Lusaka Man Arrested for Forging Amos Chanda’s Signature

Police have arrested a 42-year old man of Lusaka’s Makeni area for forging the credentials of State House spokesperson Amos Chanda.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said Richard Joseph Mutale had been charged for the offences of Forgery contrary, Uttering a false document and Obtaining Money by False pretences Contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

“Richard Joseph Mutale is alleged to have forged the signature of the Special Assistant to the President Mr. Amos Chanda purporting that Mr. Chanda had written and signed a letter dated 13th March, 2019 addressed to the Managing Director for Truck and Trailer Sales Ltd, a company based in the United Kingdom for a business appointment with the Head of State and demanding a payment for fixing an appointment” she said.

Katongo stated that using the said forged letter, Mutale obtained K10, 000=00 from the General Manager of Truck and Trailer Sales Ltd and later issued him with a forged General Receipt as payment for Presidential Appointment for non-Zambians.

“Upon arrest, a search was conducted and the suspect was found in possession of various forged documents among them were documents bearing forged signatures of the Republican President, His Excellency- Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” she explained.

The suspect is detained in police custody and will appear in Court soon.


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  2. Moses

    Mukakeni pakuti na impuupu shinankwe shimweneko. Pompwe wa mupamba, ififiine efibifya namashina yaba kateeka ifipuba fya kantu fi laala nkwibe. ICO cena mucisalile ceka cilamonana nababiye cikapooli, epali caibila abanankwe amashina.

  3. Eddy Mwila.

    People are craft.

  4. Golden Arms

    Nkani yalula

  5. Kenchimwe

    Mmmmmm going to college of forgery. Let him face the law

  6. Unruly

    Eeee people what do u want kanshi wamona kalulu tachengela mukwibili lelo baikata i think u tired of doing that so that this u be caught and so face it👊👆👎

  7. MWAPE SWAzi

    Ali tupa sana kabwalala mukakeni

  8. Jms

    That man was employed by Amos Chanda how did he know also president’s

  9. Jimmy shaba

    Crime does not pay

  10. Simpito Mukandwa

    Yaba Fyabipa Infintu ati inshinku tashichela mumo:—ONE DAY

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    Poverty in Zambia

  12. Valentine

    Chimudala chaume sana

  13. Chilankalipa

    How do we know if he was not sent by the owner of the signature? Greedy will kill these gluttons.

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    Let me learn also how to forge its like nashipwalala 💰 isha mu PF

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    Alifye Bwino, They Have Storen Too Much Nabena Kubebila

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    Umuntu awamafye nganalala uyu wena mukakeni pakuti nabonse bamweneko

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    there wz a dealing with big pipo its only the secret revealed he remains alone now

  18. Wisdom

    But how can he forge the signature?? And where did you saw it.?? It means someone is behind this story

  19. Wisdom

    But how can he forge the signature?? And where did he saw it.?? It means someone is behind this story

  20. Moses

    Mwilatwishika signature balafoja. Mulefwayafye ukubiikamo abashili mumulandu nabacikakefye cipuupu. Lekeni nokusabaila. Uyo nikabolaala.

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    May God have mercy on you

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    The Fats Buck Squad. You are dead without money. Whats better than money.

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    Poverty can led to develop surviving skills! Bombs uyu aya sana!

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    Let the law take it’s cause.

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    People of God let’s be realistic how can someone know signature of the President and special assistant to the President Mr Amos chanda how? one day GOD will talk, there is something behind scene



  27. Andrew Mulenga

    Teach him a lesson

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    Let him tell the police where he got those signatures.nayaba president sure?

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    Mukukeni. Pompwe

  30. samuel

    Mukakeni Pompwe

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    He inspires me

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