brain not unsettle

  22. Madiba

    It was haste for the speaker to declare roan sit vaccant,he acted swiftly like an interested party, anyone can be hired as a consultant and give required advise.so he should have instituted investigation into the matter before declaring the sit vaccant.

    • Tk

      It’s im self neckless CK who said how can mwenya musenge fire a leader of the party publicly


    this is the time to strengthen the alliance ba kambwili hh is waiting than waisting your time to go to court

  24. Ba zed

    Imbwili nailuba kikikiki

  25. ba luanshya

    Go on!!


    Ukutangalala amolu ba consultant & sitting on the edge of a chair. Is the man comfortable ? ? ?

  27. Oldies

    Surely, ba ck you still desire that you get paid tax payers money through pf, as roan mp when even the chickens in your back yard know that you out, and out of of, if that’s not stealing from the poor, overly overburdened tax payers, I don’t know what is. take a leaf from honourable kalaba. ( sir, you’re a great shame, recycled politician )

  28. CM

    Dr Kambwili, You are indeed the true son of our soil and you have all what it takes to be the president of our nation, but my advice to you is to drop all cases against the ecz and the speaker and just concentrate in building in building your party, time is running out and more over you are just wasting your money .

  29. Thambuli major

    Tuleyatulekula ka

  30. enalo

    wasting money for nothing . drauwning. pakanwa fye naimwe.

  31. Truestory

    Mwe Bantu kwena nangu mulafwaya ama problems nyaya? Iyi structure yaba tata aba ndemona can he make a good President? Imyendele, the people surrounding him, balemonekafye bambi bambi, ma junky ya bantu. Bu President nabu pwalala mu Zambia. Kikikikikikikikikik, kuti waseka.


    ‘Ukutumpa ngo mwana wa kusanaga mo’.
    The old PF boy Kambwili erroneously thinks the party & its leadership it inowe him a living & reverence.

  33. Marvel

    The speaker was in a hurry to issue the decision of declaring Roan seat vacant as if he has just been waiting for a simple excuse to chase Mr.Kambwili.I like Kambwili because he is fearless n he really influences the government to do wat is ryt though I think he can’t make a good president bt he might be a bit better than the current one

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