OPINION: Kambwili Thrives on Being a Loud Mouth

Former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has dominated the headlines in the recent past.

When he is not throwing political tantrums in the press, Kambwili is making appearances at the courts of law that have become his political playground. In any case, Kambwili is not a quiet guy. He has always thrived on being a loud mouth. But his mouth is not his biggest enemy. Rather, what has become Kambwili’s Achilles heel is his political indecisiveness.

On one hand, he would be proud to stand tall insisting that he is a Patriotic Front member of parliament whilst also passionately proclaiming to be the leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the other. It had to take parliamentary intervention to get him to straighten out his political status, albeit with resistance. The former Information Minister then proclaimed that he would not challenge the declaration of his seat vacant but was back in court a few days later challenging the Speaker’s decision. The drama was not to end with the Constitutional Court as halfway through the process, he abandoned the action only to resurrect it in the High Court. Such has been the indecisiveness of the motor-mouthed Kambwili.

Once the decision to have the by-election go on, even with his shenanigans, was set by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Kambwili toyed with the idea of fielding his son in the by-election but abandoned it after the party settled for Engineer Joseph Chishala.

Even his new found political allies, among them now is the UPND with whom he so ethnically abused in their political stronghold that they could not even vote for Jesus Christ if pitted against their leader Hakainde Hichilema, today have become political bedfellows albeit only for convenience.

Kambwili may well have his right to political association but surely his followers have to be on alert as they may not just know when he turns a corner. They must eat with him with a long spoon!



  1. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Too bad

    • Thin Albert

      Kwena lufumo lulya batata! Teti bayeko pa Virgin Active?

  2. Daniel Banda

    Such is the dilemma we will live with for a long time if PhD studies will be producing this kind of graduates.

  3. Trust in God

    Umukonto wesizwe

  4. Saul

    Mayele yayi Kambwili uka

  5. Jms

    I have come to understand that the very big enemy to kambwili is Chris Phiri their is no way a reporter isn’t capable to decide what to write or the picture to use shame (this opinion is the worst type of reporting given by a wrong person)


      jms dont worry what is there is cousenship, chris phiri Vs chishimba kambwili

    • lil knights


    • Bombwe Chris Phiri

      Jms is 100% correct. Ba Chris Phiri, comment is free, facts are sacred. Which journalism school did you go to?

    • Thin Albert

      What is wrong with Chris Phiri) s piece bashimwana?

  6. Lisa

    He has vowed to wire pf in Roan, and he means business

  7. Johnto



    malileni bazebige ba chishimba muleshipwilapofye ka,wecalo ukuwama wee

  9. Skb

    It’s good that ZAMBIANS are coming to know who the idiot is. Let him continue to roll in his own SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  10. My opinion

    So iwe reporter what are you up to?reminding about the past! Leave Ck alone,,,, Thou I’m PF,write about peace and politics & not divisions. My opinion

  11. Kings

    Kambwili Never Want To Let The Fire To Go Out, He Always Works On Kunka Mulilo Wishima, He Z The Only Only Politilian Who Now Being Discussed By Many So Many Places Because Of His Noise Making, He Is A Cadre Who Was Groomed By Mr Sata Thats Why He Is So Noisy. He Has Become A Song In Our Dwellings Because Of His Noise Making. Any Way He Is A Good Entertainer To Me.

  12. Chibz


  13. bamumbwe

    Belamishita bane, one day you will find yourself in deep water, elo ukubika ifyabupuba pa media tefyo.

  14. Central power

    politics is about making noise while speaking wat is right….. is the picture telling pipo wat happened to ck or wat learn to report wisely…..imagine u are a teacher teaching science and u give yo pupils a chart showing shaka Zulu and ask them to write ….come on reporter.kkkkkkkkkk

  15. Simpito Mukandwa

    Yaba Lesa fye umwine eka

  16. Jms

    I understand but Chris doesn’t have to abuse his office due to cusernship this is the concern of maturity and no matter how you hide your behavior it will Pope without you noticing how useless you are too bad

  17. Styles

    Kwati nika chula mbototo mambala ulufumo. Afwile wafisushi sana.

  18. Jms

    Never mind no matter how many degrees i may have if iam an idiot a person who doesn’t progress in mind I’m sorry because education has to be combined with God’blessings

  19. Trevor Pambwe

    Aaaah mu Zambia che kutiwasekesha abafwa

  20. Jms

    Trevor you are amazing iam still laughing even now for sure I don’t know what occurred to Zambians intermarriages can’t produce these minds unless God allows a marriage of the persons/people you dislike eg if you dislike the kaondes or lozi and we have intermarriages among those who hate them be careful due to what and where your faith is you will be granted because God gives what you desire (IN SHORT WASH YOUR HEARTS WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS WITH CONFIDENCE)

  21. Zondani Manyozo Zulu

    Watch and see who is going to control

  22. Jms

    Let me tell you a good story when Samson met the lion God’s sprint come on to him and he was fearless Now to other well being people this occurs they have courage ,fearless can protect what the believe is nice but God is unseen sim to be far nothing occurring to bad people due to the power given to them below the tend to do thing in their way

  23. Mwansa

    The man doesn’t know what he wants. He’s confused just after his expulsion from gvt. But you reporters, choose wisely what pictures to show the world. I migine if kambwili was your father will post such an imbarassing picture?. You claim 2b Christian were love is the greatest law, Show some love by respect of elders . Zambia tulekwi NA technology without limits .remember we all one Zambia one nation.

  24. Mwansa

    Journalist PHIRI be professional in your opinions.thank u.

  25. Sir mo

    Mr phiri sir,do u no that u are a disgrace to yo family.no wat to post on social media.brary basket

  26. Sir mo

    Mr phiri do u no that Mr ck is somebody father,learn to respect elders and remember we need yo gud reporting.

  27. Katai L

    Mr, Chishimba Kambwili hide your potbelly even if is too hot, you are just disappointing your political party including your family.

  28. Caterpillar

    Chishimba mbuya wanga.when are you going to give birth?

  29. Silver

    Mr ck GOD is with you

  30. thomas

    zambians sure what has come over us,anyway God is watching .

  31. mwila chikota

    To bad Mr kamwili , yaba mwatusebanya

  32. Sir mo

    Mr caterpillar u are a fooooooooooooool in capital letters,don’t insult pipo,av u seen a male creation created by Jehovah giving birth.fool fooler foolest.

  33. Sir mo

    God help us in this country with full of hate no love 4 one & the other ,pipo in Everything it’s politics.4give us Lord.

  34. Sir mo

    Styles get out pa media u & carterpiller are all fools or foolsesedest if dat word exists.

  35. Soft man

    He must be carrying “Conjoined twins” needs evacuation ku UTH.Ba reporter mwasebanya abakalamba.

  36. Trevor Pambwe

    JMS my guy we hv 20somting months to go lets wait, if dat man x wife over a wadrop wt mo money boi

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