NDC Suspends North Youth Chair

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Northern Province has suspended its provincial youth chairman for alleged gross misconduct.

NDC provincial chairman Godfrey Bwalya said Gregeney Sinkonde has been suspended for a month for allegedly issuing media statements without authority from the provincial leadership.

He said Sinkonde allegedly issued derogatory statements against the party consultant Chishimba Kambwili on March 8, 2019.

Sinkonde has, however, been given seven days to exculpate himself as to why further action should not be taken against him.

And when contacted, Sinkonde said he had not received the suspension letter.

“So far, I am only getting that from you journalists…I haven’t received any suspension letter. Well, it would be better for me to look at the letter then I can comment further,” said Sinkonde.



    Nonses Part.Ck Chipubafye

  2. MM

    Comment:Bravo NDC Only committed people in this Cananity jonourney Should go along with NDC.

  3. MiltonMuienga sholeloko

    Ba Phiri finshi musangamo mukutukana?.Nashininkisha kanshi chacine abamano balifumako kukabanga !

  4. zimba

    Comment.any one misbehaving must be suspended. In pf leaders are not suspended. like Ndola mayor and his Town Clerk are not being suspended for disrespecting women who they say are poor and can not be empowered.I mean Dola Hill community women.They are grabbing land from them.These leaders wants these women to go in the streets and beg like we saw on TV2 last week. Dola Hill women stand up do not be silent.

  5. Ruth

    Ba Zimba yesterday you saw on ZNBC news mines Minister promising Luanshya residents that the so called shall belongs to Zambians but after elections of Roan seat it will not belong to Zambians.This the same thing that happened to Dola Hill community women in 2016.Women and children who are now youths have been on that land for almost 48years in 2016 where promised to be given plots and few were given. But what is it that is happening now. The Ndola mayor and Town Clerk are saying that those papers are fake and they want to grab land from them. So Luanshya voters especially women and youths learn from nearby neighbors. Dola Hill community ask them in what situation they are at the moment.

  6. CK

    Dola Hill community tell me,does that land belong to you or Chinese?Was it promised to you in 2016 that it will belong to you? You know women and youths of Dola Hill these leaders you have like the mayor of Ndola and Town Clerk they do not have the heart for the poor women and youths, they want them to go beg on the street as we saw on TV2 news.Dola Hill women and youths in Ndola come to your nearby friends Roan advise them that the shaft will belong to them during elections campaign after campaign it will belong to Chinese. Like what Ndola mayor and Town are saying women and youths at Dola Hill cannot own land the same words will be said to them

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