Ex-Post Managing Editor forms a Press Initiative

Journalist Joan Chirwa has formed the Free Press Initiative (FPI) Zambia, an organisation that seeks to push for more press freedom, professionalism of journalists and defend human rights.

Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Chanda Kasolo launched the initiative at Protea Hotel Cairo Road in Lusaka on Wednesday night.

He commended Chirwa and her team for coming up with an organisation that was focused on improving standards of journalism in the country.

Kasolo also called for the improvement of conditions of service for journalists in private and public media for the country to have a free, professional press.

He further called on the FPI Zambia to work towards the protection of journalists’ interests from some media owners who were in the habit of abusing them.

“We know some of you have been on permanent temporary employment… and salaries are delayed,” Kasolo said.

And Kasolo said it was an anomaly not to have  the ZNBC monitored by the Independent Broadcasting Authority.

He said the government was in the process of changing the law to ensure ZNBC was equally regulated by the IBA.

Kasolo  further urged media houses to come up with research departments to avoid disseminating unverified news.

Meanwhile, Chirwa, who served as managing editor of The Post until its liquidation in November 2016, said today’s media needed to get back to the basics and practice journalism in line with media ethics.

Chirwa also assured that the FPI Zambia would advocate for freedom of the press, independence and professionalism among journalists.




  1. Wise Leader

    another n.g.o umwakulila impiya

  2. Nyengo

    I heard 2day after presidental address 2 parliament that we hav 900 registered NGOs in zambia and all are based in lusaka. This NGOs wil die a natural death bcoz of lack funds and demanding on donor funding 2 push they aganda of same sex and fake human rights 2 pliz pay masters. We need a body 4 journalist 2 protect their job and we legal body 2 guard them. We want factual journalism not money thrist journalist who want 2 make names and bcom popular

    • Jeepers Creepers

      900? What for? Do they really function?

  3. Jms

    Nyengo brilliant

  4. Jms

    Men support men also God made man and a woman from man not man from woman. So a man is a protector if you think that a woman is a protector try you will believe me people or countries suffer because protectors aren’t doing enough they are always staggering in finding what is best for them

  5. Wina wanfwa.

    I know you will make it ,because you are dedicated .

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