Kambwili Vows to ‘Teach’ PF a Lesson

National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili has said he will teach the PF a lesson by winning the Roan parliamentary by-election through his party’s adopted candidate Joseph Chishala.

Chishala has successfully filed nominations ahead of the Roan by-elections, a few hours after he was unveiled by Kambwili as the party’s candidate.

Speaking after Chishala filed his nomination, Kambwili told NDC supporters to reflect on their sufferings and vote for the party.

He has further accused the Patriotic Front of not having the interest of the party at heart.

“We have given you a candidate; someone you know and have suffered with. He is not a thief like those others. Support him so that he represents you well,” said Kambwili and further announced that the UPND would support the NDC in Roan while his party would support the UPND candidate in Bahati Constituency.

And UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka, who accompanied Kambwili, said the opposition was confident of winning the Roan seat.

“We have decided that we shall field one candidate from the NDC. We are aware of maneuvers by the PF to use state institutions to stop the opposition from fielding in Roan…the NDC has met all the requirements. In Bahati, all the opposition alliance members will rally behind UPND, ”  said Mucheleka.


  1. Black Box

    Let them know who you are CK.

  2. Muntu!

    We have suffered pafula with these pafi-puba{PF} party,enough is enough!
    We will support you sir.

  3. Ras-K

    Twaculapafula com on CK

  4. Bk

    Ba chishimba go for mental check up and BP

    • mulo 1

      The party withaut a prsdent Bt only a consultant wining a by_election.it will b a mirako anda th sun.


      Could this be the end of the double headed rattlesnake.
      The PF head has been cut off.
      Remains with only one unstable & ineffective NDC rattlesnake head.



    • Ackim Mutale

      If your agenda is just burnt on removing PF from political power because of harbouring spiritual hatred, bitterness, and an unforgiving heart, God will not grant you your wish. First remove the plank that is in your eye. Do not highly rate your selves and claim your more righteous than your opponents. Pride will cloud your mind, blind you and make you deaf and ultimately spell doom.

  6. Truth

    Ba NDC are day dreaming.The seat is for PF and u will be taught a lesson ba C.k and this is the end of your political career.

    • Oscar kunda

      At first I thought CK was a gentleman. A few years ago he insulted Upnd but today he singing songs of praise for HH the same person he described to be more popular in southern province than Jesus Christ is.

      • Tr. B

        Kunda, there are only opponents and not enermies in politics.

  7. Hammer

    CK needs mental check up. He is in court contesting his removal but now he is fielding a candidate . Let us look at this scenario what if his candidate wins and the following week the Concourt says it was wrong for speaker to declare sit vacant????
    What is CK going to do. If Chishimba Was in the right mind he would just watch “ fools” fighting for his sit rightly knowing that he will be reinstated . But the man has lost it and doesn’t even anymore know what he is doing . Political oblivion in motion.

  8. But why

    Aspiring candidates have filed their nominations, and what is left is the people to choose their preferred candidate. Instead of us talking ill of this one or that one, we just have to wait till the results are out, and people would have spoken through the ballot. The Roan by-election will soon be history seeing that we have gone about half way as a nation as regards the same. So, please, may I appeal to everyone (of course those who share this thought with me) begin to build our nation by debating other important and critical issues affecting our nation. There’s more to talk about and remind each other about in the country ,than wanting to shoot our rivals and critics down. God bless Zambia.

  9. Chalicho

    It’s only a fool who can vote for pf.Why do I say so.You don’t need to be a rocket scientist in order to know that our economy is in a mess.civil servants have no fixed date for salaries.some they have not been paid up to now.prices of essential commodities has gone high while salaries of civil servants has remained stagnant for a long time.The country debt has gone up.And a normal person goes and vote for pf

    • Oscar kunda

      The salaries for civil servants are just OK, ama loan fye eyacilamo.

  10. Oscar kunda

    The consultant must first see his fellow consultants at roan hospital. Then come back & fight PF.

  11. Oscar kunda

    U want to remove PF from power coz of hatred. Nooooo…be like ba SATA mhsrip. He was telling us wat he was going to do for us which he did & its still happening.

  12. Oscar kunda

    At first I thought CK was a gentleman. A few years ago he insulted Upnd but today he singing songs of praise for HH the same person he described to be more popular in southern province than Jesus Christ is.

  13. Oscar kunda

    UPND is failing to field a candidate in luanshya coz one of its top members sold zamefa & mines in that land for a song leaving people in poverty. I.feel for the people of luanshya.

  14. BTK

    We are behind you Mr C.K,do

  15. BTK

    Mr C.K Sir,don’t even give them chances,all need is changes

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