Govt Posthumously Honours Jerabo Leader

Government has posthumously honoured leader of the Jerabos in Kitwe, Youngson Kalobo, for the role he played in ensuring young people are empowered through access to mineral deposits at the infamous Black Mountain.

During commemorations of Youth day in Kitwe, District commissioner Binwell Mpundu said Kalobo, who died in 2015 at the age of 37, played a key role towards government’s release of its shareholding in the Black Mountain to the youths.

Youngson, who was the younger brother to Wusakile independent member of parliament Pavyuma Kalobo, led a powerful gang of black market copper traders infamously known as Jerabos.

He fought to claim ownership of the copper dumpsite, popularly known as the Black Mountain, and engaged in illegal mining activities that on several occasions found him on the wrong side of the law.

His young brother, Simmy, is now leading the largest group of copper traders who have transformed into small scale miners.

“Today, we handover a trophy to a gallant youth in the name of Youngson Kalobo for the contribution he had made to the emancipation of the young people in the district. The late Youngson Kalobo was very instrumental in bringing together this group of young people and through his Excellency, the President, there has been an empowerment to these young people we are calling small scale miners,” Mpundu stated

And Mpundu said that the district will every year honour a youth, posthumous or living, for their role in contributing to national development.

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe handed over the trophy to the Kalobo family.

Youth day activities were held under theme “Zambian Youth: Generation Unlimited”.


  1. Wise Leader

    Honouring a criminal who paved way for gang formation here on the Copperbelt,
    Youngson was a killer.Remember those policemen who have disappeared upto date?

    • Shiniza

      Do you have proof he did so? Learn to focus on the positive!!! We are trying to see good in everyone here!!!

      • P.M

        There is nothing to know or learn about this well known criminal

    • JJ

      led a powerful gang of black market copper traders infamously known as Jerabos. My foot.

    • Honest

      Please…. Did he store your pants

    • Chimbwi

      Everywhere in African countries are people these we have dealing local resources from God what is wrong them doing the same,u just jealous join them if u have buyers of black mountain materials.

  2. Jms

    As long as you recognize black mountain being legal and you give way to the jerabo chance to do their mining legally I have no dought the young man did his best to fight for the good of the youths good men sacrifice by even losing their lives for the better future youths thanks for honouring him extended by making a monument for that hero good things should be recognized

  3. War Veteran

    So criminals and murders have access to be honoured? Ba DC please thing twice not just the sake of gaining political mileage.

    • Chimbwi

      Go to Nigeria ,SouthAfrica ,Angola Chile etc their are people like ours let them benefit don’t be jealous for yo own brothers. If u have big job employ them so that they stop mining. U wants foreigners to benefits Ka.leave them.

  4. Senior Man

    This has left me devastated and confused, honestly speaking ba D.C. you even have the gusts to describe a criminal as one person who was good to the people. You’re the people we don’t need to occupy government offices

    Useless D.C.

  5. puzzled

    Useless DC.How can u honour a criminal.How do u think the people he terrorised will feel.That man was very brutal and ruthless.U might as well honour ba tokota.

  6. Muntu!

    Iwe DC,uli umo muli ba pompwe!

  7. Martin Simwizye


    • Chimbwi

      Go to Nigeria ,SouthAfrica ,Angola Chile etc their are people like ours let them benefit don’t be jealous for yo own brothers. If u have big job employ them so that they stop mining. U wants foreigners to benefits Ka.leave them.

  8. engineer

    Comment😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣kwena eeee



  10. Daniel Banda

    From eurogt given by the D C the departed seemed have been involved in illegal activities initially but legalized later. This being the case he left earth without a confession. Let God be the judge where he is there are no rewards for dying a sinner.

  11. Herv Rena

    Criminals at honourable people,as government we at yet to honour Adam Mushala,Neva Kapenda and Mailoni brothers.

  12. Razor

    A criminal who was always in trouble with the law and illegally occupying and mining on the dumpsite is being honoured for introducing more scavengers into his team to continue with illegal activities. Only in zambia.

    • Brian

      Only bad sides and cruel sides people come out legends in the end

  13. Ngandwe

    Am peplexed,honestly people should learn to call a spade a spade!what good did youngson do to the people of Kitwe apart from killing them?wonders wil never end

  14. Donqueen

    This is the most chaotic government ever.Rewarding a gang boss for the mafia like pressure he put on the citizenry.Now we know where the PF get their funding.Bus stations and illegal miners/gangs.

  15. nike lee

    With such kind of misplaced honours, it will not be surprising to hear that a witch has been honourd for teaching other people to fly. These are end times, basopo.

  16. DC Foseki Iweeeee

    honouring a murderer imbwa young son chimbwi why u better know people to honour e.g pk chishala, and others or Chris chali why honour a rapist the answer is simple becouse you used to steal together…apo pena you are wrong….

  17. Idiots honour idiots


  18. Y did you not horner innocent people people who save other to life not those crimenos you see even no one supporting him because he was a criminal next time write something sensible


  19. Mpepo

    A sad day for Zambia were criminality is honoured and lauded openly.

    Why why why!!! I weep over you mother Zambia!

  20. Mangelepa Sandals

    Kuti wapapa pa zed!!!!!!!!! Honouring a notorious gang leader! If l were a family member, l would get it and straight away throw it in a pit latrine!

    • Loud talker

      Bullshit have lived in kt all my life ,who do you think inspired the tokota and other gangs u are the one making this shit worse u should also hon mushala and cap solo as well

  21. Mangelepa Sandals

    It is by reason of having wrong leaders at the top which has made PF fall out of favour from its people! Apa pena nimwe ba chinshyele abashapita mumalango! Nafulwa sana!

  22. Mangelepa Sandals

    You should consult when honouring individuals imwe! Mwalelya bonse and you behind his ruthless actions! Kaili ati! Uu bomba mwibala, lays mwibala cikulu mwashako imbuto tefyo? Mwikabwekeshapo! Or Zambia has become Columbia?

  23. RB

    Things are really bad in Zambia

  24. Pelekelo

    I think the Kitwe D.C. should be investigated! Next time pls honour ba Tokota and ba Mbwambwambwa!

  25. Bruised

    Where are we going in this country?

  26. Poooo

    These are jokes honouring criminals, you have started forming gangs for 2021

  27. umupondo

    Cry the beloved mother Zambia,where r we headed as a nation.I weep as i hear of these atrocities.

  28. Jms

    Let me tell you I always see and I disagree to what you do a filthy thing is the one which turns to be good or better Now listen to me carefully let as know from any one from you a person who did a remarkable did than the criminal you are saying to be? A PERSON IS RECOGNIZED BY HIS GOOD DIDS I KNOW JUST TELL US (DANNY KAYA SONG NAYIWE MEANING SO DO YOU )please tell us properly you are also involved go closely to any person you know better and try to find out his/her life you will be shocked to know that even your own mother was a PROSTITUTE be careful I need honesty humble and respectful people useless creatures

  29. Jms

    shiniza thanks

  30. Nonsense

    I we jms a prostitute helps people not killing you mistaken

    • Excellent cipuba. Killling to be honored.

      Killing to be honored. Useless. Prostitutes are service people. That is why they go commerce.

  31. TMK

    It’s a taboo to honor a criminal. I question the motive behind the dc. That’s a grave mistake you have made mr dc. You should apologise to the Nation, otherwise your reputation will be wrecked forever.

  32. Loud talker

    Nichi in Zambia wan u have money nishi u are a hero kutimwasekwa nakufimpuba

  33. killian

    Next year I want BA tokota honoured

  34. Lulu

    Ifyabupuba iwe ka DC,how can you honor a criminal?

  35. Tewacibeleshi

    I only hope the DC and his advisers are right about what they have done. Let’s not honor crime twapapata

  36. Jms


  37. uko


  38. Jms

    Yes senseless ni mwe mu mbweza zico pasi nonsense mule kula ushitasha complete uko useless

  39. mmmmmm

    panyo kununka Mr DC 😂

  40. Albertmwango

    Thieves honour fellow thives this is Zambia where thieves are honoured by the government

  41. sinx

    even by raping girls at schools and blocking roads you honour such people sure ? twatampa ukwanhala nomba. you honour even captain solo for leading Splatoon of soldiers to the failed coup of November 1997.

  42. Sobongo

    Seeing sense in nonsense is a very big problem

  43. Vh

    Even the thief at the cross was honoured by being promised salvation in Paradise by Jesus. Learn to forgive as you want others to forgive you.

  44. John lungu

    This is revolting. A government Honouring a well known murderer, rapist violent thug? Does one really need to sink that low for the sake of votes? Or is it an indication of how much influence thugs have now?

  45. Ba Muf

    Comment KTK DC a cader shareholder,its clear that’s why the faces we see as jerabos appear when we have elections beating pipo,DC you are most likely the contact point. Taken note iiiweee.Shareholders honour ifinshi

  46. Owen chipuluka

    Criminal are honoured in Zambia, I can’t be surprised because criminality starts with high authority.

  47. Young World

    Next it will be Chigangu

  48. Unprotected secs

    Okay.. We all know that the CB leadership is all about Jerabols if u ain’t one u find it difficult to lead the kitwe people trust me

  49. Bushiri

    Bafikala muleiba nokulaichita honour

  50. Next leader

    Illegal activities are illegal even though their results may be positive..it’s useless to honour criminql. This explains that the DC is in support of illegal things

  51. Anonymous

    Honouring a man who raped women and girls. Including my own cousin and the corrupt police did nothing about it.. When we say the country is in shambles and worships criminals this justifies it

  52. idiot

    People should try to see good in a human, they should always see good, like the bible states they will be seen by their good fruits

  53. Huge

    Next we honor the rapists

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