ZANASU Demands Protection of Journalists from Govt, Bad Media Owners

The Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) has said journalists need protection from the governments and “bad media owners” who force them into unethical reporting.

ZANASU president Misheck Kakonde, in a statement also called on the media to exercise “the highest responsibility in fair and accurate coverage of news, especially that the media has always championed self-regulation against statutory regulation”.

“Journalists in Zambia and globally need protection not only from government but also from media owners who abuse them by forcing them to be unethical or replace qualified reporters with mediocre ones who can do their bidding. ZANASU understands the noble task that the media has to the country and also appreciates the commitment, pressures and challenges that individual journalists have to subject themselves to keeping the public well-informed,” Kakonde stated. “For this very reason, the union stands firm in calling for the protection of journalists against media owners who are driven by desires to make profits than the primary responsibility the media houses have to their countries and the public.”

He stated that the union would always protect freedom of the press and further called on media owners to improve conditions of service for professional journalists.

“Coupled with constant training and re-training of journalists, ZANASU believes it is time these media owners end the ill-treatment and poor working conditions among journalists, and the offering of slave wages to professionals who belong to the noble profession of journalism. Government must take interest in the conditions of service for most of our professional men and women responsible for protecting our democracy through their tireless efforts on gathering and disseminating accurate information”, stated Kakonde.


  1. Nyengo

    Media careful of blind prinicpal of press freedom without facts is fake news. i use usa president trump media day and night politics and NGOs abuse media journalist chase and ban in the usa where pipo zambia do things 2 seek praise from a country busy killin it. Govt do hear yo cry and give u security but u put yoself in danger bcoz of writin without pliz pipo who has put u on a payroll and attack they enemies. I feel sorry 4 media 4 playin a victim party but are causing it bcoz both ruling and opposition parties media wants yo coverage 4 pipo in remote lik chikwa hear them. Media is time in zambia 2 hav journalist trained in politics,economics,industralization,health,environmental other fields 2 avoid unprofession journalism is killing our economic and feeding zambians with FAKE NEWS 2 make a name has intelligent a journalist. Police is govt wil help u, writin truth on individuals,political parties and govt 4 pipo 2 defend u

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