PF, PAC File Roan Nominations

Patriotic Front candidate Joel Chibuye has successfully filed his nomination for the forthcoming Roan Constituency parliamentary by election.

Chibuye’s procession brought Luanshya to a standstill as the group led by Mines Minister Richard Musukwa who is the campaign manager, Kalulushi Member of Parliament Kampamba Mulenga- Chewe and Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo entered the Roan Antelope School grounds.

Chibuye, the former Luanshya District Commissioner filed in nominations after meeting all requirements at Roan Antelope Secondary School.

Activities came to a standstill Luanshya as Chibuye’s entourage proceeded to escort him file his nomination with all party structures flanking the candidate.

A bubbling Chibuye expressed confidence of scooping the seat.

Meanwhile, the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) candidate Mwansa Chama has also successfully filed his nomination.

Three political parties namely Patriotic Front (Joel Chibuye), National Democratic Congress Parry NDC (Joseph Chishala) and People’s Alliance for Change (Mwansa Chama) will battle it out in the Roan Constituency Parliamentary by elections.

The Roan Constituency Parliamentary by elections will be help on 11th April, 2019.


  1. Hev rena

    And where is our man C K? Is he still battling with courts?

    • Doubt Katwishi

      CK yamubipila. That’s the beginning of his end.

  2. Jc

    Bola yawama lelo

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Makani yabija,ilyashi lyabipa…go go Roan go go,let’s go Roan let’s go!

  4. Saul

    yakosa nkhani kuli amudala akambwiri.kulibe zakuti mbwiri nimbwiri

  5. BLSimpamba


  6. Chifunabuli

    The end of c.k

  7. bamumbwe

    That is the meerer to pf and to the ndc also vote for someone who can help you not only the name of the party answer is No.

  8. Samuel Mweetwa

    For a complete change, let all contestants and their teams meet the electorates on level play grounds. No unfair PUBLIC ORDER ACT on selected groups. ECZ be the REFEREE, POLICE be the LINES MEN.

  9. Joseph

    Ck’s political career his come to an end

  10. mulase

    Goodbye CK…will now be meeting at Court grounds nd not Parliament motel.But pliz no fake fainting this tym.

  11. One k

    There will be no violence.upnd has no support in these places.

  12. KB

    Thats not good..,Where is mr CK…?????

  13. Joseph Sinkala

    CK is a politician unlike most of them, infact he will come out stronger than before. He is just trying his popularity in Roan Constituency, come 2021 heads will roar .Going by history, Ruling Party always wins Bye Election because of a lot of money being distributed to the electorates and just to many people who go to eat with them.
    2021 is coming when each individual is for himself and God is for all.It’s my prayer that there won’t be any violence in Roan Bye Election campaigns.

  14. Jt

    Yaaba pf will get it sure

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