Sexual Boosters’ Kill Chipangali Man

A man of Chief Chikuwe’s area in Chipangali district has died after taking sexual boosters to enlarge his manhood.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said a known herbalist who administered the sexual boosters to the victim, is being held in police custody to help the police with investigations.

Sakala said the victim Timothy Onde became unconscious after taking the sexual boosters and that he was pronounced dead upon arrival at Muzeyi health center yesterday at around 23 hours.

The Police Commissioner told journalists in Chipata that the herbalist has been charged with murder, until the post-mortem is conducted.

He said the police will further be guided after the postmortem results.


  1. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Larson to everyone. God is not foolish. We need to appreciate what God has given us.

  2. Tr mphamile

    Too bad yo friendr have kept some power energy drinks even if u have a toothpick ull perform for 6hrs

  3. SK

    Who said a big manhood makes good sex a woman only need a strong manhood to make her happy

  4. Rùth prïñçè's bëà

    iÿé!!! whàt z hàpéning ïn ôur wôrld? thnz hàvé turn arnd to a siñful world

  5. Monk

    He should have taken mine, I don’t use it. I just dust it. Nway hard luck. May be muchalo cipya

  6. Memory bwalya

    Learn to appreciate what God has given you

  7. Alex Hamweendo

    To bad

  8. Webslontia andford

    Too bad!

  9. Chilankalipa

    He has instead enlarged his way to death??? KIkikikiki. Ifi bena Chipata kwena kuwayawaya fye, finshi mulwisha kanshi imwe ba koswe mu mpoto?

  10. Chilankalipa

    Even so, my condolences boyi.

  11. luckson

    U could have used my ,..i don’t use it

  12. Kay kay muleya

    No matter how much you will talk but he will not able to hear your complaints,my condolences to the believing family.too bad to the dead one.

  13. Daniel Banda

    The man had a genuine problem except that he sought a remedy from an unproven source. No one looks for death but God decides what will kill us. If it’s one’s time even water drunk will kill us. The most important thing is to live an unsinful life. Jesus is the answer to an everlasting life.

    • james bond

      jesus is not everything. he is just son of God. So God is everything

  14. tulinshimbi

    Herbs works people. I have enlarged mine and now a very strong fucker. This guy didn’t follow the doc’s advise. May his soul rest in peace.

  15. Dr


  16. Sender charms

    Easterners are known for sexual breaking news. Banzelu banachokako. Be content with what you have.

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