Another Miner Dies Underground

A miner has been crushed to death by an electronic locomotive at Konkola Copper Mines’ Underground Shaft 4 in Chililabombwe, barely a day after two others died at Mopani’s SOB shaft.

Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) general secretary George Mumba has confirmed the death of James Katai, 48, of House Number 969, Buchi Township in Kitwe.

Mumba said the deceased was working as a Whistleman at Master Mining Services (MMS) under JCHX.

And Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has said the accident happened around 04:00am today when Katai was working at level 3,150 feet in section 1075.

She said the deceased sustained multiple head injuries.

Katanga said body of the deceased was found trapped and preliminary investigations have been launched.

Katai’s body is in Konkola Mine Hospital mortuary.


  1. Wise Leader

    He also heard about the news of those miners who perished lastmorning at mopani and was talking about it without knowing that he is “next”,
    God help us fwebana benu.
    rip mr.katai

  2. muntungwa

    Very sad indeed. What is really happening? Is this the myth of threes manifesting itself again?? God help us.

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