Tasila Strikes Mentorship Deal with Nigeria’s D’Banji

President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, has struck a partnership with top Nigerian artiste D’banji to collaborate with some Zambian youths.

Tasila, the Nkoloma Ward 1 councillor, said she had a fruitful meeting with the top Nigerian artiste who has agreed to mentor some Zambian artistes.

“My team with D’Banji and his team just had a meeting to discuss possible collaboration on a few youth projects in Zambia and the region. Looking forward to collaborating with him and our very talented Zambian artists,” said Tasila who has put youth development projects at the heart of her advocacy work.



    Dats a nice move by nkoloma ward councellor.


    Thats good tasila

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    • John Phiri

      If you have no comments to post, better shut up. You can’t insult like that on a public platform.

  4. Elick Dee Zambia the sound🇿🇲

    I like it as musician

  5. Chanda

    Yabaaaa Kuti Waseka Bakamba Amano Yafumine Mwifwesa Yaya Muculu…… Am Hoping To C That Wisdom To Shift…. Kaili Ba Mwisho Tefintu.

  6. Jms

    Other things just belong in News Papers no wonder thats why some people just keep on insulting instead of giving good advise (NEWS PAPERS VERY NICE NOW YOU HAVE TO IMPROVE MORE TO IMPROVE ZAMBIA REPORTS

  7. Tasha

    Okay it’s great…

  8. Lulu

    Nice one

  9. umudonian

    Ok u do better sis tasila thank for that

  10. Jolezya Mulunda

    Only dull people will post insults. That’s a good thing my sister.

  11. Francis kunda

    Congrats ba mbuya

  12. sc

    comment:thats great

  13. Mr.s chilulwe

    comment.my sister keep it up

  14. Thandiwe

    That’s gud opportunity to those youth who have got talent for signing.a silly silly person is the one who can comment stupid things other than to appreciate of what other people r doing for others than to think about ur selves. Thanks tasila

  15. Albert Malama

    Impressive dear keep it up the good work

  16. MiltonMuienga sholeloko

    Great and good leaders always think of empowering others, soon to me , you be named mamaTasila !

  17. Chimba Gift

    Great & wonderful work our very own Tasila,go go lady keep it up

  18. paul

    Comment.wise step u have taken Dr keep on moving till u prove them wrong.

  19. Kings

    Good Idea But If Its For Circular Only, Then Its Rubbish, Can Be Nice If Its For Gospel, You Say This Nation Is Christian, So We Better Do Things That Pleases The Lord.

  20. mark

    great move

  21. Elias Zulu

    that’s great Mis Lungu, we want youths to associate with international artist.

  22. Francis Nsama

    great move Tasila…… God is with you.

  23. Elias Zulu

    Brother’s and sister’s let’s learn to behave like human .the insults won’t take you anywhere.
    better remaine quite if you you don’t something positive to say.

  24. Big Daddy

    Those whose minds are full of bitterness and are always ungrateful have no place on this platform and the universe. Let them go to a world where the devil will be their king.

  25. Ben Shaft

    Comments by Gangsta Grabs is not part of Freedom of Speech.He/she will need to be sorted out from this fora.Wonderful job Tasila.

  26. nameless

    which youths, your cadre or who. useless news the girl just went for a show.

  27. Richard Luo

    Congrats Tasilla and those are some of the fruits of a good leader. Your input will highly be remembered and never lose the focus by those who have natural hatred for you. Even Jesus who healed the sick and raised the dead was insulted and later crucified.

    Drive us youths well and we will praying for you. I recall your visit to eastern and what you say and do adds up. Big up sister.

  28. Jackson

    good work sis. keep it up.

  29. Chisama

    We applaud your efforts daughter of Mother Zambia

  30. Andrew

    Woooow! That’s awesome my dear sister! May the living God continue blessing you. You are amazing and I thank God that you are my councillor.

  31. Andrew

    That’s the heart of Zambian

  32. K'van

    Hats off sister, it will be a great deal n experiance to crank it up wit de big guns… lovin the spirit. Peace

  33. Marvel

    Comment that’s a good idea by tasila Zambian artists can move to another level.

  34. Neila joshua

    Finally this is on wow

  35. shadreck p

    nanga ise achakolwa mutitandiza bwanji?? 😂😂😂

  36. Brian

    please where to complement let us just complement
    you see insulting one another in this country will not take us anywhere….. not only that also this depicts the ignorance of a person….your self whom have you helped in your nation

  37. Samson

    Awesome move sis, all the best

  38. Chanda


  39. Super Eagle/ Pasopo

    Wait and see…Nigerians with their 419, let’s hope they wont’ land the gentle lady into mugo (victim client) scam… Natina! Be greatly vigilant!

  40. Edgar zambian

    #Wow my daughter continue.

  41. Jau

    Nice move tasila may God bless you and you guys in the music industry, this is an opportunity to learn one or 2 things from this dbanj Charp good luck Zambia.

  42. mr petauke

    go ahead tasila with your good vision to inprove our youth who have talent in music industry.

  43. Johnson mulenga

    good Tasila

  44. Uncle smith

    I think this is just a move for political maliage and popularity.

  45. Gangsta grabs

    Nameless i see u.Imwe mwa sala nima rubbish.Next time i will rub chili pamatako panu bonse ma cadre

  46. Jucy jay

    Nice move…..
    Looking forward to it

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