17-Year-Old Zambian Signs Formula 3 Racing Contract

17-year-old Joshua Mwanamuke of Lusaka has signed a one year Formula 3 racing contract with British company Formec.

He said at a press briefing in Lusaka that it is a dream come true for him to clinch an F3 racing deal with Formec.

Mwanamuke, who is also studying in the United Kingdom, received a B international racing licence which allows him to compete anywhere in the world.

Cars in F3 use a single-spec engine and it is a lower division of Formula 1 whose world champion is Briton Lewis Hamilton.

And National Sports Council of Zambia acting general secretary Raphael Mulenga said government will support Mwanamuke in his endeavour to become a world champion.


  1. Emmanuel phiri

    No any Zambian citizen did that but you have made it am happy for you congratulations

  2. William.

    Way to go. Great achievement. Shows what commitment and consistency can lead to. Best of luck.

  3. Nthaka

    Mwanamuke, at your age (17 years) you have lifted the Zambian flag even higher beyond global horizon-just like the success being recorded by our Indigenous Zambian Doctors (Surgeons) here back home.

    Heartfelt congratulations, God will continue blessing you.

    Even the sky should not be your limit!

  4. Dalisoul Bright Siame

    Great bro, keep it up God bless you. 😍 πŸ’– πŸ’Ÿ πŸ’ž.

  5. Jms

    This is wonderful but its shame to the country knowing that they have failed to maintain sports facilities being poor means failing to decide straight either the government or individuals but mostly if structures are their individuals may happen to be responsible of using their talents how is it possible for one if he wants to progress in a different sport unless he or she goes abroad

  6. Hev rena

    As govt we at committed to put upa racing track for k50 bn at mimosa and eureka and only people we know shud bid for thais!

  7. Dee

    we are behind you our boy.
    thank you for confindence.
    you will do it and we as zambians belives in u

  8. Joe Kawimbe

    Mwaiche wabomba!! Congratulations! These are the stories we would like to hear about Zambians abroad. Not ati “a Zambian has defrauded a company or bank in USA”, etc1

  9. P.M

    Well done young man. Word of caution though…dont listen to thede politicians. There is nothing they can do to help you achieve your dream. They only come on board after one has laid his or her foundation. They didnt know you yesterday and today they want to confuse you. Stick to your work ethics which have seen you come this far and listen to your sponsors and not these politicians unless you want to dance Dununa reverse

  10. Songolo

    I have made us proud. The sky is The limit.
    Am for formula One.
    All the best Mwana a poho yensu.

    • Songolo

      You have made us proud. The sky is The limit.
      Aim for formula One.
      All the best Mwana a poho yensu.

  11. Truth man

    Congratulations young man, that is it! There are so many ways to make a living. Indeed the sky is the limit. Follow your dreams ,nothing is impossible on earth.

  12. International Order

    Congratulations Mwanamuke. It is great to take advantage of an opportunity to follow your dream anywhere in the world. Yes, Zambia may be too poor to spare funds to help. But GOD distributes talent evenly among all people of the world. But some from poor countries do not get the same opportunity. Now that you do, MAKE YOUR SPONSORS AND ALL OF US PROUD.

  13. Paxi

    Impressive.Proud of you young man.All the very best.

  14. Emma

    Big ups bro

  15. John Simukonda

    Well done kindly put your plans, and all your thoughts, in the hand of your Father who is, in heaven and you will see many more blessings Amen

  16. Tatila Mukumbuta

    Congratulations my bro mwanamuke ad God be wth u all the time

  17. Annel Kabwe

    Commente i will owes support u bro,go for it,even Lewis Hamilton started as u hav until u reach to da top….Fry Zambia frag high….

  18. Mwanamuke wakumelo

    Wena mwanamuke umulozi zwiseza Bulozi kwapili lwakubona i don’t want someone to shiii nimulozi I’m proud to be a Lozi no comment no politics

  19. DAN. CHILE

    CommentGO ON MY BOY

  20. luke

    you are the best bro, God will bless you in Jesus name

  21. BS

    Congratulations to u my guy we know and believe that will achieve you goals.Believing in urself is the most important thing congrats.

  22. Namataa Nyambe

    Comment balute skill ya kwa kuluna kwa mashabati God the almighty will guide you my friend …

  23. manp

    Commentkeep on shinning for the love of our Lord Jesus I’ll guide you wherever u I’ll go we trust in u

  24. Kaleya

    all the best, my word is dont lose focus, discipline is the most important thing to achieve wat u want in life..looking forward to see u to higher heights.

  25. Mutete makina

    Wow congrats son

  26. mwewa boyd

    congrats bro we zambians we proud for you

  27. fide

    Not something l can call a sport. However congratulations.

  28. Ted

    Am happy for u

  29. jorge nyandoro

    keep on pushing

  30. Mazy Peace

    CongratulationsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ God be with youπŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

  31. Mwansa

    This is good.our own brother is shining on the global stage. It’s dream come true. Keep up. This is a wake up call that we can do it as Zambians.

  32. MutyShix

    Congrats young man follow your dream and ask for God’s guidance on your journey.

  33. Samuel mwansa

    This is a beautiful achievement young man,at your age you reach that far,may the good Lord add more blessing on you…congratulation

  34. Harouna Dembele

    Well done mwanamuke
    May Allah be with you thank you for lifting our flag high and high at your age good lucky as well

  35. Chisama

    All the best young champ. may God bring your uttmost dreams to pass.

  36. Kankoyo man

    Mwaice just remember that Lewis Hamilton muntu You will also do it! Twakula tamba Formula 1 mpaka uka polomotwe!

  37. Kai

    Thank you for putting us on the international Map; best wishes. ..
    Always look on our Flag the Mighty Eagle is on Top.. ..

  38. Sir mo

    God will see u thru my young bro,kip it up.

  39. Namakando Mubukwanu

    What a marvelous opportunity for you Mwanamuke, am filling high coz of you. God continue bless this guy.

  40. Don

    Congra mwanamuke

  41. Ba Barnes

    We are proud of you



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