RTSA to Hold Consultative Meetings on New Vehicle Registration Fees

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has called for consultative meetings with stakeholders and members of the general public on the proposed new fees for vehicle registration.

This according to a notice issued by chief executive officer Zindaba Soko.

“RTSA intends to adjust rates related to road user fees, testing of motor vehicles for roadworthiness which will now be mechanised and re-registration fees for all motor vehicles and trailers,” Soko said.

He said the meetings, to be held at the Government Complex in Lusaka and Civic Center in Kitwe and Livingstone, were in accordance with the Business Regulatory Act. No. 3 of 2014.

Soko said the Agency is required to recommend the user fees to the Ministry of Transport and Communications for approval before implementation.


  1. muntungwa

    There we go again. More thieving by this shameless government. God help mother Zambia.

  2. Tefyo

    Let’s hope it’s the reduction of fees and the testing that is mechanized am sure a lot of vehicles will not make I have seen this in South Africa at our work brand new cars at times fail the test… This is on way of discouraging motor cars on the road

  3. Chilankalipa

    You wish it were true. Can rats and ratsa ever give Zambians any breathing space? Just surprise the rats and start using bicycles.

  4. Albertmwango

    Mmmmmmm motor vehicle re-registration fee again ba pf mwalatwipaya please have mercy on us poor zambians why give us a big burden that we cant afford to carry

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