OPINION: Sesheke Poll Violence: Why is UPND Changing Goal Posts?

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), soon after the Sesheke parliamentary by-election, raised serious allegations of violence against the Patriotic Front and reported the Head of State, President Edgar Lungu, the ruling party secretary general Davies Mwila, home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo, State House spokesperson Amos Chanda and others to the International Criminal Court.

The UPND accused the top leadership of the PF of having caused widespread violence in Sesheke, which it claimed left many maimed and hospitalized. For this, a detailed document of what is believed to be violence of the Sesheke by-election was prepared and a media briefing was held by the Opposition Alliance where their chairperson, Charles Milupi, spoke passionately about their plan to report to the ICC. They went on to even name someone, Major Richard Kachingwe’s son, of having threatened to shoot a member of the UPND when the person in the photo alleged is someone else (so shocking and embarrassing).

When the dust of this entire hullabaloo was almost settling, the PF losing candidate in the Sesheke by-election Dean Masule petitioned the election result, saying he lost the poll because of widespread violence in the area. Masule wants the court to annul UPND winning candidate Romeo Kang’ombe’s election because of widespread violence. But in response, Kang’ombe stated that violence did not characterize the February 12 by-election and called the petition by Masule as speculative. The UPND, through Kang’ombe, has denied having any knowledge of incidences of violence in Sesheke during the by-election involving the UPND cadres and that if there were any, then they were isolated.

This is totally confusing! The UPND, a party that stood on top of the mountain crying “violence” in Sesheke, are today saying there nothing of that sort that happened! Did the UPND think twice about their action to report President Lungu, Kampyongo, Mwila, Amos and others to the ICC? Was that an act of them trying to quickly cleanse themselves of their participation in the violence seen during the by-election? They obviously did not foresee a petition from the losing PF candidate. But now with this petition on their plate, they were caught in between two hard rocks and didn’t know where to turn to. In the end, they had no choice but to change statements about what they earlier called a bloody by-election that forced them to quickly put up a claim of widespread violence to the ICC. It doesn’t make sense for the UPND to wake up today and deny violence when they made that their song before and soon after elections.

If, indeed, there was extreme violence in the Sesheke parliamentary by-election, as earlier reported by themselves, the UPND must be ready to bear the blame for having been part of it. Fairly apportioning blame and accepting it as such is the only way political violence in this country will be dealt with. Going round circles on the matter will actually only worsen the situation. Political parties must, as a matter of fact, begin to co-exist and look at each other as only competitors in elections but collaborators when it comes to delivering development to the people of this country.

The youths – the cadres – must learn from their leaders such as members of parliament who freely mingle and share drinks and food at Parliament without getting on each other’s throats. That is the kind of politics we must get into as 2021 approaches.


  1. Chris

    What gos round must come around

  2. Caterpillar

    Politics dirty game

  3. Albertmwango

    If pf wins no petition but if UPND wins petition since there was violence “chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzu”

  4. Nyengo

    Sesheke hollywood product action movie is part of proof on how violent the election was. Pf losin was caused by false accusation and pipo chose a victim. Icc are waiting 4 upnd 2 submit a case and sesheke is now changin the situation 2 upnd side. Upnd is losin sesheke court case and other by-election prime tv

  5. killian

    Chiwamila galu kuluma imbwa

  6. bamumbwe balya amafupa

    Ebwafya bwaba pa Zambia, ni kanonga ebo party, bambi ninshicabipa, ela bane kuntanshi cikaba kwati nimu Congo, uuleeba ati bufi alinokumo mu2020 before 2021 kuleba kafwafwa. uulinamunyina Kushala.

  7. One k

    The truth shall remain the same.how can they change the statement? let them report to icc. if really there was no violence what did prime tv report and what was their director apologizing in his letter to iba? let them accept that elections weren’t fair coz they will still retain the seat.

    • Zambian Youth league

      UPND will not rule over this kind behaviour they have failed,since independence this is the waste opposition party which is a failed party.

      • Anonymous

        Youth league better shut up ur mouth and go to hell.this government has failed the Zambian people sand u re busy condemning upnd over reporting ur president and his ministers to icc.wat he has done is good so that the whole world can see wat type of a president we have in Zambia.so u re better off going to hell and stop this nonsense that you re talking about ok 2021 forward with hh too hell with patriotic fuckers

  8. Trevor Pambwe

    Youth league naiwe che suziba ati UPND holds zed’s way 4ward.janza kumbele

  9. BLSimpamba

    Chris your opinion in the last paragraff is true yes they mingle if our political leaders could have a sense of educating their cadres to emulate their behaviour when they are@parliament cadres can`t fight each other.But the problem is our leaders particularly the ruling party in the markets,bus stations,and blackmountains to the c/belt who control all these places are ruling party cadres ,others from the opposition parties have no power to control.These are main causers of violences.

  10. Truth is the best way

    You where just watching on TV but people who where in sesheke they still live in fear because what they did was bad i think the government of Zambia they want war in Barotseland infact last time in mongu riot people where killed during bwezani banda Mr milupi go ahead fear not we support you luna bana babazwa Kwa Bulozi aluikutwi hande it’s not good enough is enough

    • Doubt Katwishi

      A word of advise to UPND, ICC does not vote. Concentrate on Zambians who have rejected you and stop being cry babies to foreigners without voters cards.


      UMWANA ASHUMFWA BALAMWIKATA PANKANDA ZEBIGE.bwezani did well to whip you.western province has oil such that this time we could have no problem in terms of oil.this not south africa where you can create a sub country.YOU ARE STILL IN TOTAL DARKINESS BAROTSE PEOPLE

  11. Gsm

    So you mean people who voted for upnd are not Zambian,trible politics we know it

  12. Wakishale

    Please try to stick to facts. There is no one trying to force the UPND to lie but they are doing so voluntarily and in a court of law. They talk of violence today and they deny it in court tomorrow. What kind of people are these? How can we trust them to take charge of national affairs?

    • jonathan

      Comment : Stop comenting on this platform you are denting our family name.from wakishale senior

  13. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    The writer seems to be a pf member.Usless article upnd go ahead we are tired of these thieves

  14. Anonymous

    Stop your senseless vibes , why don’t you follow real issues at stake & instead you are busy blindly misleading the upnd with hate speach ???
    The issue being discussed is the upnd’s changing of statements – Earlier they claimed there were riots and that they were victimized and want to solicit pity from the ICC ..
    How come the same people who claimed there were riots in Sesheke are now saying there wasn’t any riots just because the PF has appealed against their win on the same grounds they were raising in the first place ???

  15. Jms

    Chris Phiri why do you have to work alone be coz we need good issues to tackle MIND YOU HITLER THE SAME TO CHRISTIANS NOW IT IS BEING DONE TO JOURNALIST AND MEDIA STATIONS BY THE SO CALLED UPPER MWAMBA AND YOU STAND WITHOUT PROPER ISSUES TO BRAINSTORM if you are doing this deliberate then puppets do so

  16. Chalicho

    First the writer of this article is a foo l.secondly who has said there was no violence in sesheke.The same pfools are saying the reason they petitioned is because kangombe said though he won elections were characterised by violence.which is true.The violence was perpetrated by pfools.So who is changing goal posts here.stupid media

  17. Jms

    Chris Phiri why do you have to work alone be coz we need good issues to tackle MIND YOU HITLER DID THE SAME TO CHRISTIANS NOW IT IS BEING DONE TO JOURNALIST AND MEDIA STATIONS BY THE SO CALLED UPPER MWAMBA AND YOU STAND WITHOUT PROPER ISSUES TO BRAINSTORM if you are doing this deliberate then puppets do so


    Ebwafya Bwa Pa Zambia

  19. Space

    to who have commented here.
    what are your intentions?

  20. Nimrod

    Zambia has history just like in the bible of the Isreates, Southerners will never rule. Remember the time of Nkumbula, he was supposed to be the President but what happened, you know it. When we were voting in colonial, unip had 14 votes, Federal party had 18 while ANC nkumbula had 5 votes. Kaunda resigned at one point because of tribalism by the Tongas. So we still have the history for Zambia.

  21. Fisunge

    Nimrod you’re right

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