ZRA Impounds Over 53 Trucks

The Zambia Revenue Authority has impounded over 53 trucks, which risk being forfeited to the state if they fail to provide true and correct documentation related to the consignments on board.

ZRA corporate communications manager Topsy Sikalinda stated that 15 of the impounded trucks have since been forfeited to the state.

“The Authority has noted with displeasure the habit by some sections of transporters and importers, who smuggle, undervalue, under-declare and misclassify goods. The Authority has taken a stance to impound, seize and forfeit both the consignment and the vessel to the state without any compensation after the statutory period.

So far, 15 trucks are confirmed seized, while 38 are still undergoing verification procedures relating to offences of misclassification such as ethanol declared as methanol and salaula declared as new clothing,” Sikalinda stated in a press release issued this afternoon.

He reaffirmed the Authority’s commitment to end smuggling.

“It is important to note that transporters and importers are strategic partners of the Zambia Revenue Authority but some sections of the industry have continued to disregard the law. The Authority will ensure that smuggling is brought to an end at all costs to protect the Zambian economy and prevent unfair competition,” stated Sikalinda. “ZRA Commissioner General Mr. Kingsley Chanda recently issued a caution to transporters that they risk losing their vessels if found transporting smuggled, under declared, undervalued or misclassified goods. In an effort to reduce the inconvenience and loss to transporters, the Authority has put in measures to ensure that transporters report these matters proactively to the authority by sending all the clearing documents to the email; fraud@zra.org.zm and follow up by calling our anti-smuggling hotline numbers 0971 696691  or 0977898861.”


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