Army Officers’ Wives Told to Observe Military Customs and Traditions

The Zambia Army has urged women married to Zambia Army officers to observe the customs and traditions of the military because they apply to them too by virtue of being married to military personnel.

Speaking when he addressed officers’ spouses at the army headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia Army deputy commander and Chief of Staff Major General Sitali Alibuzwei said the code of conduct by army ladies must replicate order, discipline and oneness as observed by the combats.

He has since called for change of mindset and has encouraged the ladies to learn, understand and correctly implement customs and traditions of the military.

And the Zambia Army Ladies Club Board chairlady has thanked the command for the guidance given and pledged that the ladies will carry themselves in a manner befitting the military.



  1. Shadrick

    Army officers’ wives? Army officers’ husbands are yet to be addressed?

  2. Idiocy Detector

    I know one tradition and custom of these ladies, that of helping themselves to other men while their husbands are away for months.

    • Ironman

      I.D. the copper bullet will surely do justice and send them to hell (unfaithful wives)

  3. Gunks

    How about husbands to the female officers?

  4. abilima

    Gunks – He was addressing Wives, read the article properly.

  5. Allan Moyo

    Kokolenipo apo mwandini its not fair.

  6. Gangsta grabs

    This general has an eye on someone’s wife.Iwe come nikunyenge,thats an order,suck my dick,thats an order,bend over yakumbuyo,thats an order.CHIKALA MWASOBA KOMENYA WAR,GO TO YEMEN.

  7. Maxwell

    Ladies hope you’ve heard what the general has said here

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