Chililabombwe Council Seizes Expired Drinks from 2 Wholesalers at Kasumbalesa Border

The Chililabombwe Municipal Council have seized expired drinks worth K73, 000 from Zambia Oriental Investment Ltd and David K Flom Glop wholesalers at Kasumbalesa border.

A team of Health inspectors from the council were checking on compliance of wholesalers in relation to the Food and Drugs Act Cap 303 and the Public Health Act Cap 295 when they discovered the expired products.

Council Assistant Public Relations manager Chilufya Chungu stated that the seized drinks included 636 cases of Kumbucho, 430 cases of U-fresh, 96 damaged cans of Kung-Fu Energy Drink and 24 spoilt packets of Milkit.

She has urged the general public to be cautious and take time to read and understand the information provided on various products before buying.

Chungu warned traders that the Council would deal with those selling expired goods and urged them to desist from such trade as they risk being prosecuted.

The expired goods have since been destroyed.



    Good start with health workers pls come and visit wusakile and chamboli market here in Kitwe,some people are just buying expired things especially in some butcheries. please come and help.

  2. Sj

    Bring some of those culprits to UTH (THE Cancer Treatment Centre ln The Country) to see how people are battling with different types of CANCERS from injesting expiry products as one of the causes of CANCER. Comment

  3. Simpito Mukandwa

    Job well done from health workers

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