PAC Picks Chama for Roan Race

The People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) has adopted Mwansa Chama as its candidate for the forthcoming Roan parliamentary by-election.

PAC president Andyford Banda has described Chama as a vibrant youth with an understanding of challenges that Roan constituency faces.

He said the party believed the solutions to the country’s challenges was to have “a complete overhaul of our political leadership”.

“We must have a new generation of leaders to take up the mantle and we believe and know that Mwansa Chama will represent the future of this country and the breed that is supposed to take over this country,” said Banda who furuther asked the Electoral Commission of Zambia to disqualify political parties that would engage in violence during the by-election.


  1. My opinion

    I like you, I think I will vote for you


    I like President Andy Ford’s faith and Courage.It’s good to try your lack

  3. Ba medza

    How? Because comrade chama has posted on his fb wall that he is standing as an independent candidate.

  4. Ba luanshya

    We want money if you give us definitely we will vote…not your platform it can’t work for us…

  5. Charles

    All the best papa ….luanshya resident no pressure

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