Lungu Commissions 54MW Solar Power Plant

President Edgar Lungu has commissioned the 54 megawatts solar power plant, Zambia’s largest renewable energy project constructed at a cost of $60 million.

The solar power plant under the Bangweulu Power Company Limited is a joint venture of the Industrial Development Corporation and Neoen, a French based company.

The World Bank Group’s Scaling Solar Project awarded a contract to Neoen to construct a 100 mega watt solar power plant from the planned 500MW under the project.

Neoen holds a majority stake in the Bangweulu solar park and will be selling electricity to ZESCO for the next 25 years at a rate of $60.15 per mega watt per hour (MWh).

The project represents a total investment of $60 million, $39 million of which was contributed by the International Finance Corporation and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

During the launch, President Lungu praised the IDC for taking up the challenge to create an energy mix to bring solar power into the national electricity grid in response to the electricity deficit that affected the country in 2015.

He said the high demand for electricity was an opportunity for players in the energy sector to mobilise resources and invest in the sector.

And President Lungu reminded Zesco Limited to ensure all districts in the country have access to power as it was one critical component in the development process.

He also urged the IDC to speed up the process of bringing into reality other pending solar power plants across the country.

Others who attended the launch are United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote, French Ambassador Sylvaina Berger, World Bank country representative Ina Ruthenberg.

The President was accompanied by ministers Margaret Mwanakatwe (Finance), Christopher Yaluma (Commerce), Matthew Nkhuwa (Energy), Freedom Sikazwe (Presidential Affairs), Bowman Lusambo (Lusaka Province) and the Mayor of Lusaka City Miles Sampa.



  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Good move

  2. musutu

    Comment good. West of money

    • Jfm

      Its not your fathers money neither does the money belong to govt. Its private money

    • Phakeni Makowane

      How is this a waste of money? Dont we have electricity shortages in the region?

  3. Mba


  4. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Good move.


    Congratulations to Zambia

  6. SPB

    Good move that’s development we want as.acountry

  7. J Kabila

    A worthwhile project .

  8. Man Jay

    That’s a very good move by our govt but we need to invest more in solar energy so that we reduce on depending more on our hydro electricity generation. It’s a very good investment indeed keep up with the good works #Govt

  9. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Work done

  10. Robby Chola

    We could have owned that company 100% as a nation, bushe teti twashitafye equipment yesu and run the company. Ngabashitisha Zesco, Zesco will hammer us pricewise…. it’s good but not too good because most shares bakalasenda ku France.

    • Madaliso Phiri

      CommentBut we could ve bought an’ installed our own solar so as to avert the question of buying power frm the said company

  11. Blaise Yande Sinkala

    if they can’t beat let them join..other wise.. good move

  12. Kunda kaboyi chilufya

    It is some serious development indeed,also most importantly the government should consider developing other sectors e.t.c agriculture,manufacturing of any product,empowering citizens,reducing taxes..

  13. Amagenge

    Where is the plant and when was the launch? Poor reporting.

  14. Daniel Banda

    Good project lacking useful details for the consumers. Poorly researched by the author. I would have liked to know about
    1. How our per capita income would change from this project 2. How many people will be employed
    3. How the contractors pass over the solar energy technology to our schools so that we become self reliant
    4. How much ZESCO will lower the electricity tarrifs with, due to this additional power.

  15. Lc

    I think we differ in understanding,zambian government has not funded the project but the IDC did the funding and Zambian government will be buying through Zesco,so were is the good move by the government?as much as we appreciate let’s remember that we would have done that our selves by reserving 1million dollars we bought fire vihecles simple

  16. Bliss

    Right move.keep it up

  17. Bliss

    Right move.keep it up

  18. Mr. K

    God bless we are moving forward in developing our country

  19. B~Yo

    The project is apparently not owned by the govt. Price of electricity won’t change but people might benefit indirectly from the same projecr

  20. Skynet p 2

    Iwe chi LC,wat has it got to to with the fire tenders.

  21. Ironman

    One sided development of the country.let these solar panels be spread across the ten provinces of our country that’s when we will get to know that Lungu has a heart for the entire country.

  22. Ironman

    One sided development of the country.let these solar panels be spread across the ten provinces of our country that’s when we will get to know that Lungu has a heart for the entire country.okay,,l

  23. preatchard kakunta

    He is making a difference

  24. Simpito Mukandwa

    Job well done

  25. ZOKO😎

    Zambia our country let’s wake from the slumber how many sectors of genius people do we have who can construct and build those solar power plants we Zambian lets sit and walk like ants to improve our nation

  26. No corruption

    Go to all provinces put those solarpanels that’s when we say job well done otherwise nothing one sided job umm nothing at all

  27. Luwa

    Well done Boss

  28. oscar

    this idea of zambians seing a negative in every thing muzt stop

  29. Masauso

    It sounds nice..,..

  30. zambia

    chiness plan not lungu’s plan mind you people we are ruling by chiness pf 2021 let them lucking jobs in pf

  31. alex

    chikala lungu

  32. Kings

    This Is Not A Zambian Funded Project, But Why Do We Always Want To Depend On Foreign Aid When We Pushed Them Out Our Land To Stand On Our Own? Lwalinya, Why Can’t We Do Our Own Things Ba Zambia? Any Way Thanks Guys For That Solar Power Plant.

  33. Elick Dee


  34. Leonard

    Good move, this should be done in All Zambian provinces. Keep on

  35. Fred Makasa Chishimba

    Let’s welcome all development projects coming to our Nation.All stakeholders are free to come up anything good .The gov

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