Mumba’s Youths Report Mutati and Chishala to Police

MMD youths in Lusaka have reported embattled faction leader Felix Mutati and Chilufya Chishala to the Police for defamation of the President.

The youths, who were led by Lusaka Province chairperson Friday Chipasha, arrived at Lusaka Central Police Station at 09:00 hours.

Chipasha spent nearly 30 minutes in the Police station after which he addressed the press and youths who were part of his delegation.

“We would like to inform our media colleagues that on the 10th day of March, 2019, a Mr. Chilufya Chishala, who is part of Mr. Felix Mutati’s illegal National Executive Committee of the MMD, did issue out a presser which was run both by the ‘Zambian Report’, an online tabloid, and the News Diggers Newspaper of 12th March, 2019. In that presser, he alleged that MMD President Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has been soliciting to meet Republican President Mr. Edgar Lungu so that President Lungu can intervene in the current MMD Leadership impasse case currently in the High Court by helping Dr. Mumba get a favorable Judgement by fixing the Court ruling,” Chipasha said.

He further said those allegations were serious because Mutati had recently served in President Lungu’s government.

“We find these allegations very alarming because Mr. Mutati, who is Mr. Chishala’s boss, had recently served in President Lungu’s government. Hence by his agent implying that President Lungu fixes court cases. He might be talking from an informed point,” Chipasha said.

He then said they had decided to report the duo to the police after an ultimatum they had given expired.

“We had given Mr. Mutati and his agent 48 hours on the 12th of March, 2019 to inform the nation how President Lungu interferes in the operations of the Judiciary by fixing court Judgments. These 48 hours have since elapsed; that is why we are now here today. We came here to ask the Police to help us and the nation to ask Mr. Mutati and his agent, a Mr. Chilufya Chishala, how President Lungu fixes court judgments. If they fail to answer like they way they have failed in the last 48 hours, we are calling upon the police to charge the duo with defamation of the Republican President,” said Chipasha.



  1. Albertmwango

    There we go again “fix court judgements”

    • Ridi Kyula

      You are just trying to use the law for your own partisan and selfish political bickering

  2. sj

    Are sure this political party can not keep its inhouse fighting out of the public eye? Why do they feel their fights must be known by all? Please put your own house in order so you can win more members in your camp. It won’t be easy for police to re-organize your party into a working function. Are the leaders failing to read between the lines? We yet to witness a political party that will ‘ve their linen made as white as snow
    by the law enforcement agencies.

  3. Alfred Chinda

    MMD must be buried forever because of its behavior of failing to solve in house problems. It’s behaving like a married couple which takes the conflict into the streets. Shame upon you our once giant Democratic party. You brought democracy in Zambia after decades of dictatorship but you have rested so early. Learn from South Africa’ s ANC.

  4. Chinda Alfred

    Don’t strategically draw the President into your misunderstanding then at last you blame for intervening. Solve your issues alone. Mwakula nomba

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