Chipolopolo Squad for Namibia Clash Unveiled

Chipolopolo caretaker coach Aggrey Chiyangi has named his 20-member squad for the March 23 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Namibia.

Chiyangi has handed a call up to in-form South Africa based striker Mwape Musonda whose 12 goals in the ABSA Premiership has put him on top of the charts.

Seven foreign based players have been summoned for the formality fixture billed for the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium next Saturday.



Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns-RSA), Lawrence Mulenga (Power Dynamos)


Simon Silwimba, Clement Mwape (Zesco United), Gift Zulu (Nkana), Lawrence Chungu, Isaac Shamujompa (Buildcon), Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe-DRC), Adrian Chama (Green Buffaloes)



Salulani Phiri (Polokwane City-RSA), Benson Sakala (Power Dynamos), Mike Katiba (Green Buffaloes), Ernest Mbewe (Zanaco), Clatous Chama (Simba-Tanzania), Augustine Mulenga (Orlando Pirates-RSA)


Justin Shonga, (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Lazarous Kambole (Zesco United), Moses Phiri (Buildcon), Musonda Mwape (Black Leopards-RSA), Lameck Silwaba (Buildcon)

(Source: FAZ)


  1. lombe

    Comment why bringing to Ndola u should hv taken it to sunset stadium

    • Chileshe

      Its ok,because that’s where bad results started,Ndola!

  2. Waniga ninja

    Why leving Kelvin kampamba? Kampamba is the best midfielder in the local league

  3. Gangsta grabs

    I see alot of mpyakusu in these guys.why bad players like Mweene never get injured.

  4. More


  5. kaiko m k

    Comment never leave out experienced players so what Germans do

  6. Boston

    Comment why leaving chisamba lungu ,sunzu ,kalaba and mwepu

    • Julius

      Fashion Sakala,Parson Daka and Mwepu are with the under 23 squad while Kalaba,Sinkala and Chisamba Lungu are too old to play

    • kabungo katongo

      Chisamba lungu isn’t fit

  7. james

    where is kalaba, mwepu and daka

  8. Moono

    Comment why is kalaba zuzu daka mwepu sakala

  9. Leo Zulu

    I can see jocks in Zambian football, sure this game u can bring those players

  10. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Kalaba, Mwepu, Sunzu, Partson Daka, Fashion Sakala .Where are they?

  11. Jokman

    why Ndola and not chibolya ? why leaving kalaba, madly, Dhaka and sunzu?

  12. Topboy

    Aba bapuba wr is kalaba

  13. henry phiri

    Comment oh Ya not again

  14. Jmc

    Pa Zambia paliba druma… is this is a selection we call a natianal team? Let us wait and see…

  15. Clifford Mwiinde

    But kwena ,Where is Zambia going in terms of football? Is this a national team that I know or it’s the other one? If it’s the one, where are the key players like Kalaba ,Sunzu, Daka, Mwepu, Sinkala, Sakala, Chisamba Lungu? Apa manje You are lost for sure.

  16. Aaron bwalya

    Uku kwangala bafileke inga nabamoma ukuti tapali ukobaleya

  17. Daniel Banda

    I beg to differ with people who have fixed thinking on development. Give respect to the coaches they analysed the problem and made a decision about how to create a winning national team. Let’s support our national team for better results. Every player plays good football when given the right training and incentives. Thanks Aggrey for noticing approlific player in Mwape Musonda. I am certain you used the same criteria to select the current national team. I am one who believes this time Namibia have a headache and will go down.

  18. Lombe kalando

    Zambian coaches nipatali ,abwela nakolapution ,wen u pay it will show

  19. Brian Mujuku

    But my Zambia awe,ba coach

  20. Snuff E

    It’s like we have a lot of football cadres in Zambia than football fans.
    Fashion, Mwepu and Dana are with the U23.
    Chisamba Lungu is injured.
    Kalaba and Nathan they easily get injured than Kabaso Chongo and they are still needed in continental games for TP.
    Sunzu’s team is currently leading on their table and he is a very important player for them, hence avoiding him in case of an injury.
    Who else do you need information about?

    • Snuff E

      I meant Daka Patson.

      • Osei

        Football of Zambia full of experiments where is the Zambia national …

    • Maccool

      Mmmmmmm Snuff, Sunzu very important at the club than the national sure??? Iyi ni beans!!!

  21. mulo1

    Truly this is a joke,th koch shud bear in mind tht th Namibia he knew a diked ago z dffrent frm the present one

  22. Patrick

    Where is kalaba

  23. The Pastor

    Waniga is right Kelvin Kampamba is simply the best midfielder in our local league at the moment. But why they leave him only the heavens know.

    • Mweni Kasumpa

      Failed to qualify for 2018 world cup bcoz of FAZ, Wada and Basal. Only a few individuals. I’m questioning Chiyangi on Players selection. Is that a formidable squad. A million questions are to follow after Zambian- Namibia game. Otherwise good luck ba FAZ, Chiyangi, Numba and selected players.

  24. Lollipop

    Its good they have taken it to Ndola please dont bring them ku Heroes

  25. Manager

    That is a kopala national team in Lusaka we have our own national team

  26. Patrick

    stop targeting to lose , change that line up immediately,this time we need a win , no draw no lose

  27. JOHN wa JOHN

    YOU guys are you serious with what you are doing? why change the team every time? why? you leave all our dependable players why?

  28. lamz love

    poor selection, why leaving Rainford, Nathan and Sunzu, this game we must though been a formality. Please lets not just consider our selves but our aim must lifting the nation high


    ANDREW KAMANGA you performance has been bad in FAZ chipolopolo has failed to qualify for AFCON .Surely i had all the hopes that you will turn things around but to be honest i am disappointed. you are good with the calculator and not the ball.

  30. Taliba Forces

    Wasting tax payers money.

  31. Eric muleya

    I’m very disappointed with this line up and to tell the truth I hove lost the courage to watch this game.It cannot be called a team without Kalaba and Sinkala

  32. Mike

    there is nothing that is happening starting from the faz president up to the coach. So u don’t know Zambian players i don’t think you are all Zambianz

  33. Charles Chilembo

    Your team selection is poor why shud i leave the best player ?

  34. Charles Chilembo

    Ba coach captain nindani pa Bose abo kaili mwasiya Kalaba ,sunzu ,computer mwepu ,Solomon ,fashion, nathani,awe mwandi plz coach work hard to support our country not ma idiot

  35. chitambo

    Comment. this is not making sense leaving out dependable players,,agrey dou you know that experience matters in football..don’t do experiments where its not even necessary. change for better

  36. Ratham Kapufi

    you how can you leave Kalaba,Mwepu,Sinkala and Sunzu.

  37. Kapufi

    To Mwape Musonda there’s no problem coz we were playing together ku Kawambwa so l know his am nt happy to leave Kalaba,Mwepu,Sinkala and Sunzu.

  38. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    The easiest squared to loose is here kkkkkk.

  39. jackie shabuwe

    this game is supposed to be free of charge

  40. MSONI Rodrick

    hope it will be free coz nobody can waste money to go watch these players for a coach this is a good time to experiment by calling every player and make them play together and not when we have a competition that’s when to experiment

  41. KGP

    Football In Zambia Has Gone With Herve Leorna, The Rest Of The Coaches Are Pupets Of Faz Officials Where Selection Of Players Is Done By Them. Sure Mwand Can We Call It A National Team.

  42. jerry

    Why leaving mwepu,daka,kalaba,sunzu??? Anyway u also have a vision.

  43. Martinez

    Kasi bazambia its over will never see any trouth again

  44. Clifford Mwiinde

    How can we expect to have a trophy when the coaches are using unexperienced players ? Please ba coach I beg you to call the dependable players before it’s too late coz if not you will be shame after the game.

  45. Raphael

    Kuwayawaya fye

  46. Mweni Kasumpa

    Failed to qualify for 2018 World cup bcoz of FAZ, Wada and Basal. When making a team we don’t have to abandon all the experienced players and dependable ones. All you need to do is to make one or two changes in the current squad. Ba Chiyangi na Ba Numba stop beating about the bush to get the required results. With this snario we are not going anywhere. Chester change my colleagues for good outcome. I rest the case

  47. Thomas m siluundu

    Yayayayayaya but bagayi aba nichi ayi?

  48. Iback

    The coach should select a good team than that one he selected it will be an imbalacement to lose in our home ground

  49. Thomas m siluundu

    Once we loose we will beat you chiyangi in words. Puli pa zed bakamba, you can leave players out why? Not even one ku southern province, one day Zambian we just need to compalect in not even one to go and watch the match we can’t be wasting our money to watch useless players and leaving out good players. Fyabupuba bachiyangi fyomwachita.

  50. Gilbert

    Poor squad very poor and no hopes of even winning

  51. Jacob Banda

    we should give the caretaker coach all the respect he deserves

  52. Edison

    From the comments many people are making you can see that a lot of them do not know much about Zambian players currently and what this game mean. Eco Kaunda ale lwishisha

  53. Edison

    ubututu. Ala whether we win 100 zero it’s just a formality.

  54. james chilekwa

    why zambia coach u a void players like kelvin kapamba ,kalaba,sunzu,daka,mwepu,fashoin,

    • za mwape power

      twafwani ba coach u ned job but u not looking the skill of players

  55. Dixon

    And u call this national team where is Kalaba,chisamba Lungu,sinkala and mwepu or maybe u just want to give away the Zambia poverty starts from football

  56. Dixon

    Maybe they thought its Zambia vs Mufulira wondrous

  57. Leo simuchila

    Zambia national trte will never develop because they like cjangich players any how

  58. Caterpillar

    Why picking under 15 players? But this coach awe mwandi dobo or manje? I think football is declining in Zambia and I will not watch this match

  59. Moses kunda

    What of the likes of daka?

  60. mwilafyonse

    in my observation i think in zambian game epo yaba nomba ifintu fyonaikila ku ma office yaba kamanga,nabena ba chiyangi nga balyamo kusendafye imibwebwe pakuti bamweneshemo icaalo nomba,let’s keep on reminding kamanga naba kabwalala bana nkwe ati telyonse iba sunday,rk,cl,ns,pd,fs,ss,em tebantu bakushe pa national duty nomba,,,,uhmn,,,kaya mwandi,banamayo ebashuka pantu bena neshakwiba baalalyako,goodbad lucky.

  61. Nick

    Let’s just wait for results and see Wats next

  62. Joseph

    poor and weak line up 😴😴😴

  63. Damisiano

    please coach start with the very dependable players. wishing the chipololo the very best.

  64. Luyando

    Comment If we lose we a going to bet u and tuka kulya chi chiyangi

  65. mwansa robam

    what about keeping become mwepu is of the mid folder in zambia

  66. brian sauti

    you call yourself coach insted of selecting a good squad to .sho the people that you .can do it You are making .fail to yourself .this your chan.ce .perform .

  67. Brainmaswau

    Why leaving sinkala ,sunzu,kalaba why??

  68. Sinjela Haggai

    Though it’s a formality game but for the sake of FIFA ranking three or four experienced players were needed such as Kalaba,Daka,Sakala,Mwepu,Bruce,Sunzu and Satesate.

  69. Jonathan

    Zambian coaches too much bribery, why leaving out experience players? There is no mwepu,fashion ,sinkala,kalaba, you want experiment?? Ukayayamona ama bot**o

  70. eustance shumba

    Why patson , sunzu, mwepu, kalabaThe strongest players are not their why? ?
    I think the lineup is incomplete without this guys. Thank you

  71. Maccool

    Let’s see how the coach is thinking, don’t rush into condanmination already. Sometimes it’s good to expose local players.

  72. able

    Even mwene should be lift out they put nsabata if they wanted to change the team technology don’t let us die mukupapa go go go go but we are under presure okey thanks for augustine mulenga Justine shonga

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