PF Unveils Chibuye to Roan Officials

PF members of the central committee Richard Musukwa and Copperbelt party chairperson Nathan Chanda have unveiled Joel Chibuye, the ruling party’s candidate for the April 11 Roan parliamentary by-election.

Musukwa, the Chililabombwe Member of Parliament and mines minister, is the campaign manager for the by-election while his deputy is Kalulushi Member of Parliament and livestock minister Kampamba Mulenga.

Musukwa has urged the party members in Luanshya to support Chibuye and put adoption differences aside “because there can only be one leader at a time and it is God who chooses leaders”.

“As campaign managers, we will not leave anyone behind. Our campaign is issue based, not about an individual. That is the reason why l started by paying a courtesy call on you the Provincial Executive Committee, district, constituency up to the wards, not forgetting all elected leaders in Luanshya,” said Musukwa at Nkulumashiba Secondary School in Mpatamato.

And Chanda: “..we are very confident that come what may, the PF will come out victorious. Copperbelt is the heart of PF and we will work hard to ensure that the retain the seat…We want to emphasize the need for team work, unity and discipline and respect in the party. PF is bigger than any individual…Our message is peace and peace. Our campaigns will be issue based and focused on what the PF government has done and will do. So we want to assure the PF leadership that as the provincial executive, we are geared for the campaigns.”


  1. Ba luanshya

    To say the truth I personally I won’t vote for PF……..

  2. Simpito Mukandwa


  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Meet Kambwili head on,a party is truly bigger than an individual,thanks in advance to the people of Roan for voting for PF.

  4. Mr. K

    I we ba luanshya you don’t stay in luanshya you are upnd in kalomo fool keep yourself ukuchema ingombe don’t ever comment foolishly on luanshya

  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    We need someone else not these pf fuiliurs

  6. Zattie Bee

    You are known this be liers. You only like commenting on other people’s issues. This is no Sesheke forget it. PF chabe

    • Anonymous

      Shut ur stupid mouth u idiot.too hell with pf.viva upnd na hh

  7. Albright

    You know the outcome not on facebook.

  8. luto

    time to cry will come for pf,NDC is the party of choise here in ROAN

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Iye. To think NDC can win is like dreaming during daytime.

  9. Kokoliko

    Let us wait and see

  10. Victor

    Mr k satanyoko

  11. Thambuli major

    Pliz guyz dere, umuthu mutwe I mean use yo Brain not mutwe for the betterness of the country

  12. You

    Behave like matured pipo

  13. Ignorant

    PF all the way! Tiye nayo!

  14. Ackim Mutale

    Please I beg you be level headed. Stop hauling insults at one another. You agents of Satan be mindful of the fact that no one has ever won a war when God is not involved. Only the righteous will see God.

  15. Chichi


  16. mukongo wanga

    luanshya 4 NDC,,,MWE MBWA!!

  17. Hev rena

    I respect Chibuye,mm chaume!

  18. Truestory

    Ishi Insele shatampilako limo mwati kuli ifisuma Ku LY? Twakula umfwako fye mukwayi. Chili kuli baka ndilo ba fipani, I would rather waste my time thinking about my future than ukulayituke nsele pa media kwati abaleiminina ni ba tata nangu ba mayo, kanshi fibantu fyakuti nga cha wina ninshi imwe mwasanguke fipuba kuli bena. Nama motoka ya ma tinti. Akuitukeni mwe fipuba mwe.

  19. Gb

    Will never vote for this guy


    It always leadse into dismay when I hear people insulting one another as though they are the actual players in the game.Please, let’s respect one another.These people are friends and don’t insult one another but you tambas have taken up insults as drinking water.Let me counsel you, God will Judge you accordingly. So better you change for the better brothers.Nama Politics yakashala.(Matthews 12:34-36.




    Ati PF your friends are enjoying iwe Uli mfwee mfwee but Zambians che KUWAYA WAYA FYE!!!

  23. Raymond nampindi

    Let them do whatever they want but one day they will face the music

  24. My opinion

    Chandra Nathan you have wrongly picked a DC/Chibuye instead of one among those councillors. Chibuyw was never voted for adoption at both district and constituency. How did you usher him inn at provincial for him to adopted only you knows, Chandra Nathan you were suppose to recommende any of your Kanselas to stand, because Kanselas are more popular, close to Roan pipo than DC.I pray your calculation will work But if not PF should Charge you for misleading them…my opinion.

  25. killian

    We at waiting for the results not these insults apa

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