ActionAid Rebuts Looting Accusation

ActionAid Zambia has said social media reports of “wide-scale looting of donor funds” allegedly by executives and staff are baseless, malicious and untrue.

Social media reports have alleged that an on-going routine audit at the international charity organization has revealed that executives, accountants and appraisal officers have involved in the mass looting of funds meant for poverty alleviation programmes in Zambia.

However, ActionAid Zambia has issued a statement to the effect that the accusations were baseless.

“ActionAid Zambia has been made aware of a social media post containing wide-ranging allegations against the organisation, its past and present staff. We would like to categorically inform our partners, supporters and allies that the allegations are baseless, malicious and untrue,” stated management in a brief statement made available to Zambia Reports. “We assure all our partners and supporters that ActionAid Zambia remains astute in its mission of achieving social justice, poverty eradication and gender equality, guided by its values, including integrity and transparency, among others.”

The online stories have also accused former ActionAid Zambia country director Pamela Chisanga of having been implicated in the audit, an allegation which the current management led by Nalucha Nganga Ziba has outrightly dismissed.


  1. Lacoste

    No smoke with out fire


    Thats true lacoste.They should be Audited

  3. enalo

    what of social cash transfer none payments. beneficialies in agony.

  4. Jms

    So you mean Chris Phiri very good in reporting if you want embarrassment in your industry remain in his shoes and Action Aid Zambia these have come to be the worst useless people because they are doing things by following the bad things due to that they get paid by becoming puppets if someone speaks of your bad behaviour without your appreciation you are the same as a dog,(ushitasha ni—)finish you have heard

  5. Jms

    What you heard from reporters is Dean true its your minds which are filthy

    • Jonas

      The made us submitte proposals in muchinga province none of the applicants received even a regreat or acceptance in muchinga. ,they said their was an allocation for muchinga ,we are still waiting bushe indalama balilya nangu bapela abanabo

  6. Jms

    Being patriotic seeing what Chris and the Action Aid Zambia are behaving its totally telling me that the don’t understand the word patriotic and any member of pf is concerned if you are patriotic how are you and when did you start to be? these are simple questions but due to the type of education attended to ,the type of answers will depend on how you perceived at that particular understanding during your course (Zambia was one of the top giving classic educated people at unza and we don’t have to lose that by having embarrassment in bad people having uneducated reported reports

  7. Mangelepa Sandals

    Fishinka bakaitemwe baponpwe munshibila nsala!

  8. Albertmwango

    Why don’t you audit child fund zambia

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