Zesco Sends Vanquished Nkana into CAF Quarter Finals

Zesco United saved Zambian continental pride by defeating Ghanaian side Asante Kotoko 2-1 at home to send Nkana into the quarterfinals of the 2019 CAF Confederation Cup.

Nkana who were hammered 4-1 away in Khartoum by Al Hilal had to rely on Zesco United who had already been eliminated to defeat Asante Kotoko with the Ndola side obliging.

The Ghanaians went ahead in the 48th minute through Stephen Nyarko but Jesse Were and Kondwani Mtonga scored in the 54th and 56th minute to turn the tie on its head.

Al Hilal topped Group C with 11 points while Nkana ended second with nine points.

Zesco United and Asante Kotoko managed seven points apiece and bow out of the competition.



  1. mulenga mulenga

    Job well done Zesco

    • Zescolo

      The Nkana Chairman was at one time criticised and nearly beaten for wearing a Zesco REPLICA JERSEY . What can those foolish Nkana supporters say now!!

  2. Lombe kalando

    This is what soccer is all about,

  3. mulenga mulenga

    Go Nkana go forward through the semi

  4. F simukonda

    Job not well done to both teams despite Nkana qualifying to quarter finals

  5. Espirito Sunto

    Even In these second tier competitions we have struggle! Nkana just can’t qualify they have to scrape through yet we are supposed to be African giants. Do other people see hope in hopeless Kamanga?

    • Wise me

      This Nkana team will not go anywhere on their own. Zesco will not be there if Al hilal will be matched with them again this time the embarrassment will be emphatic.

  6. Simpito Mukandwa

    Twamitotela ba Zesco mwabombeni

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Nkana is going no were.Why they always loose the away games😡😬😑😢check this out

  8. Jimmy shaba

    Nkana’s performance was below par.

  9. Luck muwaya

    Congratulations zesco for beating Asante kotoko and congratulations once again to Nkana FC to qualify to quarter final, please work hard.

  10. francis silavwe

    soccer pains

  11. Trevor Pambwe

    Mmm ba sunto muponta aii,bola niya round any results r accepted dady.

  12. Albertmwango

    Do more nkana to be through coz your performance is bellow average

  13. Nick

    Congratulations zesco

  14. William Lubasi

    Congratulations to ZESCO for winning and Nkana for qualifying to the next round.

  15. lbvuta sakala

    Now issue is on nkana, are going to make it to the finals, faz should give full support and make sure that they are well motivated in the areas

  16. muzo

    the stadium was empty I expected nkana fans to support Zesco coz nkana hss benefitted from Zesco

  17. Mwape obed

    Good work Zesco. Viva team favour

  18. Jay

    We are finished makula Zambians. Qualifying by calculator. Yaba … 4-1 …what will they do next round no Zesco to save them.

  19. Hunter Shilesa

    Zesco would have been the better team to represent Zambia. Nkana is a useless team in all departments, talk of striking force, defence, goal keeping. Its just so useless a club.

  20. GEOFFREY Chilembo

    Nkana did a very good job winning all home games kudo to coaching bench.

  21. Alfred

    Thanks to zesco but nkana should work on there performance when they are playing away cause its very poor!!!!!!

  22. The Pastor

    Mr Hunter its not Zesco which was a better team to qualify. They failed to win all games at home and they lost all away games. How can they be a better team. Its like saying the one who failed the exams should have been the better person to go to university than the one who passed.

    • Kapungwe peter

      Nkana qualified on their own. You are very much right bro . Zesco failed to utilise their home games.

      • Mweni Kasumpa

        I love the saying. Go Nkana go and conquer the masses we support all Zambian clubs in ccc, CAF. Zesco failed to use home advantage and good team proceeded to next round ok.

    • Mweni Kasumpa

      Good analyst, commented on well. Nkana should only improve on away games.

  23. kelzee

    well done ba zesco for your best job ba nkana pull up your stoger

  24. Edwin Chileshe

    Thanks Zega-Mambo, my very own team Nkana-Kalampa good luck guys let’s work hard and go to the Semis..


    Nkana and Zesco were in the same competition, so no need of praising zesco for nkana’s qualification to the quarter finals because they all played the same number of games and there was on match fixing, despite each team wanted to qualify.

  26. Mr chola m

    Work hard on quater final both striking and defence other wise weakness have already been observed especially in away games improve kalampa guys if not will be knocked out of the competition

  27. Rabby

    Be focused and work as a team bola na less.Go nkana go..

  28. Rabby

    focus and work as a team bola na lesa.Go nkana go..

  29. 1 Zed bola fan

    Nkana’s bench should psychy their players on how to handle away games.If they continue losing like that it means that they will be knocked out at quarter finals stage.They should pull up their socks in defence,goal keeping,mid & striking force.

  30. One cc

    Go nkana go

  31. Kapungwe peter

    Don’t worst time praising Zesco. Zega has failed to qualify to quarter final. They did not play well, just accept. Give credit where it is due . Nkana has done well that’s it . Well done Nkana & to bad for our neighbour’s Zega mambo . Try next year.

  32. Mweni Kasumpa

    Nkana lost their away games on psychological base so technical bench should ensure preparing their ladies psychologically for the battle.

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