Mweene out of Namibia Clash

Chipolopolo skipper Kennedy Mweene has been ruled out of Saturday’s Egypt 2019 Africa Cup of Nations Group K qualifier against Namibia due to injury.

Caretaker coach Aggrey Chiyangi said fit-again Zanaco shot stopper Toaster Nsabata has been drafted as a replacement.

Speaking at National Heroes Stadium this morning, Chiyangi said all the players summoned for duty were geared for victory on Saturday.

He said that only the Orlando Pirates duo of Augustine Mulenga and Justin Shonga were being awaited to join camp after their CAF assignment in Guinea over the weekend.

“Mweene is injured, we cannot risk if he is just recovering, he still needs time,” he said.

Chiyangi said selecting the starters would not be hard for him despite having invited a number of players having a good run at their clubs.

“It won’t be difficult (picking starters) because for us what is important as coaches is to observe. We have called everyone, but at the end of the day we will observe and see those that will be ready to play the game on Saturday,” he said.

“The competition levels are very high, looking at the players we have called, where they are coming from, they are playing very well, even those that are going to play are expected to play well.”

He added: “The only thing that you have to understand is that playing for the club and the national team are two different things because maybe the way they play at the club is different from the way we are going to ask them to do here.”

Zambia and the Brave Warriors of Namibia square off at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

Kickoff is at 18:30 hours.


Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco), Lawrence Mulenga (Power Dynamos)


Simon Silwimba, Clement Mwape (Zesco United), Gift Zulu (Nkana), Lawrence Chungu (Zanaco), Isaac Shamujompa (Buildcon), Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe-DRC), Adrian Chama (Green Buffaloes)


Salulani Phiri (Polokwane City-RSA), Benson Sakala (Power Dynamos), Mike Katiba (Green Buffaloes), Ernest Mbewe (Zanaco), Clatous Chama (Simba-Tanzania), Augustine Mulenga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Donashano Malama (Chippa United)


Justin Shonga, (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Lazarous Kambole (Zesco United), Moses Phiri (Buildcon), Musonda Mwape (Black Leopards-RSA), Lameck Silwaba (Buildcon)




Zambia vs Namibia

AFCON Group K Heroes Stadium

23rd March 18:30hrs

South/North wings K20.00

West/East wing K50.00

VIP K200.00


  1. Simpito Mukandwa

    Go Zambia Toaster Nsabata we are behind you wishing you a good luck

  2. Caterpillar

    Mr Aggrey the players you picked do not please us Supporters.can we call you a coach?

    • E-ghost

      Big man… Are u a fun coz by now u shud know that the youngsters are playing on Sunday for a better competition than these yo fools

      • Kalimukwa

        Some people just post stuff ignorantly. There is nothing to go for in Zambia s game against Namibia. It’s a dead rubber. A waste of time and the country s big names should have been spared the traveling. Instead new blood should have been tested

  3. Osei

    We wilbe watching

  4. One cc

    Where is daka and fashion, kalaba of this world and best defender suzu

  5. Edgar

    Mmmm whre ar my best players like mwepu,kalaba,partson,sunzu,fashion,kapumbu n many others?

  6. Edgar

    Mmmm whre ar my best players like mwepu,kalaba,partson,sunzu,sakala,kapumbu and many others?

    • William Malunga

      Kapumbu doesn’t play even @zesco, he’s form is bad

  7. Clifford Mwiinde

    What’s your problem Mr Chiyangi? Are you sure this is the way you can select the national Team? Do you mean all the key players are finished? I mean Kalaba, Sinkala, Sakala, Daka, Mwepu and Sunzu they are all finished? The day will come you will remember these guys. I have sayed you are long bcoz these guys can’t be all left out at a sometime.You just want ma Zero pa Home.

    • Bo Lubasi

      I am sure Mr. Chiyangi has worked with the boys and knows well enough woh is currently fit to represent us this weekend. I believe in fresh blood and new names taking over the challenge and produce results for mother Zambia. We can’t rely on the same chaps forever. It’s high time we diversified and discovered new talent. Let’s give him all the support he needs. Thanks!

    • Moses Kabaila

      Iwe Clifford do you know your football or you are just a blind follower? There’s nothing to play for in this game. It’s a practice match. No more qualifying here Ala!

  8. Emmanuel

    even if nothing will happen we are going to watch


    Ndeloleshafye, who is going to be the captain in this match? Ukukwena kwangala. Nga namufilwa mufilekefye than wasting tax payers money.

    • Fsz

      Kabaso Chongo Will be captain.

    • Kennedy

      Mr Kamanga you are a failure, you have failed to rn Zambian football Bwalya is better than you Kamanga

  10. Joe

    Be serious coach what u are doing u know us.Are u OK with the selection

  11. Niza nono

    What where is young generation the likes of mwepu daka etc I won’t watch Zambian football bp too much

  12. Rocky

    Those of you who are complaining about Chiyangi for living Mwepu, Daka and other under aged players you don’t follow ZED football. all those players who played under 20 in 2017 have been called and are in the camp to meet Malawi on the same day this is under 23 Africa cup qualifier match, and this game is far much important than Namibia game. on top of that, this Namibia game is a formality game. late the coach give chance to in form players who are performing well in their clubs e.g. Shamujompa to sell themselves, since in August serious games are starting that’s when will see the Sunzu, kalaba, Sinkala on the list.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Thanks for the information.go Zambia go.

    • Henrod kapandula

      well said my man am sure u have made yourself clear…

    • Gift Banda KAFUMBWE Katete

      Sharp! Bakamba

  13. m.mwambilwa

    Mwepu,Fashion and Daka are engaged with a very important fixture ,the under 23 olympic qualifier against Malawi. Am sure the present lads will mąkę us happy,let us support the team. Go Zambia go


    Go Zambia go

    • Trust chimba

      We thank you guys go ahead with your same spirit

  15. sophisticated

    Comment Go Zambia go, let’s hope will qualify.

  16. Golden Arms

    Go Zambia Go…..Mweene isn’t playing for sundowns,how come he is injured.Burrofcos its none of my business 😷

    • Cosmos

      To be honest Zambians should be serious with football

  17. MUZO

    my understanding is that,its a formality game 4 zambia there4 no need of bene Nsunzu,kalaba,sinkala,mwepu n fashion.y risking al the players 2 injuries? When these guyz wil b needed in august

  18. Banxy

    iyeee chipolopolo,, Go Zambia Go

  19. ruth prince!s bea

    good team…we need 3+

  20. Sim1

    First read and understand, he said they play from different Clubs and they play well,so selected will play well. Waonamo waku gambia mu team asanka cochi .ur just barking out there.Mwandi let’s go Zambia let’s go.

  21. Charles Chilembo

    Awe ba coach ikenipo amano pa team ,not ukusheta lupiya noo select the other team yabena kalaba,mwepu ,sakala,solomon and those best national players not local players

  22. Weston

    what is that mr,,,, u left some players like mwepu, daka, kalaba ,sunzu and others. ar u really we can win this match against Namibia? pls,,,

  23. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Zambia will lost the game nomater what.Poor selection of players this chiyangi awe mwandi.I cant wast my time to watch this rubbish squared NO

    • Sean Banda

      Awe bale wina Boss though the selection doesn’t make sense

  24. wise wisdom

    what is happen to mweepu. musonda. partson daka. etc make change befor the game starts supporters are full of pleases to you coach

  25. Mtc

    Going where, balifika

  26. manda

    Then you are not soccer fans if you dont know that Mwepu, Fashion and Daka are occupied with under 23!

  27. mulwanda isaac

    The coach, I hope you have selected the very powerful players.we don’t want ma leizerfe and let them win.

  28. Chabwelanso

    Kwena ba CHIYANGI tamwaba nomal ukusha mwepu,Daka,Sunzu at least mwaitako bamo chiyangi nishi team iyi mwa chitile select nomukashi obe ku ng’anda? Chiyangi kwena watwipaisha yangu tata eee!

  29. Sean Banda

    Good luck chipolopolo 🙏🙏

  30. Charlie kool

    Guys the Players you are taking about Daka , Sakala rtf are with the under 23 national in Malawi for Olympic qualifying game.

    • Daliso

      Let wait and see amano yabwari yesa nga washinka mnani at the end of the game they will receive bad texts let’s hope they do there best go Zambia go

  31. Mitch Last

    Where are some of players like fashion, daka, mwepu, kalaba and suzu

  32. Nswana

    Iwe Aggrey what kind of selection is this? I won’t watch this nonsense,daka,fashion,kalaba ,zuzu, sinkala chisamba L yyyyyy?

  33. Jere Kombo

    Even if Mweene doesn’t play for sundown he can still be injured during the training doesn’t injuries only come when u play teal matches.lets support the young Nsabata

  34. Hunter Shilesa

    So many zambian football fans dont follow zambian football, its amazing but not shocking. Even in politics its the same thing, that is voting without information on who they vote for.

  35. MWAPE SWAzi

    Go Zambia go

  36. Lupito

    This man is not a real coach, how can he leave the man so called the computer and a goal porcher so called patson daka…And he calls himself a coach, what a shame to Zambian football!!!

  37. Elvis Mumba

    God bless Zambia National Soccer Team,Chipolopolo…..Amen

  38. Kennedy

    Mr Kamanga you are a failure, you have failed to rn Zambian football Bwalya is better than you Kamanga

  39. Emmanuel clement tembo

    Get well soon


    The cream players like mwepu,patson,fashion have been left out because of the under 23 malawi clash.The coach is being tactical.

  41. Coach

    Nshakalipilishe pakwingila muchibansa ,pantu kuti mwamponona ngatwalusa.

  42. Mulenga

    Guys please… please… please

  43. m.mwambilwa

    Confirmed Zambia under 23 has beaten Malawi courtesy of Fashion Sakala. You have been talking of Mwepu,Fashion and Daka, watch them in the return match on Sunday in Lusaka,it is the reason they were not selected for the formality afcon match against Malawi this Saturday.

    • Favorite

      We give respect to the team which is selected🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  44. Favorite

    We give respect to the team which is selected🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  45. Topboy

    Z comedy

  46. Thomas Lt banda

    Zambia we are behind you..

  47. Moono

    Sorry Zambia to select is play you will die on Sunday wait and see?

  48. Moono f

    Sorry Zambia to select is play you will die on Sunday wait and see?

  49. lusaka boyz

    AWE BA COACH IYO SELECTION TAIWEME KUTI MWASHA ,Marcelo,Sergio,ronaldo,messi,bale,hazard,isco,busquet,dembele,modric,pogba,martial,rashford.THATS WHY MULETI BOLA MU ZAMBIA ILA SHUPA BECOZ OF POOR SELECTION

  50. Julius

    Bola yapa Zambia ni soche guys every coach and on playes zoona

  51. Benson Joshua Kunda

    We are going no where, elo mwachipisha ama ticket bwafya Sana…….

  52. Godwin Tjizoo

    These Namibia team is going to make history again beating us at home

  53. MAC-JO

    Understood games between Senior Team and U23, Go ZED go….

  54. Ba Barnes

    All the best guys, we will be there to give you support

  55. sm

    we are too ignorant in zambia we dont even know our current team affairs zambia is knocked out already and the former u20 are with the under 23 team hoping to qualify

  56. Chamaz

    Sunzu,kalaba,sinkala and chisamba are good and well experienced players y nt including them coach we don’t want 3-0 at home ground its an imbalance to all Zambians even those WO doesn’t support our national team

  57. Abba

    Support for mother Zambia,,,,GO ZAMBIA GO CHIPOLOLO.

  58. Mercutio

    Zoona zoona fye ba agrey zoona….. you’re selecting player’s on credits or merits…. leaving key players like kalaba,sinkala,patson, computer,sunzu,mweene in a must win game is digging yo own grave…na ba seven Kashi baleeshako selection we where not just seriously handling the games…we’ll watch mighte awina ichungulo.

  59. emmanuel musukuma

    Comment A coach has done he’s work and that is selection of a team also let us do our work and that is support our team simple that is why us zambians we are blind because we don’t know loses and we are forgetin that in football anything can happen moreover we can not be all coaches so think before you vomit nonse come on guys us real Zambians we are much behind you all

  60. Chibale yonah

    I think the out lined line up is not so cool,to those who are watching what is the results please.

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