OPINION: Ministry of Youth: Where Are You?

Last Tuesday, March 12, was Youth Day. This is an annual event that brings together youth from different backgrounds to ‘celebrate’ their achievements.

But for many of the youths, this is a day that reminds them of the many struggles they have to go through every day to make ends meet – lack of jobs, money and adequate food to eat, etc. Some lump the blame on the government for their problems. Why is this so?

We have the Ministry of Youths and Sports, which we believe must be one of the most active ministries of this country. Their job is quite huge and they must carefully plan for the most productive population of this country so that Zambia can achieve the needed goals economically. The Ministry of Youth and Sport mustn’t only be active on sports issues – soccer only for that matter – but must pay a lot of attention to the youth and encourage innovation among this young generation to counter joblessness.

Our youth population currently stands at 4.8 million (according to the Central Statistics Office data), a huge number whose potential must be properly utilized for the country’s benefit. This is a population with all the energy one requires to make a living but for some, they cannot do anything until the government employs them. This is where we have a problem!

To begin with, our schools must incorporate entrepreneurship into the curriculum so that upon completion of senior secondary and university or college education, our youths’ focus mustn’t only be on government employment. They must, as a matter of fact, stand on their own at this point and begin to run businesses and projects that require little or no dependence on a government job. Of course, there is nothing wrong with one waiting for the government to employ him or her. But what becomes a problem is complete dependence on the government even for things that individuals can sort out by collaborating with their peers and finding sustainable businesses or projects. Business skills can be enhanced if taught in schools. Our young people must be preoccupied with being their own bosses than having to work for decades and achieving little or nothing at all for their children and children’s children.

With all this said, the Ministry of Youth, however, still bears the bigger burden to sort out the current situation among the youths. The youths of this country belong to this ministry and it is this section of the government that must take absolute responsibility of them. The Ministry of Youths must be in the forefront of encouraging innovation among the youths of this country to help them attain financial independence even when they are unemployed. At the moment, this ministry doesn’t seem to have a clear plan on how to help the youth of this country. There is the youth Fund, yes, but what this country needs right now is serious innovation, especially among the youths, to achieve the set goals as stipulated in the 7th National Development Plan and the Vision 2030. And the only way the youths can innovate is by having a vibrant Ministry of Youth that can tap into the potential of these youngsters and develop them for the country’s benefit. We have 4.8 million youths in Zambia, most of whom are wasting. Instead of all those unemployed waiting for government jobs, the Ministry of Youth must deeply think about strategies to help this vibrant population and begin to plan for long-term projects for them.


  1. jb

    well Sayed.

  2. Sir mo

    Y planning fo 2030 the time is now not creating jobs for yo friends who will b in offices that time.90percent of us youths are unemployed not bcos we dot av wat it takes,some of us we av gud papers but collaption in copperbelt especially mines seem to b very high.pipo in offices av even set a fixed amount to pay 4u 2b given a job.its not fair pipo of Zambia.

  3. Albertmwango

    Well articulated article,Mr sata promised us more jobs and more money in our pockets but the situation is totally different instead it’s no more jobs for youths they are just using us as carders ……So disheartening.

  4. Albertmwango

    Nower days to get a job it’s with ten years experience do you even think about us youths please….that’s why our parliament is full of old people who don’t even consider youths as future learners of this great nation Zambia

  5. Sir mo

    When everything seems to be moving well with u you start thinking of yo friends as tho they are useless,it is Just some are born in familis with money but to some we start from the ground as an individual not inherited resources.u ar busy planing 4 2030 even wen u no u won’t b there.

  6. Nyundu Chipunde

    Well Said, But The Problem Is When Youth Empowerement Programs Are Set Only Their Relatives Benefits, So Its Painful Where Can One Find Capital To Set Up Their Businesses?

  7. Somebody's bae

    Zambia zambia ati they dont have a clear picture on how 2 help youths in this country so meaning i need 2 stay at my parents house til 2030 thats when they wil have a clear picture wish i was in china mweee

  8. George N.Mukuka

    Jerabos are for Kitwe. Let Chingola people benefit not only young people.

  9. Seanmac

    Just how can entrepreneurship be incorporated into schools’ curriculum in a practical manner ? We hear so many wild ideas being floated around which are nothing more than empty rhetoric.

  10. muyunda muyunda

    I second your thought my comrade. I think it is high time to divide the ministry of youth, sport whatever.. That ministry should be divided into two… Namely ministry of sport and ministry of youth… I think it will make sense because as it stands it appears Mr mawere is just a minister of sports finish… is active in just sports activities… the youth related matters is quiet.

  11. Indoshi palupe

    Thank God am not a youth…

  12. Mb

    These days for a person to be employed u hv to hv a relative now to us who doesn’t hv relatives who are in high position does it mean that we will never work. Some people don’t even hv papers but u will find them working in government just becoz their relatives hv got high posts in government or any other private sectors. It’s so sad people are not not thinking about other people but for themselves.

  13. pat

    if the government don’t have a clear picture on how to help us youths then what’s the reason of you been in power we try other people then

  14. AK

    Well said brother, they don’t care about youth, few months ago they announced that they will abolish m/meal allowance at UNZA and CBU

  15. Fred Makasa Chishimba

    I have a formula to solve to solve our Youth uneployment

    • Fred Makasa Chishimba

      I have a formula to solve the problem of YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT.

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